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Ideal DEAF Christmas & Holidays (Vlogmas Day 5) | Rikki Poynter

Hello, and welcome back to the channel
and Vlogmas. On Instagram I asked you all
some ideas for Vlogmas, because I was kind of stuck on some more Christmas related
type of videos. And one of you asked me to do a video on my ideal deaf Christmas. Now, I’ve never had a deaf Christmas before. It’s always been with hearing people, I don’t think I’ve ever hung out with a single deaf person for Christmas, ever. Or, I should be more specific – I’ve never hung out with
another deaf person who signs and isn’t my abusive mother
for Christmas. And since a few days ago, I did a video about
being there for your deaf friends, family members, things like that. I thought this was a good video
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no obligation whatsoever, but if you do – thank you. So, my ideal deaf Christmas. Obviously, I would be with other deaf people. I’ve been to a deaf gathering or a mostly deaf gathering, but everybody knew ASL, except for the really old lady. But anyway, that was the Fourth of July,
mostly deaf but all ASL gathering. And recently, I went for a Friendsgiving, although it turned out to just be
my two friends, ’cause everybody else left. But, I really don’t think…
I cannot remember ever having a deaf gathering for Christmas. I’m pretty sure I’ve just always been
with hearing people. Past relationship, hearing family. Current relationship, all hearing family. And, you know, sometimes, and I say this because it’s honest
and I want to be honest and genuine, that can be very isolating, very difficult. I and others feel lonely
because it’s just a lot of… It’s not accessible. It’s not the most accessible. And even, you know, with apps for texting,
writing and things like that, there’s still a feeling of isolation there because you’re still the only
deaf/disabled person there and nobody is really getting that. So, it’s not surprising
when you want to have another gathering that has just your deaf friends or, you know what, if I were to be hosting, I swear it would be like equal parts
of hearing people and deaf people and then I would find a way
to make it as accessible as possible, so that everybody can have a good time. Because it’s not like deaf people and hearing people
can’t coexist in the same area. It’s not like… it’s not like those of us
who can’t lipread or whatever can’t converse with hearing people
who don’t know ASL and I feel like I’m contradicting myself
or something here. But I don’t know,
it’s all a very complicated thing. Like, where am I going with this, really? Actually, I’m thinking of it, you know what? Get the TV, get Bill Vicars’ channel rolling
with all the ASL videos and then the hearing people can go on there and try and like, follow along, so they can learn some ASL in the space, so that way they can have
an ASL conversation. (LAUGHS) I mean, I imagine it would be similar to how when I went to LA for the first time in 2015 and met other deaf people for the first time but they were all signing and,
you know, I knew water, and there was a little bit of a struggle,
you know, going on with the language. But it worked. Hand gestures and things like that. But I mean, where’s the lie, really, right? I mean, holidays are, or anything, is less stressful when you’re around people
who are like you, have the same conversation method as you, or communication method as you, and the emotions change completely. You know, even though I am not fluent in ASL, I would still feel so much more comfortable
being with all deaf people, even though I would mess up sometimes
and I actually remember… This was not during actual Christmas, but I remember it was at some point
during December and we had like a really early
Christmas celebration. OK, I remember this now,
it was kind of like a work event, I was helping somebody with something. And, well… I did get drunk. You know, at hearing events
or hearing family gatherings, I tend to go for the alcohol
because it takes the stress off and people tend to go more easy on me
with not understanding them or somehow they tend to be more accessible,
for whatever reason, when I use the “I’m drunk” line,
“I can’t understand you,” rather than the “I’m deaf” line,
don’t ask me why. Well, we… I think we know why. Yeah, I remember, I was at that event and, you know, there was a lot of free wine and there was some crying involved because I was so overstimulated
by everything but I still felt so much more at home
with all these other deaf people, new fans and stuff in Toronto. And it becomes even more of an ideal
deaf Christmas if, one, communication methods are the same. Also, there’s no having to ask for captions or reminding people to put on captions and nobody’s being like, “ugh, captions,” which, “ugh, captions” hasn’t really
happened to me in the last few years. But, I think two years ago. But the forgetting has happened
at some point in the last couple of years. So, accessible conversation,
accessible TV, movie watching, and… I don’t know, the only real difference between my ordinary Christmas
and my ideal Christmas is a lot more equal,
accessible communication. So, like really,
take everything I said that I’d like to do in the video that I did
with things I’d like to do for Christmas and just shove deaf people into it, and there you go. That’s really all I needed to say. One of these days it’ll happen, you know, one day with all the hearing folks and the other day, you know,
have a deaf gathering and then… If at all in the future,
if I ever get to be the one to host, and I know a lot of people don’t like hosting or some people don’t like hosting
because it’s a lot of stress. But man, if I got to be in charge
of how things are going to go, if you are not accessible
I’ll throw you out. Mwah-ha-ha. OK, anyways. (LAUGHS) Let me know what your ideal deaf Christmas or ideal disabled Christmas
if you have other disabilities, what that would be, I wanna know. Audio descriptions,
wheelchair accessible things. Is this just our everyday accessibility needs
but for a holiday? Yeah, oh well. If you would like to help translate this video, I’ll have a translation link
down below in the description box, always helps me out. Give this video a share, thumbs up,
also helps out. Thank you so much for taking the time
out of your day to watch this video and I will see you later. Bye. (PIANO MUSIC)

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  • I love you're red background it's quiet soothing you're an awesome person rikki love you so much rikki i hope you have a great christmas

  • Maybe a christmas party where everybody used something like Google glasses, and for the deaf people there was voice2text captioning in the glasses, and for hearing people there was ASL2text captioning in the glasses 🙂 (and of course everything working perfectly) 🙂

  • You are hereby invited to all my future Christmases.
    I sign. Alden kinda does. My mama signs. I'll make you vegan dinner. We'll watch Christmas movies w the captions on and you can fight Phoenix off of you for food.

  • My ideal deaf/HoH Christmas would be one where people just don’t talk over each other. I’m learning BSL really slowly (because access and money aaaa) so I have to cope without signing. I can lipread pretty usefully, but oh man, one at a time, please.

  • I'm the only one deaf/hoh in my family so yes in the past I couldn't really socialize or talk very much at family gatherings. I did enjoy the family's dogs, young kids and lots of times I wandered away to a room where I can play with toys and chat with my imaginary friends. Now I need try my app to see if it picks up conservation's more
    Have you tried Live transcribe app? It's a voice recognition technology kinda like captioning. It did helped me a lot during a small class. Not perfect but it's something.

  • 2:55 No offense intended, but I kind of agree with the second lady in the image here.
    6:15 evil grin Oh, how I love to see a lady have fun. 🙂

    Btw, I think you know what I'm talking about when I say…thank you.

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