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How To Learn Sign Language

Infant Safety and the Explosive Learning Window with Baby Sign Language

>>Bruce:This really isn’t a luxury. This is something everyone should be doing. And just the ability for you child to tell you they’re hurt and where they’re hurt, There’s real safety considerations.>>Rachel: Well, with that, when Leah, She wasn’t even 2 years old, and I could hear her upstairs, and she was coughing. So I went upstairs and I said, “What happened, what’s wrong?,” and she signed “stuck.” And I was looking around, and I said “what?” And she signed “coin,” and I realized she had swallowed a coin, and it was stuck. I said “what color?” And she said “it’s brown.” So she told me “I’m chocking,” “I swallowed a penny.” In that moment she couldn’t have given me that information without the signs.>>If she’s hurting, she’ll say that she’s hurting. If she’s sick, she’ll say that she’s sick.>>When they’re frustrated or they’re upset, you know, if somebody’s hurt and they’re upset, how easy is it supposed to be like this? But boy, they can do this and you’re like, “okay, who, what, where, what?” “Let’s go!”>>How can you do better for your child if they can tell you what’s wrong immediately?>>Bruce: I think most parents aren’t aware of the explosive learning window you have between birth and 3 years old. This is a way to really help maximize that time.>>Rachel: You know, it is. It’s a way to tap into it and a way to infuse language in a way that most people don’t even consider. They can use Sign Language to communicate their wants and needs. and Emily and I just took that idea and thought, “If they’re gonna be signing bye bye” “and they’re going to be pointing to things,” “why not give them an extra 20, 40, 60, 100 signs?” And you really get to be able to connect with your child and have them share their world with you.>>Its like a light turns on that ok, well he learned that. What more can he learn? What more can I talk to him about? What more can he sign to me?>>So I just started doing more things. Milk, water…>>By the time time he was 6 or 7 months, it was dog, it was cat.>>As the learn one, they are empowered to learn more and more and more. And both kids, as soon as they got that one sign gave them something, they just take off.>>Narrator: Signing with babies is backed by research and used by hundreds of thousands of families worldwide.>>Babies have a tremendous opportunity in the first 3 years of their life. to wire their brains successfully for the rest of their lives, and Baby Signing Time gives the brain an adavntage to wire those systems early that will last a lifetime. From 0 to 3 your baby’s brain is developing faster than at any other time. Don’t miss this critical window to give your baby a brilliant beginning to life and learning.>>I think its actually helped him to start speaking faster than a lot of other kids, and he actually has a lot of verbal language now too. All done Book>>Narrator: It’s easy, it’s fun, and in a recent survey, 96% of customers reported that they were very satisfied and would recommend Baby Signing Time to other parents. And parents overwhelmingly report Baby Signing Time helps reduce frustration and tantrums, and it strengthens your bond.>>It just brings you so close because you understand each other. You understand what she’s asking. She understands what you’re saying.>>Rachel: Now it’s time to learn some sings. Again. Would you like to try it again? This is the sign for “again.” Put a flat hand out, and your rounded hand taps into it. again and again. Bug. This is the sign for “bug.” You show the bug’s antennae on your nose. Bug. Now you try it. Bug. Up. Use your pointer and point up. Up. Its really easy. Up, up, up. Down. Use your pointer and point down. Down. That’s a simple sign too. Down. Star. With both pointers, point up toward the stars, and slide your fingers back and forth. Are you pointing toward the stars in the sky? Star. Moon. Your thumb and pointer make the shape of the moon over your eye. Then, raise it up in the sky. Moon. Let’s sign “moon.” Night. Use you hand to show the sun going down over the mountains. Night. Try it with me. Night. If you add “good” before “night,” you can say “good night.” Good night.>>Rachel Sings: Oh, can you stop what you’re doing when I say “stop?” Stop, stop, stop. Or can you dance and listen? Give stop a chance. Stop that dance. And what if I say “go?” Can you sign “go?,” Show me how you go, go, go, go, go. Oh, can you stop what you’re doing when I say “stop?” Stop, stop, stop.

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