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iPadOS 13 – New Text Formatting Gestures in iPad Pro

Hie Guys, I am Dhvanesh and welcome to iGeeksBlog.I
just noticed you have type something and I receive them I am here with yet another set of tips which
would make your iPadOS 13 experience much more accessible and efficient. I am Dhvanesh With Apple positioning the iPad devices as
a replacement to laptops, it is essential to learn all the possible shortcuts and gesture. Earlier formatting text on iPad was a lengthy
and time-consuming task. We had too long press on the word, and then
text formatting options will appear. But with the new iPadOS 13, Apple has introduced
new functions, which are much more convenient and time-saving. In this video, I will be covering a set of
Gestures, that you could use while taking notes or composing emails on your iPad. So without much, let’s dive into the gestures. The first amongst all the gestures are the
ones that would help you with text selection. Double tapping on a word will select that
particular word, Triple Tapping will select that specific sentence and Tapping four times
will select the entire paragraph. If you wish to select a block of text, drag
your finger across your selected text and select whatever text you wish to. Once we are through with our selection, we
could copy the text by a Three Finger Pinch or Cut the text by repeating the same gesture
twice (could be said instead: by Pinching with Three Fingers Twice). Finally to paste the text you will need to
expand Three Fingers on your screen. Made a blunder? Don’t worry. Swiping left with Three-Fingers will Undo
the last action and swiping Three-Fingers right will Redo the action that you previously
Undid. Basically swiping Three-Fingers right will
Undo your Undo. Navigating between text is much more comfortable
and smoother now, just Pick and Drop the cursor wherever you desire. Apple has finally introduced QuickType or
SwipeKey feature for a swift typing experience, but that is not the only feature it has introduced. You could also Pinch on the screen to shrink
the keyboard, and move it anywhere on the screen for single-handed typing. Expanding your fingers on the screen will
bring the keyboard to its original position and size. Lastly, you could also drag the scroll bar
and navigate across long documents and web pages. That’s about it. Do let me know in the comments below if you
know of any gestures that I might have missed out. Also Stay tuned to our channel to learn about
the keyboard shortcuts on iPadOS 13, which we would be uploading soon. And don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe
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