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Interslavic Language | Will Bulgarian, Polish and Croatian understand a CONSTRUCTED LANGUAGE?

Cześć! Norbert here with another portion of Slavic languages. In this episode we’re going to see how the Interslavic language works in action! It’s a constructed language based on the Slavic languages and it’s been designed to facilitate communication between different Slavic nations. My friend Michał from Poland is an Interslavic speaker and he will be running a number of challenges to see how well we understand the Interslavic language. By we I mean, Pavel – a Bulgarian speaker who I did a video with a few weeks ago, Andrija – a Cratian speaker and an Ecolinguist subscriber who volunteered for the project, and I obviously a representative of the Polish language. You can turn on the English subtitles if you need. This is the first part of the Interslavic conversation so subscribe and hit the bell if you want to be notified about the next part being out. Naczinamo! Michał: So, hello to you, people Paval: hello!; Norbert: Hi, hi! So here’s Norbert Norbert is a ruler of this channel, internet channel There’s also Pavel with us Pavel is now living in London, in Great Britain And there’s also Andrija Andrija jest… He goes to school and studies and he’s from Croatia Well, and he likes languages. So, Norbert teaches Polish, he’s a Polish language teacher Pavel is an youtuber and he’s from Bulgaria. And I’m from Poland, and I speak the Interslavic language So, first of all: if you don’t understand something if something is unclear say it to me and I will try to say it in a different manner, okay? Pavel: Yes, ok. Norbert: Yes, yes. Especially Bulgarians, because I haven’t talked with Bulgars yet so I don’t know how much you understand “razbiraš” or “ne razbiraš” Pavel: I understand everything so far. Let’s go! Yes, yes, yes So, well To start with, there are three challenges we have three competitions so the first challenge is We follow orders, right? I give an order and then, after “one, two, three” you complete the order, okay? Andrija: Yes. Norbert: Ok, ok. Michał: Do you understand? Yes. There are three orders. Michał: Three orders. Norbert: Three. Pavel: Yes. First you complete the first order then I say the second order you complete the second order and after that there’s the third order and you complete the third order Norbert: Yes, yes, Ok. Michał: Is everything clear? Andria: All clear. Norbert & Pavel: Clear. So We’re doing Pavel: “The first order.” In Interslavic Nice game! stand up, on your legs, and lift your hands above So “three,…” Pavel: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Pavel: One moment.  Wait, wait, listen, listen stand up on your legs and lift your hands, “ruci”, above, ok? Norbert: I understand it. Andrija: And I. Norbert: Andrija, do you understand? Andrija: I understand. Pavel: No. Norbert: Michał, try the other way. You have to stand up and lift your “ruci”, palms above Michał: Yes. Pavel: Oh, we stand up on 3. Michał: Yes, you stand up and lift on 3. Norbert: But note that it won’t be visible in the camera when we stand up. you’ll see something else if we stand up. What if I’m naked? 😅 Try it, try it, try it somehow Norbert: Ok. Pavel: What if I’m naked? 😅 Pavel: what happens if I’m naked if I don’t have clothes on, do you know what you are going to see? Michał: we will put a censorship Norbert: an I’m in my pajamas, what then? Michał: Well… It’s not my problem Ok, ok. All right. Michał: There will be a censorship. Michał: There will be a censorship. Norbert: Ok. I’ll square it out later Ok. ok. So, three, two, one! Ok, ok Norbert: I didn’t show my pajamas! I’m that clever! now, in this time, we will do the second order, okay? stand up again, ok? Pavel: Now? Pavel: Now or later? Michał: after “one”, after Pavel: Ok. Michał: first I say then you do stand up sit down then stand up turn around yourselves, right? and say the words “I’m beautiful” Andrija: In which language? Michał: In the one I said Andrija & Norbert: “I’m beautiful” Norbert: But! It’s impossible! Look! I’m all wired up. I’m not able to turn around. Michał: Try it somehow. Pavel: Try?! Michał: make an attempt Norbert: I’ll rip the cable off the computer But that’s fine if you want it, I’ll try Michał: you can, like, do just a half-turn Norbert: Ok. All right. So… So, three, two, one “I’m beautiful.” Pavel: We are all handsome Norbert: Michał, Michał! Michał: We’re all beautiful. Norbert: What an idea! Yes, yes, yes but, Norbert After you were supposed to stand up, to sit down, then stand up again and then turn yourself around Norbert: Oh! ‘Vstati,’ right! Norbert: I missed the second standing-up Michał: He forgot Norbert: I forgot. Michał: Ok, ok. Michał: but all was clear for you two, good, I’m glad because of that Michał: I’m glad because of that. Pavel: Norbert, you have a marker. Next time write things down so you don’t forget. Norbert: Next time I’ll put it down because it’s too many of these… orders, for one round. Ok Michał: now we’ll do the third order I’m talking first, okay? Touch! with your hands touch your belly, ok? and then touch your ear with you thumb I’ll say it one more time One more time Touch! touch your belly with your hands, ok? And then A belly, right. Andrija: I don’t understand it. Pavel: Yes. What’s a ‘bruho’? Norbert: I understand it. Andrija: An ear? navel, do you know where you have the navel? Andrija: “Pump”? Michał: navel, yes the centre, as you have a human body, the navel is in the centre Pavel: Nose? Pavel: ‘In the center’? Michał: No, no. Michał: lower, lower you have the chest, the breast and lower there’s the belly Pavel: a chin. Andrija: a stomach? Norbert: the chin. Michal: yes, yes, yes. a belly touch your belly Pavel: Wait… tarbuh is stomach Michał: yes, yes, it’s a belly. Pavel: Oh, why didn’t you say so? Michał: Yes, yes, yes. So touch your belly with your hands, your belly then touch with your thumb, “goljam prst”, that’s how it’s in Bulgarian maybe Pavel: Yes ‘голям пръст.’ Michał: Yes. with the thumb of your hand touch your ear with your thumb touch your ear Andrija: The big finger is this one? Or this one? I don’t know. 🤷‍♂️ Michał: It’s the first finger. Andrija: This one. Michał: Yes, yes, yes. So, can we do it? three, two, one Pavel: Veliki Prust.. not this one. The other one Norbert: This one is the first one? Pavel: Norbert, write down again. Write it down better. You got it wrong Michał: Andrija, did you touch your nose? Andrija: Yes, I forgot. Nose or ear, I do not know. I cannot (touch my) ear. Norbert: The ear is covered up. Pavel: He concentrated on the finger. Which finger where had to go … Michał: And what did you do, Norbert? I wasn’t looking at you. Norbert: ‘bruh’ and an ear. Pavel: The ear with this finger. Michał: Yes, the ear. Pavel: Cheating. 😾 Michał: the belly first So, the first challenge is done, you did it, good, good Norbert: Bravo! Great! We understood each other! Yeah! It’s been the first part of the Interslavic challenge. If the second part is already out the link will appear here. So you can watch it there Let us know in the comments How dod you enjoy the video? And what do you think about constructing languages like the Interslavic to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages. Subscribe if you don’t want to miss the upcoming episodes. Interslavic: Thank you and I’ll see you in the next video.

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