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I’m Starting a Daily ASL Vlog (Hopefully)

Hi and welcome! So I’m filming on campus right now, so we’ll see if this works. I have to sign with one hand because I’m holding the camera with the other. So it’s kinda hard but hopefully it works. So a few things happened today that I wanted to tell you. I just got out of my ASL 4 class and last week we had a test. I got my grade today and I got, I think 85%. For me that’s bad, but on the website you can see the highest and lowest grades for the class and the highest grade was only about 3 points above me. So I didn’t do badly compared to the rest of the class, but I usually get an A easily. So I emailed the teacher to ask if we could set up an appointment to meet and discuss how I can improve for the next test. She doesn’t tell us what we got wrong, she just gives us a grade and if we want to know what we got wrong and how to improve we have to email her and ask to set up a meeting. So I just did that, but now I want to talk about applying to the interpreting program. Remember in my last video I said I really need to improve if I’m going to get accepted. I’m really worried about that. I really need to meet people that I can practice having conversations with in ASL. I go to Deaf events, but the problem is, I don’t know people here. But I talked to a girl in my intro to Deaf studies class and she wants to get in the interpreting program too. So I’m hoping we might be able to practice together. Tomorrow I’m going to ask her. But I’m still just really worried that my signing is not improving. I know that if I lived in the Lighthouse (Deaf dorms) it would really improve my signing, but unfortunately I don’t. So that means I’m going to have to work a lot harder if I want to be ready when I apply to the interpreting program. So that’s what happened today and it’s only the fifth or sixth week, so I have time, but I need to use it. One other thing, I want to try to start vloging every day in ASL starting today. So this is the first of my daily vlogs. I did two other ASL videos before but I want to start doing it everyday. I’m just going to do short videos about whatever I’m doing that day in school or about my ASL classes, whatever. I just need to sign every day, so this will help. Anyway, that’s all, so thank you for watching. I will hopefully add subtitles in English soon. If you have any feedback for me, please comment below and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this. I’ll see you later. Bye.

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