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Industrialist Puneet Agrawal and 5 others Dead

Puneet Agrawal was one of Madhya Pradesh’s top businessmen. He was celebrating New Year’s at a farmhouse near Patalpani waterfalls near Indore. Agrawal was constructing towers near the Patalpani waterfalls to increase tourism. He and his family decided to take a view of the water falls from top floor of one of the buildings. They took a temporary lift used by workers to reach the top of an under-construction tower. There were 7 people in the lift. However the elevator malfunctioned and came crashing down 100 ft. The family was then rushed to Choithram Hospital in Indore. Business tycoon Puneet Agrawal was declared dead on arrival. His daughter Palak Agrawal age 27 and her husband Kalpesh aged 28 have both died as well. Their son and children of two relatives are dead as well. Agrawal’s wife Neeti is the sole survivor. Neeti, is undergoing treatment at the Hospital. However she is critical. The police are currently investigating the crash and we will inform you with the updates.

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