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IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM CDC. An ASL word will be given at the end.

HELLO! I’m Dr. Joseph Wheeler. (sign name) My job position is the executive director of CDC. That is Center of Dumb Control. I wanted you to know that I’ve had many years of experience researching many different viruses and bacteria. The reason I am doing this vlog is because I wanted to share my observations of people and how they respond to new case of virus, and how they handle the situation. Now I would like to take this opportunity to give you my professional advice. If… IF.. Ebola just showed up, what does that mean? I would suggest you to… PANIC!!!

One Reply to “IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM CDC. An ASL word will be given at the end.”

  •  I like that sign too lol! 😀
     I've  used  the  open 5 hands on the temple both middle  fingers touch the  temples and 3  quick  twists: FRAK OUT! hhehe. thanks for the vid  man!

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