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“I’m learning Sign Language” ASL vs SEE | Viewer Q&A

Hi guys Laura here, now the other day somebody commented on one of my videos and said I shouldn’t use ‘ASL’ in the title of my description because i’m not really teaching you formal ASL and that’s true because with ASL there’s so much to learn with the grammar and syntax and facial expression and body movement .So yes, I’m not teaching you formal ASL I’m teaching you specific signs for specific words taken from ASL. So I recommend that when people want to learn to be fluent in ASL that they should, if they can, learn from a Deaf instructor because there’s no better way of learning a language than learning from somebody who’s fluent. But I think that people who come to my channel want to start learning so I think this is a really great place for you to start. Now today I want to quickly talk to you about ASL vs see which is SEE, which is signed exact English so the ASL language people would sign.. – so i’m going to use the sentence as an example because one of my subscribers, Typical Kouhi, I think it’s pronounced asked how would you sign “i’m learning sign language”, So if you are sign it in ASL you would typically do an object subject verb or osv sentence structure. So the object would be sign, the subject would be I and the verb would be learn. So you would sign like that. If you’re doing it in SEE you sign every single word in the same order that it is in an English sentence so in this case you would sign “I am learning sign language but do so many signs I used just to get across the same point and in ASL they don’t have ‘state of being’ verbs so am is not a proper ASL sign it does not exist that is specifically a SEE sign. So what I’m trying to get across is if you’re learning signs from my channel I think it’s fantastic and I think you should keep learning it’s a great way to start. If you want to learn more formal sentence structure I recommend taking a course if you can if you have a Deaf instructor that you can learn from even better there are great tutorials also on youtube. I love Life Print who is Bill Vicars, he has amazing tutorials I’ll link to his channel in the description below. But I think that like when you’re learning any language it’s fantastic to start off with the basics and that’s what you’re doing by coming to my channel if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments section below I’m always happy to answer them and as always be sure to subscribe to my channel to be notified when I post new videos thanks and bye for now

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