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iPad OS is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
iPad OS has finally been released to the public it’s now available for all
supported devices so that means if you have an iPad air 2 like this one an iPad
Mini 4 or newer you’ll be able to install it so a 2017-2018 iPad all of
the iPad pro devices all of those are eligible for iPad OS so let’s go ahead
and take a look at it now just like iOS 13 supported faster performance on older
devices or current devices so does iPad OS so if you have a face ID supported
iPad pro it will unlock much faster and it works a little bit better in
different orientations it seems as well also apps launch up to 2 times faster
and that includes on older iPads just like the iPad air 2 so apps will launch
faster you can get rid of them faster performance overall is quicker it just
feels like you’re back to what it was when it was newer you have better
performance overall you also get to save some size with your apps just like iOS
13 as well you save size apps are smaller to download and to install now
the home screen is all new also so the home screen has a new today view and as
you can see it’s on the left here with all of our widgets now we don’t have to
leave this here we can change that by hitting edit and then turning it off
here where it says keep on home screen as far as the today view is concerned so
we just turn that off we go hit done and now when we swipe over it goes away if
we swipe back it comes back so it’s a nice little addition to see things like
your battery your shortcuts maybe your screen time whatever you would like that
you have 4 widgets on your iPhone show up here on your iPad now also there’s
the same setting under settings and if you tap on display in brightness and
scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll see we have more bigger or keep today
view on the home screen so if we go to bigger it makes the icons bigger and you
can keep it this way if that’s better for you or you go to more and then you
can get the today view you can’t get the today view with the larger icons it
won’t work that way now there’s another feature under
display in brightness dark mode and that’s something a lot of
people have wanted so you can switch to dark mode
if you prefer that go back to light mode whatever works for you I actually have
it on a schedule so at sunset it switches to dark mode and then in the
morning it switches back I find it’s much better for reading at night but I
don’t like the screen dark all the time now with all the changes to the home
screen we now have huge changes to the way slide over and applications can work
together so if I open up Safari for example you’ll see I have Safari and
notes so I have a note my Safari window I can resize it like I could before
bring it back to what it was and then if I bring the dock back in and tap on
Safari it will show me all of my spaces that have Safari actively open in them
so I can go to Safari in music or tap Safari again and I can go to Safari and
the App Store and I can change any of these as well
and you’ll see maybe we’ll go back to Safari and notes now if I bring this up
here and maybe I want to go into the App Store right away it brings me back to
the space that had the App Store open in it now of course I can just drag this up
drag this down drag it up and make it fullscreen or bring it off to the side
again and you can bring it to the side if you want and see all of your
different applications here or pull down and bring it into a window again
there’s a lot of different options how you can do this maybe I want news on the
side we can bring news on this side or we can go back and bring in the App
Store or open up the app store or bring in news it’s however you want to do it
you can arrange this however you’d like you can even have multiple Safari
windows so if I hold the window button here you can open a new window merge all
windows have a new private tab or close this window will open a new window and
it opens side-by-side so I think you get the idea we’ll go to my website now we
have two websites open so you’ve got all of these different options that you can
use now and they call this app expose so you can see whatever app you have open
so I think it’s really nice great ways to interact between all of the different
applications making them full screen half screen a quarter of the screen
whatever you’d like is really nice now there’s some changes to the way
links work as well and this is pretty helpful especially if you have an
address or email but if we go into Safari for example and you’ll see
there’s tech specs on the Apple website for the iPhone 11 all 3d press or long
press as you know it now and move it over here to the right I can drag it in
a separate window and it opens a Safari tab so this is really nice you could
open it as a separate tab as well but if it was an email address it would open
mail or if it was a physical address it would open Maps so those things are all
really nice and brand-new now there’s some new features for audio sharing as
well so maybe you have a set of ear pods I have one of them in my ear and maybe
you have a friend that has power beats Pro or a separate set of ear pods you
have to use air pods or power beats Pro currently to do this now you want to
make sure they’re paired to your device and you’ll see they’re paired here on
the left and then if I go and play a song for example open this up I’ll just
hit play on a random song now the songs playing in my air pod and if I pull the
control center down here and then I hit the airplay button you’ll see I have air
pods – and power beats Pro if I tap on the power beats Pro I can pair both of
them at the same time and control the volume on both of them at the same time
you also get a little sharing icon right here in the upper right on the volume
and if I long press on volume I can control them individually so you can
share music with anyone you’d like as long as they have air pods paired to
your device or power beats Pro now along with the audio sharing you’ll also have
the option to announce messages with Siri that’s found under settings and
then Siri and search now the app store has some changes as well so if we go
into the App Store you’ll see we have today games apps and now we have our
cade so if you have Apple arcade you can subscribe to this you get a 30-day trial
or it’s $4.99 a month for all of these different games and there’s some really
good ones it’s worth the trial to see if you want to try it out but overall I
think it’s pretty good but the other major change is how you check for
updates since the arcade button replace that and there’s two ways to do that you
can either tap your name here in the upper right or your little icon and that
will bring you to this page where you’ll see all of your available updates now
you can uninstall an app by wiping here and deleting the app or you
can just hit update all and it will update all of your apps so that’s a
quick way to do that the other way to do that is to long press on the App Store
icon and just go to updates this will bring you to the same place and now
you’ll have your updates aside from those updates the App Store also
supports Arabic in Hebrew now as far as languages are concerned now another
change that’s pretty exciting especially for our Cade is we now have aside from
this we now have ps4 and Xbox one s and Xbox one X controller support so you can
pair those through bluetooth on your iPad to play games I have a separate
video and I’ll link that below so you can check it out when I have a separate
video on how to do that it’s not very hard and it works really well
now with iPad OS and iOS 13 come a ton of different gestures and ways to do
things so if we go into notes so within notes you’ll see I have a
paragraph and then another sentence or it’s not really a paragraph but if I tap
on a word here and then I hold my finger I’ve got the ability to move the cursor
around and my finger is not blocking that cursor I can move it wherever I’d
like and it works really well now if we want to select the word we can double
tap the word we want to select if I want to select a whole sentence I can triple
tap it and it selects the sentence if I’m up here and I quadruple tap one two
three four it selects everything and that may not be the most intuitive but
that’s the way they have it now now there’s another gesture if we tap
with three fingers we get a little menu up here that says cut copy paste redo
and undo or we can use our fingers to do the same thing so if I want to copy I
can use three fingers and pinch now it says copy if I want to paste I can go
down here and I can paste by doing the reverse pinching out if I select this if
I pinch twice it will cut you’ll see it says cut again I can paste or I can undo
and redo with three fingers so I can swipe left to right so swipe right see
if we do this swipe right that is reduce swipe lat
does undo again redo undo so those are the new gestures that you have so they
may not be super intuitive but once you get used to the copy and paste it’s
pretty nice on a larger display it works on an iPhone but it’s harder to do on a
smaller display now since we’re in notes we have some new features here as well
and notes gets checklist now so this little icon here tap on this and we can
make a checklist you’ll see there we can make another one whatever you’d like to
do you can make one there we’ve got tables we can adjust our fonts which is
nice mono spaced body subheading that part’s nice and then also we have much
better search throughout notes notes was terrible with search so as messages and
they’ve both improved greatly now we also get shared folders and then
also a new gallery view now the Apple pencil gets some updates as well it’s
got lower latency now on all iPads so it’s more of a software thing and it
should respond even better than it did before we also have a new toolbar that
shows up in places like notes so it just is a little more colorful it’s a little
nicer we’ve also got an auto minimize option and then we can move it anywhere
we want from side to side top bottom wherever we’d like now we’ve got a new
gesture here as well with our iPad but using the pencil and if we drag from the
lower corner we can take a screenshot so you’ll see I just took a screenshot I
can resize it and then screenshots get an update as well you can have full page
screenshots so what that means is if I go into Safari and you’ll see this is a
long page let me take a screenshot if I tap on full page here at the top now
I’ve got a fully scrollable page and I can mark up the entire page so this is
new in iOS and iPad OS 13 it’s really nice so I think they made some huge
improvements for most people when it comes to not only the pencil but the way
you can use it with gestures and everything else now one of the features
that we gained with iPad OS is mouse support so now we can support bluetooth
mice including Apple’s own even though they’re not technically supported I’ll
show you how to pair those in a moment and you can use a trackpad as well so if
we go to settings then we go to accessibility
then we go to touch and then we go to assistive touch and then we go down to
devices we can pair a bluetooth device and then if we go back one you’ll see
that we have mouse keys and pointer style we can change what it looks like
the color and size but if you want to pair apple’s own devices it’s a little
different than that so if we go back to the main page of accessibility and then
we go to switch control and then under switch control we go to switches then we
go to bluetooth devices and under bluetooth devices you’ll see I have
magic mouse to let me forget this one so I can show you how to pair it turn your
mouse off and then turn it back on but do not click it and we’ll wait for it to
connect and it may take a moment but all I did was tap on it so give it just a
moment there we go it took a couple tries and now it’s
connected and I can use this mouse but I have to turn assistive touch on in order
for my mouse to show up so I’ll go back go to touch go to assistive touch turn
it on and now I have a mouse cursor so I can use the mouse with it I can drag two
fingers does not work you can set a right-click and a left-click but two
fingers does not work so you can click and drag go home
you can’t swipe you can drag or click there and drag your icons but you cannot
use the gestures on the trackpad or the mouse yet now the keyboard gets an
update as well so if I go into notes and you’ll see I have the large keyboard if
I pinch the keyboard I can shrink it down and now I can use a new feature
called quick path and I can swipe to type so I can move the keyboard around
though by holding the little line at the bottom putting it wherever I want or I
can just say hi how are you today and you’ll see it typed it out while I
was swiping now this sort of small keyboard has been an iPad for years they
took it away and now it’s back now if you want to go back just unpinch and
bring it back so that’s really nice they’ve also added a bunch of things to
the keyboard as far as different languages for quick path not everyone is
supported but English simplified Chinese Spanish German French
Italian Portugese are all supported for
quickpath they’ll add more of them later also there’s adjustable handwriting for
China if you’re using a Chinese keyboard or Cantonese keyboard and there’s better
predictive text for that as well now there’s also new keyboard shortcuts
and there’s a lot of them there’s over 30 new shortcuts that you can do for
keyboards so if you’ve got a keyboard attached you can use a bunch of keyboard
shortcuts now lots of different apps have
different shortcuts for the keyboard and to see those if you’re using an external
keyboard just hold down command for example and it will pop up all the
different things you can do at the same time using command so no matter where
you are maybe you’re on the home screen again hold command it will give you a
list of what you can do shortcut wise now feature we haven’t seen a whole lot
is fonts and font should allow us to change the font throughout different
applications such as pages and things like that
not necessarily the OS itself but you can access that by going to Settings
General and then fonts and under fonts you should be able to open the App Store
and under the App Store there should be new fonts however they’re not showing up
yet so hopefully they’ll be here soon and we’ll be able to add a bunch of
funds to iPad OS and iOS as well now files gets a pretty big update so if we
go into files we now have what looks basically like finder on a Mac so we’ve
got our files our locations our favorites our tags and then we have our
different folders so maybe I want to go to name we’ll go to this image here and
the image gives us all sorts of information such as what type it is the
size of it its dimensions and then we can share this for collaboration we can
rotate it and mark it up here but if I hit the three dots we can share it here
we can also compress it or unzip it if we want to before we send it we could
save it again assign a contact there are so many options in here and it’s really
really nice now you can also connect to a server if you have a server at home or
somewhere else that you’ll need that server address in order to connect to it
but you do have the option to connect to servers now to get your files and then
also one of the biggest things are probably the best thing is you can
connect an external hard drive to it so let’s try that out now you can connect a
hard drive an SSD and ask a card reader and instead of having it
open up in photos it should now show up in files so we’ll give it just a moment
to connect and you’ll see it says Canon so if I tap on Canon now I have my
folder structure I can go into it I had Panasonic on here as well here’s a photo
I took and I can import this or I can share it or do whatever I want with it
and I’m looking at the drive itself or the SD card or whatever we have
connected to it so it’s super helpful especially if you want to carry a thumb
drive around use external storage have some extra storage for your iPad you can
now do that and it’s something that I think we should have had years ago but
now that we have it you can’t really live without it if you need some
external storage especially if you have a lot of photos or video on the go now
one of the biggest features of iPad OS is a new feature called sidecar this
allows us to mirror or use this as a secondary display to a Mac so let me
show you that now you do have to have Mac OS Catalina
now sidecar will work wirelessly or with a wired connection you’ll have better
latency with a wired connection and you just use USB c2 USB C or USB to
lightning depending on which devices you have now you will need Mac OS Catalina
in order to do this and once you have that just go to your system preferences
then you’ll go to sidecar and if you’re on a wireless connection the device
should just show up you’ll see it here of both devices are unlocked and working
click on the device and then it will move over to this display give it a
second and it will show up now I can use the Apple pencil or my finger just to
move this around we can go into Safari here go to Apple and we have everything
we had before now it’s a little bit sluggish you can use two fingers to
scroll instead of one but it does work and it works pretty well we’ll close
this here and you can use it as a secondary display you can mirror your
display so whatever you want to do it’s just a nice way to get these connected
and there were apps that did this before but now it’s just native built into Mac
OS and iPad OS now Safari gets some pretty significant updates as well so if
we go into Safari you’ll see it has an updated Start screen that’s not really
anything too significant but if we go to the Apple website we have a bunch of new
thing that this does by default it now is a
desktop web browser so no longer do you have to request desktop mode it is
desktop mode just like your Mac so you can use it with WordPress Squarespace
Google Docs anything like that and it should work the same as it does on a Mac
now you also have some new views as well so if you hit these two A’s here we can
change the size of the font just by hitting a we can make it bigger or
smaller hit it again we can hide a toolbar we
can request the mobile website if we want or we can individualize settings
specific to this webpage so maybe I want to allow Apple to use my camera I can
allow it or maybe I go to Facebook and I don’t want to allow them to use any of
these things I can deny it specific to the website so that’s a really nice new
security and privacy update as well now also we can customize links individually
so if we go to learn more and long press you’ll see we have some options here it
says hide link previews so maybe I don’t want it to come up and show it now it
doesn’t show it anymore if I want to show it again I can show it
and then finally if I long press on here you’ll see this is a file I can download
the linked file and it goes up to this little arrow now if I tap on this down
arrow here this is my downloads and you’ll see the download here it saved a
little link to this website and if I hit this button here it opens up in files
where we can view it just like we could on finder now if we go home there are
some other significant updates as well that carry across iOS and the first one
is photos photos gets a complete redesign and it’s much better in my
opinion so if we go to photos you’ll see this is the layout of photos it has
real-time video playing in the background this is a video I never
released but it’s got real-time video playing in the background and at the top
we’ve got years months days and all photos that’s nothing new but if we
pinch out we go 2 months if we pinch in we go 2 days or if we pinch in again we
go to the photo itself so it’s a really nice redesign of the interface itself
again pinch how it goes back now if we go to for you this is where it’s
customized for us similar to Google Photos now under the for you tab you’ll
see it’s created little memories for me and this is on a trip to Manhattan and
at the same time a watch update came out for watch OS so you’ll see it’s showing
here and it’ll also start to playback video in real time and then one of the
biggest updates to this Photos app is the editing ability so if I go into this
photo hit edit I can now change everything from exposure to highlights
shadows vibrance all the way down to vignette and change them in real time no
slowdowns you can do this on an older iPad as well hit done and probably the
most impressive thing is you can do the same with video so you’ll see there’s
video if I hit edit we can go over here and change things we can crop it of
course change the rotation and it saves in real time then maybe go to color you
can change filters you’ll see we have the same exposure controls and they’re
real time for video itself so it’s really impressive and definitely a huge
update to photos that I don’t think a lot of people realize is actually there
now there’s an update to music as well and music gets one of my favorite
updates although it’s kind of small and specific to only some songs they haven’t
been updated for it so let me go to one of the songs I used in my iOS video as
well I have a song playing and if we go to the song itself and I hit this little
button here we now have lyrics that playback in real time as they’re being
sung by the artist I can scroll through them tap on them and it actually just
plays as the song sings or jumps around to that part this is one of my favorite
features because it reminds me of the Steve Jobs era it’s just more focus on
attention to detail and things like that now one of the other features is if we
hit these three dots here we can see what’s playing next or we can change the
order of it and we just have more options for what’s next we can take off
a song if we want it’s a really nice little change to the way everything
works if I want to play a song next I can long press a song and then we’ve got
options to delete it or play it next and that song will play next just a small
update to music but it’s something that’s new now we also have an update to
accessibility that I think is pretty huge if I go to accessibility under
settings and then I go to voice control and then setup voice control might
continue continue allow and once it’s turned on will have an icon in the upper
right here on an iPad that shows us that it’s active and now I can talk to the
iPad and tell it commands go home and the iPad will go home I can tell it open
settings open settings and it open settings and you’ll see sometimes you
need to pause in between but it will allow you to text people message them
whatever you can do with your hands you can actually do with your voice with an
iPad this is true on iOS 13 as well it’s a huge update that I think is one of the
most significant upgrades in in technology in a long time so thankfully
there’s things like this around for people that need a little bit more help
now there are updates to things like screen time that may not be a huge
update for some but it just combines your app limits and gives you more
information for children there’s also huge privacy and security updates with
new location and security controls it done here there’s new privacy updates
like I said and if you go to privacy you’ve got location controls that are a
little more granular they will let you know when things are using your location
and it will also let you know when things are using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as
they can use those to kind of tell your location as well so you can really block
and lock down any apps that are trying to do that now if we go into Safari and
maybe we want to share the Apple website if we share it you’ll see we have a new
share sheet it gives your favorites at the top then it has things like airdrop
and apps you use the most below that and then you’ve got more options as well and
you can also configure these the way you want so you can hit edit actions and
completely change the way your share sheet look so it’s it’s really nice to
be able to arrange these and a lot more organized than it used to be now we have
an all new reminders app as well now if you use reminders a lot this should be a
huge update for you you can make lists that are shared and things like that let
me see if I can find it here and under my Apple apps you’ll see reminders now
reminders may be big for some people like I said you can create lists
there’s a new reminder you can create lists change whatever you’d like remind
me on a day location remind me when messaging it uses artificial
intelligence and machine learning to really help you kind of prioritize
what’s going on in reminders as well and all of these apps work really well with
dark mode now shortcuts is installed by default on all iOS 13 point one and
thirteen devices and you’ll also have a new automations tab in this automations
tab will allow you to use NFC tagging on your iPhone for example to create a
personal or a home automation and this allows you to change a lot of different
things such as travel time you can set automations for when you arrive leave
before you commute time of day and again like I said on an iPhone you can use NFC
tags to have even more information or do different things when you just tap your
phone to it there’s some really nice changes there as well now under messages
we have some changes so if I go to messages and then I tap on these three
dots here you’ll see I have edit name and photo if I edit name in photo I can
now have a new photo that I share with people similar to what whatsapp does so
I can share it with contacts or always ask I can turn it off altogether if I
want or just have something customized and that’s really all the new things you
get within messages on older devices but on newer devices you get a little bit
more now in newer devices you have a emoji and an emoji and there are some
new and emoji and you’ll see there’s mime emoji you’ve got a mouse and an
octopus a cow giraffe shark owl and it creates stickers for each one of these
now so it’s got different emotions for all of them you’re an imodium emoji and
then also there’s some new options at the top if you tap on the person’s name
and then hit I for info it can share your current location or see the
location of the person that’s available if they’re sharing with you or you can
see your photos and different links that you have also locations will be here as
well if you’ve shared that information now mal gets a pretty big update as well
and mail is one of my favorite things that works great in the newest version
it didn’t in some of the betas but it seems to
well no and you can see here’s mail it doesn’t really look too much different
here but what you have are some new options so if I go to maybe reply to
this email you’ll see it looks a little bit different and then down at the
bottom we can mute that email have it notify you and then you just have all
your options here you can flag it with different colors if you want to do that
or not flag it and then you also obviously can reply and forward and
things like that but probably one of my favorite features is if you want to
remove emails so if you hit edit you can tap on one and then just slide and
select them all and delete them at once or you can hit select all and then
delete so those are some new options as well now if I create a new email and
then I tap in the box to start typing I have some options here under a where I
have formatting and fonts and things like that so there’s just a lot more a
lot more nice options to make a better email and it’s just a much more useful
app that adds things that other email apps have actually had for quite some
time now Siri gets an update and using the knurl engine within the new
processor should sound a lot more human so if I ask Siri to read me a story
let’s see what it sounds like read me a story please so you’ll see there’s more
pauses and it’s supposed to be more natural certain things sound amazing
it’s getting better and better over time so I think that’ll be really nice
especially Siri hopefully we’ll get some more features as well now there’s a new
app that replaces find friends and Find My iPhone and that’s called find my so
it used to be those two separate apps they’ve combined them into one app
called find mine and you’ll see it gives you a map and then down at the bottom
left you’ve got people devices in me and then if we go to the options under me
you’ll see we have some options such as my location share my location allow
friend requests receive location updates use this iPad as my location and then
help a friend so you can actually help a friend that’s lost their device let them
log in here and try to locate it it’s really nice and just combined into one
place that are also supposed to add different tags and things in the future
that should allow us to find different things
we’ve tagged with things like tile if you’ve ever seen tile you can attach
that to a backpack and locate the backpack and when you’re locating a
device you can even locate newer devices that are turned off
they’ll relay their information through bluetooth to nearby iOS devices or iPad
OS devices and let Apple know anonymously from those devices where
your device is so it doesn’t tie anything to other people but it lets you
know where your device is so you can better track it if you’ve lost it now
Maps gets a pretty significant update as well it looks the same right here but
there’s more features and more detail within each city they should be highly
detailed by the end of this year depending on the city you live in but
the whole us should be updated and then it will get updated throughout the world
overall now you see there’s detail about each building and location you even have
road closures here and it will give you more information about that and then you
have air quality index in the lower right if you press and hold it gives you
the current temperature that’s nothing too exciting but here you can see we
have favorites such as home and work we can add a location or drag down and
you’ll see a bunch of different locations here in the left we can create
a collection and a collection will allow you maybe to go on a trip and have a
collection of places you’d like to visit if we cancel that and let’s go to
another place such as Apple Park where we can see some more information if you
search for something such as Apple Park you’ll now get more information even the
phone number a Wikipedia article more information you can add it to favorites
but if we zoom in nearby on one of the roads we get some binoculars now this is
not available in every city but this is called look around now let’s make it
fullscreen and we can look around the location that we’re at and this is very
similar to Street View but a lot smoother than what Google has currently
so you’ll see it just drives down the parkway smoothly here if we turn we can
look around it’s just nice and smooth and hopefully we’ll be updated even more
and more in the future but I think it’s a pretty nice little feature and it even
shows things like stop signs that are in use we’ll hit done here and if you look
around it’ll show different stoplights different
like just like Google Maps but in the Apple style
now books gets one small feature and that’s reading goals you can have
reading goals now within books so maybe you want to read three hours a day you
can set those if you’d like to do that now calendar also gets a small update
and calendars will now allow you to add attachments so maybe you want to add an
attachment you didn’t have an attachment right here share it with somebody and
maybe you want to have meeting notes you can do that through calendar now it’s a
pretty small update but it’s there the home app gets a very small update in
this home app what that means is it now supports cameras and Apple has partnered
with camera companies to make sure that your video feed is end-to-end encrypted
and only you can view it there’s also some new icons so if we go in here go to
our light there’s some new icons and there’s also some new background
wallpapers as well you also get Wi-Fi WPA 3 support and many hotspot updates
for family sharing so maybe you’ve shared your hotspot from your iPad or
your iPhone before with an iPad within your family it more easily remembers
that information now enterprise gets some small updates such as data
separation for bringing your own device so you can have multiple accounts with
them within that device for things like schools and businesses and then also you
there’s new authentication options under enterprise as well so they’re catering
more to the enterprise and their needs which is nice to see that you can use
your device there now also there are huge updates for Indian language support
its greatly enhanced for Siri and supports all 22 official Indian
languages there’s also 38 new keyboard languages and then finally augmented
reality updates that can now better sense when there’s depth between
something so maybe you have an object in the background you have a table in the
middle and then someone behind it it will know the distances and where people
are standing relative to those different objects and that is really it for all of
iPad OS there are over 200 changes there are small little tweaks here and there
that I haven’t mentioned but I think I pet OS is one of my favorite updates
it’s now basically a computer the only thing it’s lacking for me personally is
Final Cut Pro if they add that I can use this as my main device that’s it for
iPad OS you know what you think about it in the
comments below I think it really enhances the iPad and makes it even more
usable as your everyday computing device but if you’d like to get your hands on
the wallpaper that I use throughout the video of course I’ll link it in the
description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already though please
subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see more of these
videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed the video please give it a
like as always thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

100 Replies to “iPad OS is Out! – What’s New?”

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  • The mouse I had to put a pairing code 0000 & all working fine this is on iPad Pro 2.
    Still working on getting a Logitech keyboard working.

  • Siri announce notifications ? Not finding that on 2nd gen iPad Pro 12.9. I followed your Settings-Siri&Search … but not finding that.

  • The double-tap for word, triple tap for sentence … was there before iOS 13. Just saying. The expand out and in with 3 fingers is new.

  • Does anyone know when MacOS 10.15 Catalina is being released (obviously I mean the public version, not the beta)? I know in October, but I mean like an actual concrete date

  • This has completely ruined my last 24hrs first of iPad will not log onto network. Failed to log my Apple ID only way I can go on line on OPEN network, Lastpass does not know who I am, in short if the I don’t take a hammer to it I will have done well. Oh and YouTube just crashes. A COMPLETE F—K UP!!

  • Pretty enticing to get an iPad now with this fluid os that's meant for the iPad. Gone are the days where the ipad felt like a big iPhone

  • What is the maximum capacity of hard disk it can support via usb-c ? Can it support 24TB RAID hard disk via usb-c?

  • Its shit lmao. Its still ios but with safari on desktop mode and a different home screen*slightly different*. They better import apps like final cut pro/xcode etc… oh i wish i could code on my ipad man….

  • there's so much in this great video i have to keep pausing and going back to try things. maybe i should just set the playback speed to 0.5 ha

  • I'm experiencing some severe stuttering running Safari and even Chrome on my iPad Pro 9.7 on certain websites that have lots of content. The only partial solution is to rotate the tablet into portrait. Overall I'm very disappointed with iPad Os. I wish I could revert to iOS 12

  • Great video. I tried using a flash drive with the adapter and it asks for more power. This is on a smaller usb flash drive. Is that normal? Thanks

  • If I plug in my Android phone into that sweet USB c port, will it be recognized as storage and will I be able to use the files stored there?

  • Infuriatingly, these gestures don’t with the pencil—and that’s a real problem for people like me, who use the pencil as an accessibility device.

  • Is this beta ????

    If it is not how do we download this cause I am not able to download this on my iPad. I have the iPad 2018

  • Beware of the latest cut and trim of your videos, all it does is to set an A to B point of play length, it does nothing to cut down on the video file size, all cut out parts are still in place if you’ve accessed the EDIT features and rewind or forward to parts of privacy that you don’t want others to view! Others knew how to access the EDIT feature too!

  • Cut and trimmed videos now has 2 copies, the original unedited copy is still in there as in MP4 format, the edited one is in mov format, you can see both of them when connected to PC, but only get to see thE edited one under IPADOS, it’s taking up all the free space in your ipad. Worse, the edited video can be undone by anyone to see the cut out parts which you don’t want others to see. Hurry! You better back home speeding over 150 kph to snatch that edited video off your wife’s hands before it’s too late, if she knows how to access the EDIT feature of undoing the jobs done on the video! You don’t want to download the update, but it would download it and taking more free space in your iPad, worse, in some case the new update made the game gone so much slower!

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  • FYI: SLIDE-OVER is failing on iOS 13.1.2 when sliding it up to show all the SLIDE-OVER apps added to the screen. In the beginning it works well, but after using it for a while, all the screens become blurry, instead of just the background screen. In order to fix it, we have to restart the iPad. After that, it will work ok for a while, but then, this problem returns again.

  • I use Evernote as it’s free for up to two devices. One for my tablet (iPad) and one for my phone (Android). They share all the saved stuff.

  • WOW thank you for this CLEAR general presentation. It is rare to have someone not talking on steroid and still give a lot of informations. Merci beaucoup.

  • Best by far – and most comprehensive – iPadOS review anywhere. Very well done. Does not feel rushed. Clearly narrated, and time to see the new features. Appreciated the fact that older hardware was mentioned for those who don’t upgrade every single year – something I’ve never seen before. One thing mentioned by Apple that was cool is the ability to log in to a web site with iCloud account – temporary email addresses. On Safari, hopefully they’ve kept the Page View feature – massive bc how awful web sites are these days (ads, videos, etc). Can’t wait to upgrade to iPadOS on iPad Pro 11 … a bit late.

  • HELP: Can you test out a regular hard drive connected to the iPad Pro 2018? My easystore isn’t working properly through a USB-C hub or directly connected with USB-B to USB-A (Apple adapter). Not showing up in Flies App as it should and I have formatted as exFAT.

    [Update] Very slow reading drives for the first time when connected! Took 5 minutes to see an SSD and the WD easystore 2GB connected to a cheap USB-C hub. Then copy/paste and drag & drop worked as advertised. Still, can you give us your opinion on long term usage with regular hard drives (with hub or usb-c adapter)

  • I turn Siri off because she gets turned on and talks while I am watching tv, driving, etc. She gets set off on her own without me wanting her too!

  • Yay im happy , me and my brother are gonna get the ios 13 update! (I use an iPad Air 2, my bro has iPad 5th Gen)

    Oh ok i swiped to the right and got the today screen!

  • Finally an update worth the hype. Love the functionality, I am one step closer to never needing a laptop. I do have an all in one desktop pc that is very well integrated into my iOS world, so this is a welcomed addition. The Office 365 subscription used in conjunction with an iPad makes it very windows friendly FYI.

  • 22:55 the voice commands have been on androids devices for very long, very responsive and integrated with the Google assistant and even without an internet connection, too bad the same thing doesn't apply to Siri

  • Hi great review! My question is where is the search bar now for looking for apps by name? This used to be from left swipe right. Swiping from left to right now shows the widgets, there used to be a search bar there.

  • I hate this update so much all my downloads on safari turn into fucking zip files and I can’t get addons on Minecraft anymore because of their fucking update to safari

  • For some reason my iPad onscreen keyboard has stopped working and it doesn’t appear anymore so I have to use a USB keyboard.
    iPad os is full of glitches

  • Where is the search function when you would swipe left now at … Stupid Apple , always messing with stuff that has no problem … just like the call answer screen .. you need glasses on to see all those stupid half confusing circles… meanwhile all th3 other phon3 kept the SIMPLE. As the founder intended with pig green , red buttons .. simple clean looking ….

  • Docking works intermittently… i hate it. How do I change the settings that open the app whenever I touch it? It does that silly menu to share or scan… what a silly mod

  • This is the best description of how to use iOS 13 on my iPad Pro. I had no clue how to use or access the new features.

  • Can you tell me how to re-add my Anchor Podcast as an export when I download a message from Voice Memos? Under iOS 12 Anchor was an option. Now Anchor is not listed as an option to upload a message from my iPad Voice Memo.

  • For the sake of truth, just one simple question that needs an honest answer: what’s the point of a Files app if you can’t delete files within the Files app? I’m not kidding! Share a file from Files to (for instance) the Documents app. Then drag and drop the files between folders within Documents. You won’t see the files disappear. The drag and drop wasn’t in fact a traditional drag and drop to move files between folders. The files were only copied to the desired folder. You just duplicated the files without intend to do that. And why? Because doing a “move” would imply the deletion of the files dragged, and that you can’t do within the Files app. You have to leave the Files app, enter the Documents app, and there you’ll be able to delete the files that annoyingly stood in the original folder. Double the work! Double the confusion! Stupid UX design.

  • Great video!! Best review video I’ve seen. Especially with the time stamps for different topics, in the description. Subscribed!!

  • Thank you! Excellent video as always. It's unbelievable that Apple has not enabled multi user account support on iPadOS. It is the thing that I really miss for making the iPad a real device for family use.

  • I cannot open split creek with apps kept in folders in the dock. Why? I could split screen folded apps in iOS 12. Why not iOS 13? Also I don’t have the black line at the bottom of my dock or any app I can split screen. I use a 2017 12.9 pro. Is this the problem or is it just iOS 13 being less useful/capable than iso 12?

  • My ipad air 2 is almost unusable since 13.1.3 . Pages judder, cannot get screen page to fit screen.
    Emails sent from me that are not from me.
    Youtube is terrible.

  • After I downloaded this update nothing works right anymore. Safari is freezing constantly, my screen keeps flickering brightly and then it says zoom in enabled. If I’m using YouTube on safari the screen will zoom in after a video is done playing, then it’s hard to get it to unzoom. I have to keep closing my YouTube window to play a new video because it won’t let me click anything even if I refresh. Does this happen for anyone else? Does anybody know how to fix this?

  • What if instead we could undo text by double tapping the left side of the screen and redo by double tapping the right side of the screen?

  • Have you noticed on the markup tool palette the pencil tool looks almost identical to the pen tool? There was a bigger visual difference on iOS 12.

  • What if Apple gave iPad Pro users a handwriting keyboard so we can make more use of our Apple Pencil? So instead of typing text our handwriting would automatically be converted to text.

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