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I’m going to buy NCT 127’s NEW album | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.2

Hello everybody Today is… November 27th 2:23 2018 On a Tuesday Today is a very big day Today is the day that our album ‘NCT #127 Regulate’ comes out And today I’m with JAEHYUN Hello, I’m the guest for today We’re calling this JCC! In English JCC! In Korean it’s 쟈씨씨 (JCC) JCC? No… Anyways, we’re here to actually… get the album for ourselves Who do you want to come out? So our album comes out in 10 different versions, I think 10 different versions One for each member Who do you want? I want mine first And then? And then… And then… JOHNNY? That’s the answer I wanted What about you guys? Mine? What, mine? Okay That’s the answer I wanted Anyways, lately what I kind of thought was… Not a lot of people go out and buy the albums, I think People are ordering online, and like I understand it But sometimes you got to see it for yourself That’s true You got to grasp it Got to feel it And then you got to buy it That’s what we’re here to do I’m so excited to see our album for the first time We don’t know which photos are inside or… how it’s made So we’re really excited to see everything The thing about being able to buy it here, at the store… You can choose who you want But if you buy it on the internet It’s random I’m pretty sure like if you buy one, it’s gonna be random So you got a 100% chance of getting your face Unless it gets sold out I heard that we’re the first people to go in to buy our album for today There’s actually… There’s a good news Supposedly an NCTzen who’s been waiting since the morning She’s going to be the first person, We’re not the first, whatever But like, the first person to actually be able to buy the album today One of the first persons to buy the album today So we’re thinking about… Because we came here randomly as well To surprise her a bit What we’re going to do… What do you want to do? We came here to buy our own albums But there’s like… We met our first NCTzens… To buy it in Korea It’s crazy Off-line (in the store) So I think we should give them our autographs Write our sign or, take a picture Okay What else should we do? Sign, picture I think that’s pretty good (Filmed all the way with zoom-in *^^*) Here we go! Nobody notices us Looking at books… Looking at books… We’ve got some fashion books over here Some music videos are playing right now They came to buy our albums! Honestly, you are one of the first people to buy our new album in Korea Out of all over the world It’s so meaningful So we wanted to give you a small gift Firstly, Let’s… what shall we do? We want to give you our autographs and take a picture together as well Since you bought our album… If it’s okay for you… NCTzen: From Japan… NCTzen: Hello (Japanese) Nice to meet you Thank you Thank you Let’s go buy our own We have to also go buy our own albums Hello Hello This is a little bit embarrassing I’m a little nervous It’s so… embarrassing to see our face Let’s go! MARK, TAEYONG, JAEHYUN DOYOUNG, WINWIN,YUTA TAEIL, JOHNNY, JUNGWOO, HAECHAN Wow, there are various versions It feels a little bit like hardboard…? It feels kind of like an LP album And also looks like an LP too Mini person… This was our teaser photo If I remember correctly We look cool! You got to listen for your pho… por… Photo card! We have a new guest DOYOUNG Behind him is HAECHAN Surprise~ In Kyo* Bookstore And MARK’s over there Say hi, MARK Say hi We’re getting our albums in Kyo* Bookstore I will buy only… my version My goal is to actually have all 10 pictures of the photo cards, you know? I don’t think it’s going to be possible with only buying 10 (albums) but… I’m going to try my best What do you think about coming to actually buy the album? How long has it been since you’ve actually been to a place to buy your album? This actually reminds me of a video (we watched) when we we’re trainees And I saw a video of Drake and J. Cole buying their own albums Oh I actually saw that too They bought like thousands of their own CDs And we’re buying 10 We’re starting from the bottom I mean like, you got to start somewhere It just reminds me of how we are all grown And that we’re… We’re becoming more… Where are you going? We’re getting there, you know? To our dreams, to our dreams This is what almost anyone has ever dreamed about Anyone who has ever released an album can ever dream about Ah, why are you singing even in here? I think we might be buying the most out of all the people who will visit the bookstore today Clerk: I don’t think so I will sell out my version myself How many did you buy? I bought 3 The NCTzens who would come to buy our albums on their own… I hope they’ll be excited Hello Clerk: Do you want a poster? Yes! Hello Clerk: It’s 36,200 won Clerk: How many posters do you want? Two please! Lucky number 2! This could turn into 20 A couple years or so, this could turn into 200 And a couple years ago… We came to buy our own album ‘NCT #127 Regulate’ That’s right I hope that NCTzens would also go and… Actually I just want to open my album quickly Me too I wonder which pictures, out of all the photo shoots we took, would be inside the album I’ll look forward to it I was thinking like, We just came to buy our own album And I was wondering if this is how you guys feel when you buy our albums as well It felt exciting but also… I don’t know! This feeling is a new feeling, I think I think it’s a really good thing that we came here To actually see our own copies of the album And actually buy it ourselves As JAEHYUN said it, It has a lot of meaning And I just realized how thankful I am for our NCTzens I’m going to take this moment to say thank you guys for all your support And I hope you guys really enjoy the album We worked really hard on it And… We’re going to keep on working hard, right DOYOUNG? Yes, right Thank you guys And I hope you guys really enjoy the album

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