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Italian polyglot speaking 6 languages (with SUBTITLES)

Hello everybody, When you’re learning a language, motivation is truly one of the most fundamental aspects. In this video, I would like to speak about some reasons people choose to learn a certain language or another. I’ll also illustrate some of the reasons I decided to learn the languages I speak. Well, first of all, I’d like to speak about English… One of the things I love the most is traveling and meeting people coming from different countries… When I started traveling abroad many years ago, I realized that my English wasn’t so good, even though I studied this language for many years at school (thank you, Italian schools!) So, I figured out that mastering English was really the door into enjoying these experiences and trips abroad. And actually, it was a trip to Amsterdam that made me decide that I had to become fluent in English. Now I’ll talk a little about my relationship with Spanish. When I worked in Italy, I had to speak Spanish on a daily basis with an important Spanish client of mine. Even though we spoke in our native languages, we began to understand one other, and we worked together for a few months. But one day, I realized that if I wanted to establish a stronger relationship with him, I would need to make the effort of learning his mother language, in other words, I had to learn Spanish. It was a great idea! That’s how I started teaching myself Spanish, and, without a doubt, it’s been a huge help in my professional career. Now compared to French, well my relationship with French, I have always been fascinated by this language and by France in general, its history and its culture. This might also be due to the fact that we have French blood in my family. My last name, Sadurny, is hardly Italian. From what I’m told, this is because my ancestors emigrated from France in the 19th century, leading to my French last name. Despite all this, until I was 22 I didn’t speak this extraordinary language. But once the opportunity for an Erasmus scholarship arrived, I studied in Bordeaux for two semesters and decided to learn French by myself 5 months before leaving. Honestly, the internet, music and movies helped me a lot. I have to say that, today, French is one of my favorite languages. It’s a large part of my daily life, and I even dare say part of my personality. Good, now I am going to talk a little about Romanian. Simply enough, I learned it because I had the opportunity to meet somebody special to me who later became my wife. I must say the love is a strong reason to learn another language. And the fact that you can practice with your partner every day helps so much. Not to mention that this is how I discovered a wonderful country and people. Now I’m going to talk about Portuguese, OK? First off, some languages just have great musicality and rhythm. So for me, listening to Portuguese was always a treat for my ears, and the Brazilian accent is awesome! Furthermore, I really like Brazilian music. Basically all of it: from Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso to Marisa Monte and Maria Gadú. I can say that one on hand, I wanted to learn Portuguese for its beauty, but on the other, for the satisfaction of singing the popular songs like “Chega de Saudade”! But these are only a few reasons to learn another language. There are many other reasons which are just as valid. In my opinion, the important thing is not forgetting about these reasons. Always keep them in mind. In doing this, you stop yourself from giving up, finally reaching your objective of learning another language! Thanks for watching! See you soon!

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  • Great! Je t'ai suivi une fois en direct sur Mosalingua et je reçois souvent tes newsletter. Parlo 7 lingue e allora sto imparando il russo e il chinese.

  • Vraiment très impressionnant !!!! Je suis épatée par ta faculté à parler aussi bien tant de langues et à passer d'une à l'autre avec tant de facilité ! De plus tu as réussi à adapté ton accent à chaque langue, c'est fantastique ! Tu peux voyager quasiment partout dans le monde et tu as la faculté de parler avec toutes ces personnes de culture différente , c'est génial . BRAVO !

  • Bravo, felicitari pentru faptul ca vorbesti multiple limbi atat de bine. Sincer ai accent mai bun decat multi romani pe care-i cunosc :)) Bafta si mult succes in continuare.

  • hablas español con mucha fluidez, sin embargo considero que tu acento es bastante extraño. Trata de no forzar tanto tu voz al hablar y sonará muchísimo más natural (:

  • O português ta bom.
    Mas você precisa melhorar muito mesmo na fonética
    Parece que você usa o italiano como referência.

  • Greta video! I love it! And you speak Portuguese really well! Actually, all them! Congrats! I hope to be like you!

  • This is so true "Brazilian accent was great" that's why I tried to learn Portuguese.. but, I kind of give up cuz 1-School is back and they teach french… (one of the language I want to learn too) 2-Learning 2 language at the same time is a no no.. 3-I figured the opportunity is there… French class!, and I want to learn French so badly and there I give up Portuguese and learn French (I'm still learning and I like it, My dream is too speak a lot of languages) and, hopefully when I master French I'm finally Trilingual 🙂

  • je suis impressionnée.. J'apprends le portugais en ce moment et mon Dieu nous partageons les même raisons l'amour pour cette langue à la prononciation merveilleuse. C'est cool Luca j'espère devenir comme toi dans deux ans. Obrigada

  • Vorbesti foarte bine romana! Si cred ca esti primul italian care are o parere buna despre Romania 😂😂 ai invatat romana de la sotie? Din ce oras este ea?

  • Ahaaa! So that's why you learned romanian hehe 😀 I'm romanian and I'm in italy at the moment. I'm doing my best to learn your language as well which isn't that hard. La somiglianza tra le nostre lingue mi favorisce :). I hope i said that right

  • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️😍✌🏼você eh espetacular quem me dera falar assim !meu sonho eh ser poliglota

  • Seu português está muito bem compreensível. Parabéns!
    Porém há erros que são bem comuns de estrangeiros cometerem no que se refere ao sotaque brasileiro, como os sons "tch" e "dj" muito forçados e a falta de vogais nasais. Bom, não é à toa que a minha língua é quase sempre referida como um dos mais complicados idiomas neolatinos!

    Keep with it! 😀

  • Parabéns! Baixei o aplicativo Mosalingua e acredito que através desse aplicativo é com fé em Deus vou realizar meu sonho de ser fluente no idioma Inglês.

  • i alm a belgian boy and i speak french because is my main language an i have learn the english alone at 16 17 year old i have learn the dutch in the school and after the english study english was very easy for me do you have the tip for improve my grammar i have a good means for improve the english accent this the website improve your accent and mozalingua is a very good app.

  • that's rare. most italian people don't even know english. they expect others to know their language.stupid as fuck imo

    btw.ur romanian is pretty good. a little with an accent but u rule. good job.

  • Teu sotaque do português parece ser uma mistura do caipira (Interior de São Paulo, Paraná e Mato Grosso do Sul) e do nordestino!

  • tu español es fantástico, has hecho alguna prueba de certificación para alguno de estos idiomas?. al menos en español pareciera que estás cerca de B2 o C1. cuanto tiempo te tomó?

  • Falas até bem o português, mas o que não está bom é a tua intonação ao falá-lo. Ninguém fala com essa intonação tão musical no dia-a-dia. Na linguagem musical, tudo bem, mas se falares assim no dia-a-dia soa muito artificial. Se tivesses falado o português com a mesma intonação que tu usaste no romeno, soaria muito mais natural aos ouvidos de um falante nativo.
    Continua com a tua progressão.
    Abraço de um brasileiro.

  • Ele fala 6 línguas… fiquei impressionado! O sotaque dele é bonito em português!
    Até isso me dá forças para aprender inglês, pois se ele fala seis eu posso sim falar duas; ou três, quem sabe… não desistirei!

  • The title should be an Italian polyglot speaking 5 Romance languages and a particular Germanic language (which roughly 60% of its vocabulary is derived from Latin)

  • Sono australiana quindi parlo inglese ma imparo italiano da quattro anni. Mi ispiri perché voglio imparare molte lingue (per esempio imparo francese anche ma voglio imparare spagnolo e tedesco). Grazie per questo video e mi dispiace se il mio italiano è sbagliato!

  • Te felicito por tus habilidades , el francés hablas súper bien , je parle Français aussi , i think your English and Spanish accents need practice . I feel like you’re trying too hard to sound the way you think we sound mais ce un accent tellement bizarre .

  • J'ai une question pour toi, vu que toutes les langues que tu parles sont des langues latines (sauf l'anglais) est-ce vrai de dire que tu as eu de moins en moins de mal à en apprendre de nouvelles à mesure que tu en maitrisais ?

    Pour être clair as tu trouvé beaucoup plus simple d'apprendre la dernière langue latine que tu as apprises par rapport à la seconde ?

    Car étant Français et ayant un petit B1 en Espagnol, je me demandais si ensuite apprendre le Portugais ou l'Italien allait être un peu plus simple et ainsi de suite ? Je te remercie !

  • Bravo imi place cum vorbesti franceza cel mai mult…pe romana ai mai gresit cu literele â ă î dar vorbesti foarte bine oricum. Pure l'italiano lo parli benissimo 😂😂😂 English so

  • Ciao Luca. Da qualche giorno, navigando in rete, sono venuto a contatto con il tuo sito e soprattutto con la tua singolare e affascinante storia: bravo! Devo proprio riconoscere che sei un giovane di talento e hai creato ex nihilo una start-up. Ora, venedo al mio specifico caso personale, mi sto interessando al tema dell'apprendimento linguistico, poiché per ragioni di studio dovrei trasferirmi in Francia e frequentare lì un corso accademico. Però il mio problema è che sono proprio a digiuno di questa lingua e il livello richiesto per lo studio in terra francese è il C1: conseguentemente, io da zero dovrei raggiungere il C1 (certificato). Avendo la necessità oggettiva di abbreviare i tempi di acquisizione del francese (per quanto sia più possibile, s'intende, dato che l'apprendimento linguistico non è un pallone da gonfiare mediante aria compressa), penso sia molto opportuno per me trascorrere un determinato periodo in Francia per imparare la lingua. A questo punto, non so se sia più conveniente partire per la terra d'Oltralpe essendo totalmente a digiuno di francese oppure raggiungere in Italia un livello B1 e con questa infarinatura procedere in residenza francofona per l'apprendimento fino al C1 pieno. Tu che mi consigli? E se io provassi a partire per la full immersion da principiante totale, quanto tempo di permanenza in Francia occorrerebbe più o meno per acquisire, da zero, la lingua locale al livello C1? Grazie, ma è da un po' di giorni che sono preso da dubbi e mi pongo interrogativi martellanti e perciò mi piacerebbe conoscere la tua opinione.

  • Would you like to learn Romanian? With all of this knowledge it'll be easy like a breeze. I can also speak french and english, and right now I'm trying Italian and Esperanto

  • Ah, per concludere la mia risposta al tuo cortese e dettagliato riscontro (mi scuso se ho posto altri quesiti, ma i dubbi, le angosce e le incertezze sono tanti) il C1 è un requisito ufficiale da provare con un esame. Saluti.

  • vc mandou muito bem no português !!! perfeito !!! se n fosse o seu sotaque não poderia diferenciar de um brasileiro !

  • Muchas gracias! Mi idioma nativo es español. But I also speak English and a little bit of Portuguese and French. Now I'm trying to learn Italian. So… grazie mille per tuto!

  • Italian douchebag who only knows italian related languages and that's it . Try to learn Chinese Russian or Arabic dude. Learn difficult languages not easy shit

  • Romanian is considered one of the hardest romance languages when talking about grammar, but your romanian had absolutely no grammar error! Bravo, te salut din Romania! Tot respectul meu!

  • Thi case is for guinness book….i  wonder. iatlian speak 6 language. Other italians are very arogant, speak only italian, they don`t know were Sicily on map is.

  • Com certeza o português, principalmente quando bem falado por um brasileiro, tem a mais bonita sonoridade das línguas do mundo!

  • Parabéns por conseguir falar tantas línguas! E todas fluentemente. Mas tenho que admitir que fiquei desapontado quando chegou ao português, foi português do Brasil e não de Portugal. Isto porque visto que é a original e a que realmente é um desafio aprender (o brasileiro é mais fácil devido ao sotaque).
    Mas, muito bem na mesma!

  • I speak a little bit of Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and I have tried to learn French and Hebrew. Oh and English is my first language. Voce fala muito bem me portugues parabens!

  • Félicitations Lucas ! Je vous admire ! Apprendre autant de langue n'est sûrement pas facile. À date je parle le Français et l'Anglais et j'étudie l'Espagnol. Je ne sais pas si j'arriverai à devenir polyglotte un jour mais les langues et les cultures me fascinent . Merci MOSAlingua 🙂

  • Super que chévere gracias por darnos una oportunidad de aprender un idioma distrito y por motivarnos totalmente gracias

  • Hi.The main language is Turkish.

    I want to learn English. I can help you. But I do not know how to learn. Thank you for your information.

  • Care este limba ta preferata?
    Un răspuns sincer te rog 🙂
    A mea este limba spaniolă dar accentul columbian și italiană.

  • Ciao Luca, last week I started learning Italian with your app, loving it! Mille grazie per tutto 😃

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