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iOS 13.2.2 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 13.2.2 all supported iOS 13 devices
now this was released to address issues with multitasking and some other things
so multitasking and RAM management and then LTE issues and things like that and
this came in at a fairly small 134 point 8 megabytes on my iPhone 11 Pro and on
my iPhone XR it was under 100 megabytes so what will vary depending on
the device let’s go ahead and take a look at the build number the build
number is 17 b1 0 2 and this particular build addresses quite a few issues we
had with iOS 13 point one and two and every version since and the first thing
you need to know though is if you’re on iOS thirteen point three betas and you
want to go to this version you’ll have to use a computer with either iTunes on
it or with Mac OS Catalina you can use the finder get the IPSW file and load it
on here that’s what I did with my iPhone 11 Pro max and this is working fine on
this version now but it does take a computer or iTunes in order to do that
now Apple has actually pushed a modem update for this version so that should
fix fix some issues with LTE and specifically this update does fix issues
with that and I’ll go over that in a moment but the first thing that they
address is the problem with apps quitting in the background or what a lot
of people call RAM management so maybe you have music open you have Instagram
or notes or maybe you have the home app any number of things and then you want
to go back in to say YouTube it’s no longer reloading like it was before it’s
finally working like we expect it to work and that’s a great thing now Ram
management is a pretty big deal when it comes to the iPad especially if you’re
trying to multitask and get some work done so maybe you’re trying to multitask
you have a website open you want to go into Safari for example or use the App
Store or maybe you just want to go back to YouTube and it keeps reloading on you
well it doesn’t seem to be doing that now so you’ll see YouTube has not
reloaded when I went into that if I go into music it just refreshed what was on
the screen but didn’t reload the whole app so it’s definitely a better
experience overall when it comes to that now this also resolves an issue where
iPhone may temporarily lose cellular service
a call so maybe you placed a phone call you end that call and all of a sudden
your cell signal is gone this fixes that issue finally they fixed an issue I’ve
been mentioning for quite some time not only on my 11 Pro Max but also my XS Max
and that’s where cellular data may temporarily be unavailable and that
usually happened to me when I was switching from Wi-Fi to cellular and it
would just not allow me to connect in fact here’s some examples you’ll see
here if I disconnect from Wi-Fi I go into YouTube there’s just nothing there
there’s no cellular data in fact if I go to Safari it also says that cellular
data could not be activated and I know that the SIM card works I’ve used it in
other phones and I’ve also used it in Android phones and had no issues and it
looks like they finally fixed the problem and after a hard reboot the
problem is solved on my 11 Pro Max so that is finally working properly and I’m
glad to see that now the next thing is they fixed an issue that causes replies
to s/mime encrypted email messages between exchange accounts to become
unreadable that problem is fixed I know a lot of people that were using Outlook
or using in an exchange account with an iPhone and was having a lot of problems
with things just not being there that should be fixed as well and then it also
addresses an issue we’re using Kerberos or network authentication protocol that
you may or may not be familiar with single sign-on service is in Safari it
may give you an authentication prompt when you’re trying to use that and
that’s been resolved as well and then finally it resolves an issue where
charging may be interrupted on Yubikey lightning powered accessories so maybe
you’re using Yubikey Afeni keishon and it would stop charging if you were using
that so that’s all been fixed in this particular update there are no new
features that they’ve mentioned there’s no changes or anything in any of these
devices and when it comes to the iPad all of the changes are identical with
the exception of the cellular data fixes since most iPads don’t have cellular and
if they do apparently it wasn’t an issue so it’s fixed on all of these devices so
everything should be well really how it should have been originally now as far
as battery life goes well I know a lot of people were very upset with battery
life on iOS 13 point two and hopefully they address it they haven’t
specifically so we don’t really know what’s going on with that but it depends
on what you’ve been on but battery life does take a few days to know how it is
overall and can vary from person to person I’ve I know of some people that
are getting 12 hours of screen on time on an 11 Pro max on my iPhone 11 Pro max
you’ll see it I just rebooted it and installed this so I lost all the data
but I was getting about nine hours of screen on time with the beta’s so it can
vary but depending on the device you have hopefully this will be improved for
you now as far as speed well I’m the oldest device here which is the iPhone 8
plus it’s fine I haven’t seen any issues scrolling is typically fast on iPhones
in general and apps are loading fast so if you’re opening an app up whatever
you’re doing I wouldn’t expect any slowdowns everything feels nice and
quick and I think most people will be very happy with that now I did run a
Geekbench on these devices on all of them so I could show you but I did find
that scores were not as high as I thought I ran them twice on the 11pro
max because they went down a little bit but nothing significant so if we take a
look at the CPU history here let’s go back or go to CPU and let’s find today
the score that I have is one thousand two hundred and ninety eight and three
thousand sixty one from multi-core if you take a look at the history maybe a
little while back it’s significantly lower on the multi-core score but that
could be because it’s doing a bunch of things in the background to fix the
phone itself now let’s take a look at all the different ones together now here
you can see I have my iPad pro 12.9 from 2018 on the left then the iPhone 8 plus
then the iPhone XR then the iPhone 11 Pro and then the Pro Max but you’ll
see that these scores are significantly better on the iPhone 11 Pro and I think
that’s because the 11 Pro max is doing a bunch of things in the background so
3519 for multi-core and 1336 for single core is higher than i’ve seen on any
previous versions of iOS at least on these devices so I think that’s really
really good now if you’re expecting major changes and things like that
you’ll have to wait for iOS 13.3 or really iOS 14 when they
in June and then it will release in September so if you’re looking for major
new changes and features to the user interface Apple usually reserves those
until June so I would not expect anything like that
we may see small tweaks to things a couple updates back now we actually have
the change for changing video resolution on some of the phones
hopefully they bring that to the iPhones other than the iPhone 11 it’s kind of
ridiculous that we can’t get that yet but even on things like the iPhone XR there’s no reason they couldn’t do that but you’ll see we can see the
actual resolution in the upper right but we can’t change the resolution by
tapping on it like we can with the 11 so if you’re waiting for features like that
we could see something like that with 13.3 by the time it’s released but I
wouldn’t expect its release for at least another month or so and then we’ll have
maybe some minor bug fixes here and there but no major features until iOS 14
I would imagine that’s it for iOS 13 point to point to let me know if you’ve
found anything else in the comments below or how your experience is with it
as well and also I plan to do a follow-up so be sure to check back for
that where we’ll talk about if there’s any other issues with it and things like
that if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in
the description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see more of these
videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed the video please give it a
like as always thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

100 Replies to “iOS 13.2.2 is Out! – What’s New?”

  • My cellulite plan is with Xfinity Wireless for my iPhone Pro and my husband’s iPhone pro Max .
    And we were looking cellular service right after making a phone call. I called them and they said everything looks great for our cellular service. We were traveling from Manhattan to California to our beach house in Malibu.
    So we thought it was our service provider !! And after this update ; we are still in Southern California for the entire winter ❄️ The winter’s in Manhattan are almost unbearable for me personally.
    So after the update; no more loosing cellular service after a phone call !! Thanks Apple 🍎 for fixing another bug 🐜 !!
    We love our iPhones !! The 11 pro and the pro Max are powerhouses !! I use the 11 pro because my hands are small.
    My husband has hands like baseball Mitts !! So his 11 pro Max is perfect for him .

  • Does anyone still have an issue with your deleted email messages not deleting automatically “after one day”, or “after one week”? I’ve been having this issue since iOS13 came into existence.

  • Hey guys, I’ve got some issues with web pages freezing right after typing in search bar in safari and it doesn’t start working back until I close and open it again. Anyone having similar issues? I’m using 6th gen IPad on IPadOS 13.2.2.

  • I’m having network speed issues
    My speed is 100mbps in my pc n android
    But I’m getting around 10mbps in 11 pro Max
    Anyone facing same issue

  • my SE has a issue, idk if it's a hardware issue or software.
    but my camera flash is not working as it should, when i take a picture it flashes but the pictures turns out dark without
    any sort of illumination. Can someone help me?

  • Can you do a video on iPhone XS I am still experiencing LTE issues bad after phone calls and sometimes not getting service altogether wouldn’t hurt if you could see if other people having the same issue

  • Dear iPad users,

    DO NOT UPDATE TO iPadOS13.2.2 because playing games now has issues like fps drops. It is very frustrating. RAM management is fixed. Thank god but iPadOS 13.2 has better performance in gaming.

  • ..i have upgraded to 13.2.2 and my phone started to heat in my pocket….i was lucky to downgrade to 13.2 fast, so sad…iphone 11 64g

  • Still a train wreck on iPhone 8. Mail app today used 67% battery for 6 min on screen and 1 min background. This with mail fetch turned off to try save battery.

  • I have to say that this update did not fix the LTE issue on my phone. In order to get it working when in LTE, I have to turn off cellular and then on again. I have the iPhone XS Max.

  • Weird bug today, where incoming calls and texts from people on my contact list showed up as just their phone number. It actually made me dismiss a call, because I didn't recognize the number.

  • Hey Zolloh, I just switch from android to Apple since September 2019 & I’m using 6s, please how do I find my phone’s cpu & geekbench marks also which vpn do you advice to install…

  • it’s still doing the whole thing where i go to my messages and instead of taking me directly to my message list. it takes me to the last person i text.

  • Updated into iOS 13.2.2… Not sure it’s completely fix the ram management… if I left YouTube over half an hour in the background it’ll re-loading the app when I go back to YouTube… but it’s ok if multitasking while watching YouTube and go check on safari and go back to YouTube and it not reloading…

    So far I noticed YouTube & instagram still reloading app when left over half an hour in the background….

  • Hey, Aaron. I updated to iOS 13.2.2, and it is running great on my iPhone SE. battery life is good. I love your videos! Please feel free to read my comment out loud in your follow-up video.

  • I had one time issue where I opened up Instagram app and it freezes my phone. I need to restart my phone for it to work again.

  • Can someone explain this extra slide over feature. For example, say I’m watching YouTube and I slide from the right side to open the “slide over screen”(I have safari open there), the little bar at the bottom when I swipe it up… what extra screens are being opened behind? Recent windows? Also, I can now end up with multiple Safari browser windows opened and I’ve ended up losing my most used one that had over 100 tabs opened. ….sheesh.

  • This is The review I always look forward to watching regarding iOS or iPadOS… Could you video such as “What’s on my iPhone, iPad or Watch Series 4 please…. I’d be very interested to know more about the apps you use and why you use them. Thanks Aaron!!!

  • Anyone else had issues connecting to the App Store? Took me ages to access it, kept loading and telling me to go to settings even when data and WiFi were on. Also, Spotify music stops playing every time I unlock the phone. WTF!?

  • My iPhone slowed down after listening to you and your update. I am blocking you and your updates. I am not buying any of your apple products.

  • I’m running iOS 13.2.2 and I’m still experiencing ram management issues. It’s the same nothing’s changed 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • On 13.2 on my 11 Pro Max I went from 6:00 am to 3:00 am the next day without charging and still had 20% battery. So that’s 21 hours and with kinda light/heavy usage. I didn’t use it much throughout the day and I went to a concert that night and took a lot of pictures in videos. Needless to say I’m impressed.

  • How to enable USB accessibility on iPhone XS Max?

    My phone can’t connect to my computer because that option must be turned off I saw a video where that option was on Face ID and passwords but now with so many updates those options are not even there

  • I noticed ever since downloading this 13.0 13.1 and so forth the edit screen is so difficult you have literally push down so hard on the dam screen to move and icon what a rip off

  • How about charging optimisation , did they fixed that? my first charging on ios13 was as it should : to 80% and just before my morning alarm it charged up to 100%. I could see that in battery settings. But after that one charging it wont do that again. It charges up to 100% and holds it through all night… Anyone has the same issue?

  • Aaron – sorry for this but is there any way we can use External HDD with my cataline macbook pro? Am so sad because of this sudden blockage of external HDD on my 2017 pro

  • another issue im having is when i lift my phone to look at notifications, i cant scroll down the list, when i try it just stops and only way to view entire list is to unlock phone and then pull down notifications list, then i can scroll through the whole list.

  • Outlook app for ios doesn’t work, it just doesn’t load new mails even after you refresh the app, however shows notifications of new ones coming in. If i try removing the account and adding it back to the app, it wont let me add the account and shows a blank white screen. it only works for a while if i reinstall the app after restarting the phone and then stops working again after a day or so. Microsoft support is clueless about this issue, spending nearly an hour with support did not yield any results

  • I don't get the thought process behind making the resolution switcher in the camera app only available to the newest models.
    We all have cameras on our iPhones and we all want to be able to switch the resolution equally unobtrusive.

  • Since when are routine updates a good thing? It’s a pain in the ass for the end user. They should get better engineers and develop better software with less bugs.

  • the new is when you on iphone xs max then update it will drain you battery faster haha its true some of my friends update me im still rocken 12.3.1 and it is very fast im comparing speed test to iphone 11 pro max apple make you phone slower a bit when you update iphone xs max to 13.3.2

  • Hi just bought the new iPhone 11 on 7th November’s it was working fine but after I updated it to the new 13.2.2 my batter is draining really really fast … before sleeping I charged my phone 100% and after I woke up my battery was at 52% I didn’t even use my phone .. I don’t know what to do

  • I’m facing browsing and unstable Internet connection problems when using WiFi and also battery is draining so fast after updating to 13.2.2

  • I like how every single update since iOS 11 people have complained about battery life. They should have a 20 minute battery life by now huh?

  • And also when i change videos on youtube the speakers of the phone make a little pop sound…and its only on youtube.

  • On iPad, before this 13 iOS version, after opening the MAIL app, we would go directly to the last received email on the screen. But now, for some reason, after opening the MAIL app, we are redirected to a previous old email, and then we have to either scroll up to reach the last email received or we have to select <Mailboxes to open the list of email accounts, and then go back to the regular email account to access the last email received. Sometimes the opening screen text is all mixed up.

  • Need help with confirmation of major issue in new iOS 13.2.2. My setup. All of my contacts are setup with His and Hers tags so both the husband and wife show up under the same contact. My issue. If I open iMessage and the husband a message. I then open a new test message window to send his wife a message it opens in the same chat I sent the husbands message. I e tried this multiple times and not his and her messages show under one chat feed. Is this correct??

    If so my brother could send a message to me about his wife’s Christmas gift and I go to text his wife and the same window opens to send her a message. I know long I thought I was texting my brother back about the gift not realize I just text his wife.

    Does anyone see an issue with this? Please test and let me know your results.

  • The screenshot cropping feature is still malfunctioning. I can’t believe people aren’t addressing the elephant in the room smh.

  • Mine came in at 499.6MB; 4 days late, and didn’t notify me. It started downloading as soon as I went in to: settings-general-software updates… I have auto-updates OFF and I only opened this section to SEE if there was an update, I never agreed to anything. I only received the alert 🚨 in settings AFTER the update had downloaded (on its own). Idk why, but I have to find these updates, and when I do they’re already downloaded to my phone, and “install” is my only option. I’ve reset the phone, started from new, deleted everything, and still can’t figure out why this is happening. Any ideas?

  • Have iPad 6th gen model MR7F2LL/A running 13.1.3 (17A878); System keeps crashing it has OS 13.2.2 ready to update , starts the process but stops after 25 seconds and says it will try later. In the meantime no application will work more than a second or two. Ram available is 16.4 GB
    Any ideas?

  • FYI!! This update has destroyed my facetime to the point it puts the caller on pause when used in carplay. Also when using facetime by itself the caller says i have them on pause. My camera app at times says its been used by another app. This has happened to my phone iphone xs and my wife phone. I have done all sorts of trouble shooting and nothing. Anyone else going through this please leave a comment.

  • And now issues with rapid battery drain are surfacing since this update to fix previous issues. Apple are losing control of their own products. Why are Apple having so many issues with updates these days ? They are certainly not the force they once were. The whole operating system needs sorted out and refreshed. It appears to be bloated and unfit for purpose now.

  • This update is messy smh … when I swipe down from middle of the screen everything is jumbled up and the keyboard slowly scrolls up from bottom of screen smh … useless … iPhone 11 Pro Max …. not a problem on my iPad Pro … btw, always enjoy your videos

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