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International Week of the Deaf 2019

Hello Everyone! The World Federation of the Deaf initiated and gave us The International Week of Deaf celebrations. This was first initiated in 1958 in Rome, Italy. Deaf Associations across the globe celebrate the International Week of the Deaf (IWD) with great fanfare. In India too, we celebrate this day. Remember the last week of September marks the IWD celebrations. International Day of Sign Languages is celebrated on 23rd September as well. World Federation of the Deaf announces a global theme which aims at awareness, creative ideas related to early intervention, education and deaf community through various activities showcased by the Deaf. This empowers the Deaf and also generates an understanding about the Deaf and their community. The theme for 2019 is Sign Language Rights for All. This theme is represented by the Deaf Associations across the globe through various events such as education and awareness in various local, state and central government agencies about sign language needs and Deaf people. Facilities are provided by the government to other disabilities as per their needs. However, members of the deaf community living in remote, under developed areas are unaware of their Rights. These events educate the deaf and government agencies of Deaf Rights. Globally the CRPD and in India the RPWD strongly highlight accessibility for people with disabilities such as accessible information, use of subtitles, availability of interpreters. This information is shared on various platforms during this week. These events discuss and emphasis the importance and need of Sign language for communication at each milestone of a Deaf child’s life. It is a well known fact that hearing people represent deaf issues in various forums, committees and policy making platforms without consultation with the deaf community. Deaf people should be involved in such committees, forums to represent Deaf issues. Deaf people are well aware of their community challenges and can fight for their Rights. International Week of the Deaf celebrates the unity of the deaf community. However, there are still some deaf who are unaware. Deaf leaders take up the responsibility to educate and empower such deaf on these aspects by getting them together during such events. It is important for every member of the deaf community to live a life of dignity, realise their challenges in society such as inaccessible communication, lack of interpreters. The community needs to be empowered to awaken the government and highlight these issues. These efforts will lead to providing access to the deaf community in society.

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