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How To Learn Sign Language

Inside California Education: Day in the Life – Sign Language Interpreter

♪♪ Teacher: So when you go
to find your book in the library today, you
may need some help. Jeff: I saw sign language
as a very young child and became very
passionate about it. I had to know it was just
like this driving force in my life. I’m very fortunate. A lot of people don’t get
their passion met through what they do and I do. My name is Jeff Lewis. I’m an interpreter at
Monterey Trail High School and Edward Harris
Middle School. Teacher: Do you have a
certain type of cookbook you want? Jeff: My first class is a
math class and then I go to my second class which
is an English class on the middle school campus. It’s a teamed class so we
have 5 students in there and then I come back to
the high school and I have another English class
and I basically do the same thing. I interact with my kids. I interpret, I provide
access, support. Awww good job man
(high five) what is it? A lot of our kids go home
and they don’t have any language at home so nobody
knows sign language. We spend a lot of time
developing relationships with our kids so that they
have that access and those that support that they
need through their teenage years or younger. Cake my way … there’s
cake right there. You want that one? Oh, okay girl. This campus is large. It’s over 2,000 students
and staff and so their world is basically
consists of their peer group of deaf students and
a few signing adults and then the interpreters and
then on campus and the teacher of the deaf so
it’s kind of a small world but here it’s very big. Teacher: Do you guys have
your notes from the first two sections when we went
through and analyzed word choice? We were stopping and
answering these questions. Good job! Jeff: Those years of your
life, everybody’s very self-conscious people are
looking at me, what are people thinking about
me so just by modeling confidence and pride in
who we are as people in the language that we
use is very important. We have six – a little
over six hours a day to give them as much language
as we possibly can in any way that we can. Like I told her, I’m going
to tell you too, if you make it you
have to bring me one. I want a taste. Okay? I want to see them happy
in 10 years and whatever brings them happiness. I want to run into them at
a deaf event or interpret for them at a
medical appointment. I want to see them
be successful. That’s my goal for them.

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