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Is Code the Most Important Language in the World? | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

54 Replies to “Is Code the Most Important Language in the World? | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios”

  • Hmm, not a lot of actual useful info. No talks on the kinds of people that want to learn it, the industry, lots of examples on what's being done with code, practical ways into learning it… granted, it is only a 5 minute video, but a 10 minute one on a topic as important as this would have been more useful

  • Who are these people you've interviewed? Why are they relevant? Why didn't you talk to Richard Stallman or John Carmack or Larry Wall or Bjarne Stroustrup? 

    These people sound like they have no clue how computers work, let alone how coding works

  • I hear a lot of people say "Everyone needs to learn code," and it makes about as much sense as saying "Every driver should know how to build an engine." There is a common problem that engineers don't understand their end users. A lot of engineers seem to think the solution is for the end users to become engineers. That's logistically near impossible to achieve and economically stupid because those engineers won't be able to make a living if everyone does their programming themselves. The better solution is for engineers to observe their end users. Get out of the lab! Get some people skills! Care beyond the build!

  • I'm a self taught web developer, and I'm a little freaked out at the thought of technology replacing so much in our lives.. It's cool, but it's kind of wrecking a lot of basic functions of society.. Plus not everyone needs to code.. It shouldn't be that important.. Especially with how limited the budget is for programs like art and music.. If they're techie, they'll learn on their own.

  • I think coding is nearly as important as communication and math. Engineering and life sciences practically require coding, but it can apply to almost all professions. Fundamentally, if you use software professionally, you're better off knowing how to code: to automate, extend, and replace that software. Those who are considered "thought leaders" in their fields, coding allows them to prove their procedures and provide software to execute those procedures. Finally, professionals in non-coding fields will have to describe new software to people who code professionally but may not be subject matter experts (SME) in the business or laboratory they work for. Often professional coders have to make custom software for a field they're unfamiliar with, if a true SME in that field can describe the software they need, it'll be done quicker and with fewer bugs. I think that coding should be required of all high school students, basic computer usage just isn't enough. Soon many college science programs will require coding as a pre-requisite. I think we're far underestimating what our society's coding needs are and will be.

  • What a poorly phrased question. "Is writing the most important language in the world? Writing is the transcription of sounds to convey ideas. Writing allow you to share ideas directly with people who aren't with you! Almost all scribes are male; that's weird! Writing is important! You should learn scribesmanship! Subscribe!"

  • So, having a workforce that is overwhelmingly young white males is a problem? Well, so far they've created awesome programs and websites, I don't see what's wrong with that. If people of color and women want to start coding, they can! Nobody is stopping them. So annoying when people try to inject there politics into everything.

  • No lies detected. 😀 I'm really excited for more representation of programming and computer science education in the US

    Copy and Paste this all over Youtube if you are with us

  • At 3:50 the analogy is straight wrong.
    To a computer you'd say, look at all the objects, during that one is a door, go throught it. If no door was found, just forget about the task and send the housemaster a letter about the issue and the very same at the next step.

  • i started writing code in the 80's.
    i would much rather 'communicate' with my tomatoes
    than computer hardware; and, they taste better…..

  • Don't get me wrong but as someone who switched out of a community college program b/c he couldn't take programming I can say that this video and sayings like "coding is like learning a language" are HEAVILY over-romanticized.Would you like to make videos like this with nifty visuals of stuff like computer code and interface?.I think graphic design is MUCH closer to that.All the power to you if you can code,though.

  • Why can this channel not talk about something without giving the slight hate slant to straight white males. No one complains about the gay and woman dominated fashion industry or that stigma. When they talk about fashion like industries its about empowering those people and never about making it devers and representative. Shame on you.

  • Too bad they had to turn a seemingly neutral discussion of coding into a rant about "inequality" in the industry. Ruined it for me. No one has figured out how to make women interested in coding to the same percentages that men are, but the assumption is that it must be due to some deep, dark societal conspiracy. More taxpayer funded propaganda from PBS.

  • Code is not a language. This is one of the dumbest titles I've seen on youtube, and I still remember when 'youtube poop' was popular.
    There are languages of code, but code itself is not a language. 
    There are programming languages, like C, Python, and Haskell.
    There are web-development languages, like HTML and CSS.

    However, none of these are the default for 'code'. Code is a very ambiguous term, and it has no special meaning within computing. 

    Programming 'languages' are just a formalized way of describing a process. They don't speak to the computer in any incredible way. It doesn't take a high-IQ. You don't have to be smart. 
    It's just a rigid grammar for you to describe your processes. Most of these grammars revolve around english. 
    Some even revolve around lol-cat speak. Even stranger, some revolve around emoticons. 
    However, at the end of the day, no single one is that important. They've all got alternatives. 

    You can't portray many of your thoughts in a programming language, no matter how good you are. 

    Remember when you memorized PEMDAS in elementary school? That's a lot closer to programming than you'd think. 
    "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" is basically Lisp with the "/, x, +, -" written in between your variables instead of written to the side. 

    Yes, even you can code. 
    Any idiot who can do basic math can code. 

  • Apparently people fail to realize that maybe the reason most coders are young, white, males as they pointed out is because that tends to be the majority of people who want to do it. Maybe other types people don't want to code? Every group of people on the planet is never going to be 100% equally diverse because different people like doing different things! Ever thought of that???

  • Also, I disagree with this video. Nobody is expected to become a mechanic because they drive a car. Nobody is expected to become a carpenter/electrician/plumber because they live in a house, nobody is expected to become a pharmacist because they take medicine. So no, actually, everybody doesn't need to learn code because they use a computer…that's retarded.

  • Coding is not for everyone? Damn this is the most demoralizing video I've seen. Fuck this i'm going to code anyway.

  • What is this bullshit about the majority of coders being white? Since when were people from India and Asia white?

  • Its vital…. Couldn't imagine my world without it = truth! Why I get a bit disheartened sometimes, that I'm not understanding ~ that our potential is not being realised then I change that thought and feel so grateful that this is just beginning and timing is everything. I feel so bonded to my computer and fear of being left behind disappear… this is the universe I want to live in…

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