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Is Polish the Hardest Language?

I hope you enjoy my videos. Firstly, let
me just tell you something about Polish language. Okay. It’s a Slavic language just
like Russian, Ukrainian, or Bulgarian. I don’t know none of those. It’s a part of
the West Slavic branch just like Czech or Slovak languages. That’s why they are
so similar. Okay, let’s start with the alphabet.
Okay cool. Vowels first. Repeat after me. A, Y, O, E, I, U. Ok, you see here that “U”
might be
written in two ways. It’s just about the writing. The pronunciation is the same,
and when you see this sign, you will know that it just about the writing and we
pronounce it the same because we have some other examples. Okay.
You will see later. Cool, thank you. Okay, in Polish we also have two nasal vowels. Ok, let’s look. — And now, try to make these words. Bąbel. Prąd. Sąd. I think I did okay.
For me “ą” sounds a bit like the one when you– the one that you make when you say
in English I own something. Own. Or my own, my own cab. Okay. Ok, it doesn’t know this
“n” at the end. It differ, but this might be a bit helpful for you. Alright, I appreciate your help.
Okay now to try to read these words. Ręka. Będziesz. Y’all playing. Okay. Very good. Now, let’s look to consonants. Repeat after me. That’s a “W”. And now read these words, and then repeat after me. Stół. Mała. Duch. Góra. I’m with the gora. Okay. I got that one. There’s also the other part of the consonants. Have a look. Okay. Why y’all got three Z’s? Hodl up, hold up. Stop. Okay,
let me put my glasses on because number one: Y’all got triplex letters and
anybody tell me we was gonna have triplex letters. And now practice Dzień. Dżem. Szkoda. Świat. Świat? Close! Ćma. Rzeka. Great. Is it? Don’t worry if it’s to hard for you. It’s usually hard at the beginning. But it will get better with time. You will see. Okay. So that was the whole alphabet. Okay, good. Y’all had enough. — the accent and Polish language. It’s usually the same. On the same syllable
which is the second syllable from the end. Have a look. RZEka. ŻAba. PrzePRAszam. No. See it’s really easy. Of course, there are some exceptions, but we’ll skip that for now. Yeah, let’s skip all of this real quick. That’s all for today. I hope that you enjoyed it, and thanks for watching. Thank you. Thank you. I wish this was vodka. I’m not– I’m not gonna make it. you

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