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Italian guy speaking 9 languages! (+2) [Polyglot Language Snapshot]

And now let’s speak German! German is the 2nd language that I have learnt, I studied it at school, I was 14 or 15 when I started in a high school for foreign languages in Milan it was great, I mean, I liked German from the beginning and I went on studying it at University and I graduated as a translator and interpreter with German as my first foreign language and even today it’s the language that I know best I also lived in Germany for a total one and a half years in Heidelberg, and I had a great time there well, that’s obvious, right? Life as a student… a lot of fun, in the pubs and so on German is also the only language in which at some point I have had this experience… …this special feeling of being able to speak the foreign language pretty much as well as your mothertongue my mother tongue being obviously Italian Unfortunately this is no longer the case… That would be nice! But… it used to be like that, around 15 years ago I’ve now been over 15 years away from Germany I got the feeling that maybe my vocabulary has somewhat shrunk in the meantime But yeah, this is not a problem, I love German and… maybe it’s time to switch to Portuguese! So now we’ll speak Portuguese I speak Portuguese because… I just love this language! I speak with a Portugal accent, I studied in Germany, at the University of Heidelberg where I attended a very good course which lasted 5 months I had a teacher who was born in Mozambique and brought up in Portugal so that’s why today I speak like this. I like this accent very much. I also know the Brazilian accent but I’m not able to use it to talk that way (it would be nice though!) Well, what else can I say? I also like Portugal’s literature, its culture I read José Saramago, Fernando Pessoa, I absolutely love them Unfortunately I do not have many chances to practice it I have never lived in Portugal. The longest time that I spent there was three weeks during an advanced learner course in Porto (in 2013). I think that’s all, I think we can switch language now! Now we will speak some French! For me, French has a special story a strange story, because actually I used to dislike it, I used to hate it, to tell the truth… but suddenly I found myself in a French speaking city or more precisely, where the majority of the people speak French and for the first 2 or 3 years I pretty much refused to speak it, and to learn it but then, by listening, reading and interacting with the people all the time this changed completely, and today I absolutely love it! I try to use it as much as possible, to avoid speaking English whenever possible and since I have learned it only here in Brussels, I tend to speak like the Belgians do so for example I say “septante” (70) and “nonante” (90) instead of “soissant-dix” and “quatre-vingt-dix” or “Brusselles” instead of “Bruxelles” French is also the only language that I have learnt without really studying it yes, I know it’s a bit strange but it’s true All I did was a 5-day course in 2009 in order to learn a little bit of the basics after that, I have never ever studied again I have only learned it by listening and imitation I was surprised myself, because I didn’t believe that I would be able to learn a language this way because I am somewhat a grammar freak Usually I like to start by learning the grammar and only then focusing on speaking but for French, and only for French, it has been exactly the other way around. So, I think that’s all, we can switch to the next language, thank you! So now it’s probably time to speak Finnish, isn’t it? yes… Finnish is a fantastic language… I like it so much… I know that it’s very difficult but still it’s worth trying to learn it, in my opinion I speak Finnish because a long time ago I read somewhere that Finnish is one of the most difficult languages in the world, or at the very least in Europe and I wanted to find out just how difficult it actually is! And yes, today I can confirm that it is extremely difficult, but it is not impossible to learn. Yeah… Well, because I had taught myself some Finnish, I was (later) able to find a Finnish partner therefore Finnish changed my life and made it better, I can definitely say that! Of all the languages that I speak, Finnish is also the only one for which I have never taken a single lesson I am entirely self-taught and I do have to say that I am pretty proud of this because I know that, in a certain way, everything that I know today has come from my own hard work. And nowadays this is most probably my favorite foreign language 🙂 And that’s it (for now)… Another language that I like very much is Spanish but unfortunately I don’t speak it very well I only studied Spanish for three years at school, over 20 years ago after which I have never done anything to improve well, I really like it and I try to listen to it as much as possible so as not to forget everything but when I try to speak it, the result is more like “portuñol” 😀 so basically a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese and some Italian as well because my Portuguese is much stronger than my Spanish but we’ll see, I hope I’ll get a chance to learn some more in the future we’ll see what I’ll be able to do and… well, that’s all we’ll see (x3), see you soon! Next up is Japanese, yessir! I’ve been frequently asked the following question: “What convinced you to start learning Japanese?” therefore, today I’d like to answer precisely this question. This story actually goes back quite a long time… but when I saw a written Japanese text for the first time, several years ago, I thought: “Wow, such a beautiful script! I want to learn how to write like this, I want to learn how to speak this language!” and that’s when I got kinda hooked 😀 after that, partially through self-study or by attending courses I have studied using different resources / approaches Still, I don’t think I’m proficient yet maybe I can hold everyday conversations relatively well to a certain degree but listening and comprehension remains my weak point, for instance… I often get the impression that I can’t understand at all as expected, this hasn’t been a very effective (learning) method, right? But hey, those among you guys who are learning Japanese as well… could you share your thoughts with me about this? what is it that makes Japanese so much (more) difficult? I look forward to hearing from you! Let’s continue to do our best everyday! Thank you very much! Now let’s speak some Romanian, too I started learning Romanian one and a half years ago by attending a language course of 1,5 hours per week but I haven’t been able to study outside of the course itself that’s why I can’t speak very well yet I don’t think I know the language enough to read a book my goal would be to become able to read books in Romanian as well because I have managed to read at least a book in every language I have spoken so far today and I haven’t done that in Romanian yet and it would be fantastic if I could achieve this. I have been twice in Romania, in Timisoara and Cluj and I liked it very much there I loved the food, the people, they were so friendly! And I’ve been to Romania… ehm… before I even started to learn the language I actually started learning it AFTER having been there, just because I had liked it so much Yes, I think that’s all I hope I can learn more in the future And that’s it, thank you very much for your attention Last but not least… I’d like to close my video in my only mother tongue, which is Italian a language I love as much as I love the other languages Well, first of all thank you for having listened up to this point I hope you have enjoyed the video, please let me know what you think in the comments below There are actually two more languages I’m studying in a casual, non-intensive way and in which I’m still at beginner level, that is to say Mandarin Chinese: I’m learning Chinese, but I speak badly and Icelandic: I’m learning Icelandic and I’m going to Iceland in October! But there is no time to talk about these languages in this video, so I will probably make another video where I’ll talk about these and other future projects I would have loved to say many more things about each language, but I’ve already talked way too much! so I’ll probably have to cut some parts out (which I did) – sorry about that but I just had to do it I’d like to conclude by reminding how the aim of this video is not to demonstrate anything but to share this passion of mine with as many people as possible, especially with those who love learning foreign languages and also, why not, to encourage those who maybe are afraid of taking their first step towards a new language or who gave up learning a language years ago and can’t find the motivation to brush it up. So if this video can encourage even just one of you to go back to learning an old language or to start learning a new one, well then I can be more than happy to have done it. All right, I guess it’s all for today I hope to see you again soon and… “ciao”, till next time!

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  • Bravissimoooooooo! Very impressed 😱😱😱🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪! Ich war 1 1/2 Jahr in Tübingen! Portugnol 😂😂😂😂 pure il giapponese!!!! Sei un mostro!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Mi sono appena iscritta da te, io invece faccio parodie, ti va di ricambiare? Grazieeee!

  • u r awesome, keep it up.

    i speak 7 langs,
    now im learning 6 months to reach fluentcy Arabic.
    so far im doing well.

    gluck for ur languages journey ❤

  • O teu português está fantástico! Como dica, ouve músicas portuguesas ou rádio! Aprendi finlandês e infelizmente não tenho ninguém para praticar então ouço rádio e também música finlandesa! Torilla tavataan!

  • Veramente impressionante! Hai tantissimo da insegnare alla community su YouTube e hai veramente un grande talento (e soprattutto voglia di fare!) nell'imparare le varie lingue. Complimenti! Spero che tu possa parlare bene tutte quelle che t'interessano 🙂 (anche io sto imparando qualche lingua ma tu sei a un livello stratosferico, Chapeau!)

  • Que lindo o seu português! Eu sou brasileira, também falo alguns desses idiomas e achei tudo muito lindo, na verdade! Parabéns!!

  • My mother tongue is finnish and I've been studying french for three and a half years now and didn't understand even half of what you said. It's kinda sad how some people can learn a language so effortlessly, but I can't.

  • Wow u finnish and nippon is extremely good accent and etc
    It is hard to believe that you do not live in those countries

    Olet mahtava/Anata wa subarashī

  • Я очень люблю иностранные языки, и этот году, Я учусь в университете после несколько лет отдыха. I study English and Russian, I studied French and know a bit of a dialect from Albanian. Non so come mai mai mi piacciano così tanto le lingue straniere ,ma vedendo te, mi sento molto motivato. I miei più sinceri complimenti per il tuo livello in queste 9 lingue.

  • 6 bravissimo, vorbești foarte bine românește, eu te-am înțeles perfect. Thanks, keep studying 😉

  • You are really smart. Puhut jopa hyvin suomea. Onnitteluni! On todella mielenkiintoista kuulla sinun puhuvan suomea. Itse puhun suomen lisäksi ruotsia ja englantia, ja tulen toimeen myös arabialla, venäjällä ja norjalla. Hyvää jatkoa sinulle.

  • Aivan loistavasti puhut suomea ! Jos oppii suomen noin hyvin niin voi kyllä oppia minkä kielen tahansa 😀

  • Su finés es increíble, ¿cómo lo aprendió? Me refiero, ¿cómo fue su proceso de aprendizaje? ¿la metodología que utilizó? Yo estoy intentando aprenderlo con distintas aplicaciones, pero siento que lo estoy haciendo de una manera desordenada, aprendiendo palabras al aire. ¿Qué consejo(s) me podría dar para aprender éste idioma?

  • And there's me, A Finnish person who forgot how to speak Swedish, our second language. And a person who has been trying to study Japanese in courses and on my own for years but can only do basics.

    I have to step up my studying…

  • wow his japanese accent is really good. 
    and i am very happy that you a polyglot considering japanese language is a beautiful language. i never liked my mother tongue coz english sounds so cool to me. thank you a lot for this video. i like japanase language a bit better.

  • Oh my gosh your Finnish is so good! I mean, I'm sure the others were great as well but I can't really judge as besides English Finnish was the only one I actually speak as well. Even as a native speaker I think the language is really hard, and it's amazing to see a foreign person speak it so well! You might even be better than me😁

  • Vielen für das Video, Stefano! Grazie! Es ist wunderschön, dass Du alle diese Sprachen so gut (fließend) sprechen kannst. Ich habe doch eine Frage: Womit arbeitest Du? Du muss fast viel Freizeit haben um so viele Sprachen gleichzeitig zu studieren.

    Ich bin selbst Gymnasialschüler (in der 10 Klasse) und lerne seit vier Jahren Deutsch als zweite Fremdsprache. Ich bin in einer schwedisch-russischer Familie geboren und Schwedisch ist meine Muttersprache. Außerdem spreche ich Russisch zu Hause (und mit anderen Verwandten und Freunden). Englisch lerne ich seit der zweiten Klasse und Deutsch seit der siebten. Ich habe auch seit einem Jahr angefangen Estnisch zu lernen (meine Mutter kommt aus Estland und meine Großmutter liebt noch da) und deswegen verstehe ich ein bisschen Finnisch. 😉

    Noch ein Mal, vielen Dank fürs Video! Mach so weiter!

  • Man, a few weeks ago I saw your videos where you speak Finnish. I got upset because I have lived in Finland for a long time and you speak better than me. Today I hear you speaking in Portuguese and I got upset because you speak better than me. And I AM PORTUGUESE! That's annoying man! 😀

  • Olen aiemmin katsonut pari videotasi joissa puhut suomea, ja luulin että olet puoliksi suomalainen tai ainakin asunut Suomessa kauan. Voit todellakin olla ylpeä itsestäsi, olet opiskellut itseksesi ja kuulostat ihan suomalaiselta.

  • Wow its weird how I could understand a lot of portugese, spanish and italian based on my little knowledge in italian (and extensive knowledge in latin) but yet I could hardly make any sense of the french.
    Ja tuosta suomen kielen taidosta voikin olla ylpeä.

  • Your Japanese was very great especially your intonation. I have been raised in Japan and antteded a japanese kindergarten where I learned the language. Also I have to say that your German is brilliant. You do totally sound like a native speaker. Furthermore your French was very nice to the extend that I can assess as a learner. Moreover I am learning Italian at the time and it was very encouraging for me to understand some of the words you said lol 🙂

  • Meus parabens. Você é o melhor, eu falo 4 línguas entre níveis intermediario e avançado. Mas quando falo eu confundo muito umas com as outras. Que deveria fazer para melhorar esta dificuldade que eu tenho? De repente você poderia me dar alguns dicas sabias para eu aperfeiçoar. (Não sou nativo do Português)

  • Seu portugues é muito bom! Mesmo sendo com o sotaque de portugal, que eu particularmente nao gosto. acho muito grotesco kkk Potugues do brasil é maior e melhor HAHAHAH brincadeiras a parte! abraços!

  • I'd say Japanese is really difficult because of the kanji. When trying to read for practice, one must also know ~2000 kanji (how to pronounce them in different situations and what they mean). Overall pronunciation is simplified with their syllable alphabets (at least for native English speakers), but some of the katakana and kanji change pronunciation based on their use cases. Additionally, I visited Japan and was surprised to find that katakana was extremely prevalent, even for words that have a Japanese equivalent. That brings me to my next point: katakana words aren't all derived from the same foreign languages. This seems to provide an inconsistent pattern in recognizing katakana pronunciation and thus, what some foreign words mean.

  • It was a great pleasure and fun to watch and listen to and not the least your Finnish was impressive, although I can’t speak it myself in spite of having Finnish roots and having lived in Finland for eight years and now on the Åland Islands for two years, but as you surely know, Swedish is the language here. But I can vouch for your Portuguese since that is one of my languages, after having lived there for a dozen years and being the language my wife and I have in common, although hers is the Brazilian kind. But I stick to my Portuguese from Portugal 🙂 And yes, although I’ve never perfected my German after having learnt it for two years in school, I could at least hear that yours is perfect. Amazing. Like a friend of mind from Viseu use to say: em duas palavras; impressionante:)

  • Hello Stefano! I really liked your video, just stumbled upon your channel by chance today and got so happy! What impressed me the most is the selection of languages you learn/ed! Because I can totally relate! I speak English, Finnish and German too besides Russian as mother tongue, and my favourite vieras kieli is absolutely Suomi. Besides I am learning some Farsi because it’s my boyfriends mother language. AND! I have always planned to learn Icelandic and Japanese in future😄 AND I used to dislike French, but recently thought that as well as Deutsch is great for reading classic literature. So keep in touch, I absolutely follow your channel! Good luck and have a nice week!

    – Anna

  • This instantly made it into in my mental Top 10 videos on the entire Youtube. Such a love of languages, such musicality (since after all music and language are understood as one by our brains 🙂 ), and such a lovely energy and charisma about you. I can only wish to become more like you in my polyglottic endeavours, and wish for you to inspire others with your passion. Sto imparando pure io la bella lingua italiana, sicuramente vale la pena! 🙂 Saluti dalla Romania!

  • Scopro il tuo canale con questo video and I have subscribed immediately 😎 Te felicito por los idiomas que hablas et je sais que je vais me regaler à regarder toutes tes vidéos. Viele Grüße aus Paris.

  • はい!私も日本語を勉強している一人です😃ですのでがんばって日本語にしてもよくないじゃないかなって思いました、、



  • Das ist das zweite Video von dir, das ich anschaue und ich bin bereits ein 100% Fan 🙂 du hast eine so charismatische Art, dass man das Video einfach bis zum Schluss gucken muss! 🙂

  • I decided to learn Romanian after I went to the castle Bran and heard the guide speak Romanian. I fell in love with the language immediately 🙂

  • Nom de Dieu! Un finlandais du tonnerre! 😀 J'ai hâte de pouvoir te rencontrer à Bratislava pour en savoir plus sur tes méthodes d'étude!

  • yea that what usually happens if u learn EU portuguese u r going to get used to say the "ch" and other specific pronuciations not common in spanish, but if u learn Brazillian portuguese ur spanish will be better cuz both languages have a lot more similar pronunciation and words. My spanish pronunciation is similar but slightly worst than yours(i don't speak spanish though)

  • Beato te, io mi stò massacrando a studiare il finlandese, tu ne sai 9. Io impazzirei…qualche suggerimento utile per imparare una lingua?

  • Just amazing! Let me add my kudos on your Finnish to the previous ones. I can't believe how you've accomplished such a natural accent.

  • Although you just spoke a tiny little bit of Chinese in this video, I still want to say that you are actually very on tune. Good job. I know it’s a bit weird to say, but we do have very strict tune system in our language and you are doing well. Yes I can tell by just enough words. I believe you’ll be fluent in Chinese in a relatively short time. ( and I am studying Italian 🙂

  • Do you ever feel or realize the "tone" differences between languages? As Spanish and Italian sound a lot "happier" languages than Finnish mostly. 😀 Keep it up man that was amazing.!

  • Learning Japanese is very easy for Finnish people, because we have the same "tongue" system, if that's what it is called, we have all the same tone's and stuff in the words. Tho, it is quite hard to learn the writing, or at least to me, a lot of the syllables look so much same I barely can recognize over 150 syllables from each other and I often can not understand other people talking Japanese, unless they're Finnish and have Finnish accent mixed. Often asking Japanese people to talk slowly and by making the "tones" stronger, it might be helpful to understand.
    日本は素晴らしい言語です。 😊

  • I'm Lebanese. Honestly you are truly inspiring !!. Very few have studied that many languages !!, you even spoke so well just as a native speaker of those 9 different countries. I know Arabic, French, and English well, and now I'm learning Russian. I already have some knowledge about it. I'm also interested in learning Italian and Turkish which I'll hope to learn in the future, by the way I want to study translation at the university after a couple of years. And umm, just like I said, you're interesting and cool !!!!

  • Do you ever mix up your languages? I only know three languages well, but I sometimes get a word in Spanish and can't find the English for it in my head, even though English is my first language.

  • You're such an inspiring person! I myself love languages too. And the way you learnt french is basically how I learnt portuguese! I never studied it I just immitated people and once I got confident enough I started speaking it to people.

  • Tu español es perfecto. Me encantó cómo hasta tu personalidad cambiava con cada idioma, en especial el japonés. A mi pasó lo mismo con el francés y el portugués. No me gustaban pero ahora los quiero aprender, les tomé el gusto, en especial al portugués. Y no me atraía el japonés pero después de verte hablarlo me dieron ganas de probar. Y sólo como nota, tengo un crush enorme con tu idioma materno, el italiano. Me produce tantas cosas lindas oírlo y hablarlo. Gracias. Me inspiraste.

  • As a Spanish speaker, your Spanish was very well spoken… probably better than me😅😂😭 but I do want to learn Romanian, Portuguese and Italian😍 they sound amazing and sexy

  • あなたの日本語は完璧に近いと思います!


    I think your Japanese is near perfect !
    I feel there are three main reasons why Japanese is difficult.
    Firstly, kanji have two different reading,onyomi and kunyomi.
    Secondly, there is a uniquely Japanese expression, "honorific".
    Thirdly,the subject is omitted and the description is ambiguous.

    I know it must be hard, but please continue to study Japanese !
    I'm cheering you on ! !

  • I understand with you, Japanese is not hard as many people think it is, but Kanji is very hard 😀

  • I am a little bit curious about your selection of languages, surely you can speak some Latin too? Olen hiukan utelias tuon sinun kielivalikoimaasi suhteen, osaat varmaankin puhua myös jonkin verran latinaa? I read somewhere that Sardinian language is the closest genealogical descendant to Latin, even closer than Italian. Luin jostakin että sardinian kieli on läheisintä sukua latinalle jopa läheisempää kuin italian kieli.

  • Olen suomalainen joka on myös asunut Italiassa e ti devo dire che non mi spiego come tu faccia a parlare il finlandese cosi bene, complimenti davvero! Je parle le francais, l'anglais et l'italien comme langues étrangers, et maitenant je voudrais apprendre aussi des autres, comme par exemple l'arabique. Tu es un'insipiration, merci beaucoup!

  • Hello from Japan!
    Your Japanese is very good, and that is like a Japanese we often use, so keep learning!

    I think why Japanese is difficult is that we use three characters (hiragana, katakana, kanji) and also kanji contains several ways to read, which depends on a sentence.
    And finally, what I think the difficulty on Japanese is the writing form is very different from the speaking form (eg. daily conversation)
    Actually Im a polyglot and can speak six languages, I hope I could speak as many as you can.

  • È un piacere sentirti parlare portoghese . Lo sto studiando , sono alle prime armi e penso che sia una lingua fantastico. È meglio quello con cadenza europea o sudamericana?

  • hallo, ich bin neu auf deinem channel! das mit französisch ist ja wirklich witzig, aber ich verstehe das, wenn du schon so viele romanische sprachen kannst, kann man sicher schnell nur durchs hören lernen! ich spreche gut chinesisch und habe ich taiwan nur durchs hören ein bisschen taiwanisch (minnan-chinesisch) gelernt.

  • Just found you and subscribed.Keep up the good work. I am an English native speaker that just learned German nicht perfekt aber genug. I am also learning Italian and I speak Spanish fluently.This video encouraged me. Thank you

  • Your Portuguese is really, really good, especially considering that you have studied it for 5 months and you haven't had the chance to practice it much. Até pareces mesmo tuga a falar!😁

  • Eu sou brasileiro mas consigo entender o sotaque de portugal perfeitamente e estou para te dizer PARABÉNS, você fala perfeitamente, eu consegui entender tudo, continue estudando e seguindo seus sonhos. Meu sonho é ser um poliglota como você, até mais

  • Complimenti! Sono un insegnante di inglese, ma parlo anche spagnolo francese e cinese ed è bello vedere con quanta passione e umiltà ti approcci allo studio! Appena iniziato il video mi sono incuriosito, pensavo fossi tedesco perché il tuo inglese ha un leggero accento teutonico. Poi quando hai raccontato la tua storia tedesca ecco spiegato il mistero 😀 continua così!

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