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Introduction to the RCS Library in BSL

Hello, the library has many resources –
books and eBooks, playscripts and printed music, DVDs and CDs, online
journals and databases. You can find almost everything in the online catalogue – it’s accessible over the internet, on any electronic device. Search the catalogue and look for the shelf-mark to find the location of an item. Do ask the library staff for help if you need it. The catalogue tells you if the item is
available to borrow, but if it’s already on loan to someone, you can ask the staff
to call it back for you. They’ll keep it for you when it is returned. Once you’ve found your book, take it to
the library issue desk to get it issued to you. Your matriculation card acts as your
library card. Most items are borrowed for four weeks but some have shorter periods; you should return things no later than the date stamped on them. You can ask to renew items for longer if no one else has requested them. Return your book to the issue desk, or in the return box outside the library. There’s also a return
box at Wallace studios. This is the book return box that we use
when the library is closed. There is another box at Wallace Studios for anyone needing to return a book there. Both boxes are emptied regularly. Some courses – like ballet, film and TV, and production arts, – are based at Wallace Studios. The library staff will bring books to Wallace Studios if these
readers need them. They can also answer queries by email or in person, or go and
talk to classes if tutors invite them. You can access the catalogue online via
the RCS homepage. Find the link to the library at the bottom of the screen. In the top right hand corner click into your account. Login using your RCS username and password. Your library account will tell you what items you have out on loan at the moment. You can extend the loan from here. Usually you get to renew an item three times. Your library account will also tell you how
many items are overdue. You can also see fines and check your reading history. It’s worth knowing that our library
photocopiers also print and scan documents. You’ll need credit on your
account first. Add credit via the papercut app on RCS computers. An A4 copy is 5p and when you use a photocopier it will show you how much credit you have left. You need to log into a
photocopier using your matriculation card. Start by registering your matric. card on the machine’s card reader. Touch the card to the pad at the side of the machine. Then type in your login details and press enter. Next time you use a photocopier
you won’t need to type anything – just touch the pad with your matric. card. Any problems just ask the staff. It’s useful to know that scanning is
free. Scans are sent to your RCS email account as a PDF. First swipe your card on the pad to login. (We’ve done a video clip telling you how to get started.) There’s an instruction notice by the Library photocopiers which tells you how
to scan an item. When you receive the scan by email, just save the PDF to a suitable place on your drive, if you want to keep it for later. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to ask a member of staff to help you.

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