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Install ldoce5-viewer on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Hi, I am Shovon. In this video I am going to show you how to install ldoce5-viewer on Ubuntu 16.04. Some of you may face problems while installing ldoce5-viewer on ubuntu 16.04. because some of the packages are not available for ubuntu 16.04. But its easy to resolve the problem First I am going to go to the terminal. I am going to create a directory on my home. I will put the packages in this directory The commands are in the video description. If you need to, just copy and paste them. Now I am going to download ldoce5-viewer from github. The download link is in the video description. I am going to go to my browser. Clck on “Clone or download” and “Download Zip” Now we are going to install the package files. You may face dependency problems while installing packages manually. As you can see here. Don’t worry about it. Just type ‘sudo apt-get -f install’ and it should resolve all the issues for you. Now I am going to install some other packages that are available in the ubuntu 16.04’s repository. If you have purchased LDOCE5 CD or got a CD with dictionary, copy the ‘’ folder from the cd to your computer. If you find this video helpful, don’t forget to subscribe and thanks for watching this video.

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