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iPhone X Unboxing, First Impressions, and Affordable Accessories | Gesture Overview

Hi guys, it’s MTG here, and earlier today
I got my iPhone X in the mail. In this video I will be unboxing it, going
over the different gestures of the phone, giving you my first impressions and at the
end of the video, I’ll show you some affordable accessories that you should look into with
your new iPhone X. Let’s get right into it. The iPhone X unboxing experience is identical
to what you’ll experience with any other iPhone unboxing. When you first open the box, you are presented
with a packet. In the packet, you’ll find the usual Apple
stickers, warranty information, and a quick start guide that tells you how to use the
new button layout and gestures. Picking up the phone itself, I can tell you
that it does feel very solid. It has a nice weight to it where it feels
well put together and not like a toy, but it isn’t too heavy where you’ll notice it
in your pocket. The first thing you notice is the iPhone X’s
screen. It is a 5.8 inch OLED Display with HDR and
a resolution of 2436-by-1125. It is powered by Apple’s new A11 Bionic Chip
and Neural Engine. Setting the phone aside, we can see that Apple
included some lighting earpods and also a lighting to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter because
there is no headphone jack. Apple also includes the usual usb power adapter
and also a usb type-a to lighting cable. Using this phone for just a few hours, I can
say that its very Apple in terms of design. Every edge is seamless and the edges are a
polished aluminum. But the actual usage isn’t very Apple, and
as of now, I don’t know how I completely feel about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Apple finally
made a phone that deviated from their usual playing it safe. They took design risks and even took risks
in terms of the software with their new flagship. But people are attracted to iPhones because
any person from a toddler to an elderly person will be able to pick up the phone and know
how to use it. With the iPhone X, this isn’t the case at
all. There is a gesture up to go home. There is a gesture up but slightly slower
to access recent apps. There is a swipe down from the top right to
access the control center, but there is also a swipe down from the top left to access notifications. The right button is now a button that you
can still lock the phone with. But if you hold the button, it doesn’t turn
the power off, it activates Siri. To take a screenshot, you have to short hold
the siri button and the volume up button. And if you long hold the same two buttons,
then you will be able to turn off the device. All of the gestures and button presses I just
talked about aren’t too intuitive. You won’t be able to just pick up the iPhone
X and be able to know what to do right away like in previous iPhone models. But, Apple is such a giant company, and iPhone
X’s and beyond will be in millions and millions of people’s hands in the future, so the gestures
may become intuitive because they may become the norm. Only time will tell. I think the gestures are an interesting concept,
and don’t think I have used them enough to formulate a strong enough opinion about them. But I still commend Apple for taking some
risks with this phone. Although the notch is odd at first, you stop
noticing it after the first couple of minutes of use. You actually notice it more when apps aren’t
updated because you don’t see the notch. Face ID works well most of the time. I did have some instances where I was forced
to enter the passcode for some reason, but 90-95% of the time, it worked, and it worked
quickly. Also, you can rest assured that the iPhone
X does not show any major issues that the Pixel 2 XL’s screen showed. It is a obviously a very high-quality display,
and does show colors accurately without looking dull. But with such high-quality components, Apple
will charge a ton to get this repaired, so I wanted to show you some inexpensive accessories
that you can use to help protect your new iPhone from damage. GPEL sent me some cases and tempered glass
screen protectors. They didn’t pay me to make any sort of video,
but I wanted to include them in this video because everything is just $10 except for
the EverPure Max case that is just $13. You just spent over a thousand dollars on
a phone, you shouldn’t have to pay too much to protect it. Both of these cases have clear backs. The EverPure Hybrid Clear case is completely
clear, and is very slim. The buttons are a little difficult to press,
but I don’t know if it will get easier with time. The EverPure Max case is a case that I can
see myself using on a daily. You’ll still be able to see the back of the
phone so people know it’s a new iPhone, but you can also feel confident that your phone
will survive any normal drop. Honestly I had very high hopes for the screen
protector because I love tempered glass protectors because it makes it feel like you don’t have
a protector on your phone. But they are hit and miss in terms of applying. And when I put mine on, it had some bubbles
around the edges even though I made sure the phone was spotless before applying. This protector feels great, works with GPEL
cases for sure, but when I applied it, there were bubbles, so I don’t know if it was just
me or the protector. The links to these cases and protectors are
in the description. They make a privacy shield protector that
you should check out as well. All in all, I Iike this phone a lot better
than expected. The design grows on you, and I love how Apple
actually took risks with this phone. Yes, the price is insane, but Apple at least
tried to make it kind of worth it by giving it top-quality components and top quality
software. Stay tuned for more videos involving the iPhone
X like camera comparisons and head-to-head reviews. Let me know what other types of videos you
want to see. An if you liked this video, please give this
video a thumbs up. I’m working on a lot of new content right
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media accounts, and as always, thanks for watching, and I will see you in the next video.

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