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How To Learn Sign Language

Introduction to Baby Sign Language

Welcome, to the exciting world of communicating with babies through sign! Joseph Garcia’s unique program for infant communication
is now available as a comprehensive system, in the Sign with your Baby Complete Learning Kit. Inside this package, you’ll find all the tools you’ll need to learn how you and your baby can communicate
through sign, starting with the Training Video. Produced by an International-Award-Winning team,
this 60 minute program makes learning easy! Researcher, Joseph Garcia, visits several families,
offering advice on a range of topics, from the first signs to teach, to which signs
are useful even after your child is speaking.>>DR. JOSEPH GARCIA: “Do you know what this means?”>>MASON: “Toilet.”>>DR. JOSEPH GARCIA: “That’s right Mason, this is the sign for, “Toilet.” This program also features practical insight from, Dr. Burton White, one of the world’s foremost authorities on early childhood development.>>DR. BURTON WHITE: “Probably the single most useful sign is, ‘Help.’ ” And, from speech-language pathologist, Alice Stroutsos.>>ALICE STROUTSOS: “There are lots of situations that need to be kind of
key or prime for a child to learn a sign in context.” Throughout the video, interviews with parents
and inspirational footage of their signing babies, help to illustrate the power of Joseph’s system.>>KIM VOTRY: “She gets this great look of pride and joy on
her face when we understand what she’s telling us!” She’s like, “Ya! Way to go! You got what I said.” In the video’s Hand Shapes and Vocabulary segments, an on-screen time reference
corresponds to the index of signs printed in the book, providing an easy method for locating
any of the 145 signs, Joseph demonstrates.>>DR. JOSEPH GARCIA: “Sun.” Also included is Joseph Garcia’s, “Sign with your Baby” book,
which offers a straightforward and light hearted approach to teaching infants how to communicate through sign. His anecdotes, guidelines, and encouragement provide
the information and inspiration to get you started, fast! With 145 clearly illustrated signs, this book also serves as a useful reference, enabling you to choose and teach the signs that
are most beneficial to you and your child. The Complete Learning Kit also includes the Quick Reference Guide, which displays 54 of the most popular signs for babies and toddlers. This attractive, illustrated guide also gives you
the means to monitor your baby’s progress and easily teach other caregivers, grandparents, and baby sitters,
the signs your baby knows. Its laminated covering helps protect it from the
. . .unexpected . . . and enables it to withstand the test of time, to serve as a fun keepsake for one of your child’s most memorable, developmental stages!

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