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iPad Multitasking Gestures (#1384)

Apple has a lot of features on the iPad that
are for multitasking for either viewing more than one app at a time or quickly switching
between apps on your iPad. Now there are three special iPad gestures
that help you get between apps and these require using four or five fingers. So you’re basically going to use your entire
hand to do these gestures. The first one I want to show you is the ability
to get quickly to the App Switcher. So you take all four fingers on your hand,
put them on the screen at the same time and swipe up. This takes you directly to the App Switcher. Now you can use one finger to go between different
apps and select the one that you want just by tapping it and it goes to it. Another one is using four fingers to go between
apps. Now this doesn’t work on the Home screen,
like here, because the Home screen you’re just going to go between the pages in the
Home screen. But when you’re in an app, like here I am
in Settings, put my same four fingers on the screen and swipe left or right, I can quickly
go between apps. It’s very easy to do. So you don’t have to exit, go into anything,
just put four fingers on the screen and swipe left and right. The last gesture actually takes all five fingers. You’ll use your thumb as well. You’re going to put all five fingers on the
screen and then pinch them all inward. So bring all your fingers together. That actually take you back to the Home screen. So you notice how you can actually pause in
the middle of that motion. So I can go down a little bit and you can
see I can shrink down and grow the app I’m looking at. As soon as I release with it small in the
middle it will take me to the Home screen. These are very useful. Now, on the other hand, if you don’t want
to use these but you find that every once in awhile maybe you are using too many fingers
and these trigger by accident you can turn them off by going into General, and then under
General in the Settings app, tap on Multitasking and then there’s the third option there, Gestures. You can see it lists all of them. If you turn it Off then the Gestures, the
three gestures I showed you, won’t work anymore.

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