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How To Learn Sign Language

I Taught My Baby Sign Language For A Week

(baby talks) – Yeah, okay. Good job! Yeah, good job. Well done. Hi, everyone. My name is Kristen. I have an 11 month old son named Wyatt and I’m really excited
because we’re going to teach him sign language for a week. (gasps) (laughs) Wyatt seems to get frustrated easily when he can’t communicate with us. – Outside of him pointing at things, I think it’s really good to be able to have actual words and description. Only good can come from it. – If I were going to bet,
I would say he’ll learn at least three signs throughout the week. – I don’t think he’ll learn in a week, no. (laughs) I don’t think anyone will learn in a week. – Who’s teaching it to him?
– We all are. – You can tell the way he’s pointing, he repeats as much as he
can, so I think he is just very anxious to have a way
to communicate with us, so I think it’s gonna be fun. – Mmm. Okay, wait. You do it. More. More, like this. Look, more. You do it. More. Do you want more food?
Like this. More, more. Every kid is so different
that you kind of have to tailor the words that you’re teaching to them to what makes sense for them. Look, Wyatt. Do you want more? Yeah! Good job! I had to go this morning
to a meeting with a client, so we had our nanny here and I showed her some of the signs we were doing. (laughs) He’s like, “But mom, this
is so much more effective.” A busy life and an
on-the-go life does make it difficult to get this done in a week. And it feels like I’m being unfair to him if I’m not giving it
110% or if my husband’s not or whoever else is around him. I’m finding that it’s actually easier not to so much focus on specific words, but instead try and find times where there are good, teachable moments. And he’s sitting down and eating. He’s looking at me,
he’s making eye contact. It’s almost like we’re
bartering, where I’m like, “okay, try and do more,”
and he gets something. When we’re doing things like
trying to play with him, I keep trying to say
ball or book or walker. It’s a little more
difficult because it’s hard to be playing with him
while using my hands. And he’s playing with the actual object and it’s not like–I don’t wanna
just take it away from him. – Ball? Ball. Good.
(baby exclaims) – Yeah!
(laughs) He’s kind of already
saying some of the words, which makes it a little tricky. So it makes it difficult to
basically try and convince him to use sign language when he’s like, “hey mom, I can say this word.” Show mama your car. Your car. Can you do it? Car. – Still a good possibility, because it’s not like he’s
speaking in full sentences. – So, we’ll see. We’re not supposed to
let him play with toys while he eats breakfast or any meal. But I think he’s not feeling great today. He has a little bit of a cough. So I’m softie and I’m giving in. But I will say it makes it
incredibly difficult to sign. (baby speaks)
– Yeah. I’ve found that any distractions when signing make it (gasps)
basically impossible. Wyatt, do you want more?
More? Look, more food? More. Oh! (laughs) I try and teach him and
if he doesn’t get it but like is the middle of eating, I know that he wants more
food and I just feel like a bad mom if I’m just
not giving it to him. So, I don’t know. I think that that obviously makes it difficult that I’m too easy on him but, oh well. Day four and the struggle is real. I have to be honest, sign language is kind of taking a backseat today. You know, mom life, what can you do? You can’t plan for so much. I feel like I can plan for like half hour increments, basically, and then you
just have to be flexible. I think him not feeling great, you know, made me want to, again, keep him happy. And so day four did not go as planned. But there’s always day five, right? Yeah, okay. Good job!
Yeah, good job, all done. He did start to somewhat sign all done. I think the reason is, with
all the other signs so far, he’s either able to say
the word or he knows, like, for example, with more, he can pick up his own food and eat more or he know that we’ll give him more food. When he’s done eating, I think he like, “I am done eating, get this away from me.” Overall, we still got one
word, and that is like amazing. Day six. Wyatt went to his
grandparents’ house today. He did not learn sign language, but he did have a great time. I think, in the beginning
of the week I was like, “Oh, he really wants to
communicate and he gets frustrated and this will
help us communicate.” And by the end of the
week, I’ve kind of realized we’re actually really
great at communicating. – Ball!
– That’s right, that’s a ball. Good job. This experience has been awesome in terms of realizing how
close we are and how much we understand each other and I love that. Final day. What to you think, Wy? I think so, too. You had fun? We just found what formula
works best for Wyatt. And I think that’s a great point. I think if any lesson
that we learned from this, it’s that every kid is so
different, as I’ve often said. And you need to communicate with your kid the way that works best for them. But clearly we have someone
here who likes to talk. Yeah. Can I have a kiss? Can I have a kiss? Aww, mwah.

100 Replies to “I Taught My Baby Sign Language For A Week”

  • Worked with our youngest (will be 3 in 2 months) since birth and she does a lot of signs 🙂 It works very well when out and I can speak to her from across the playground or room 🙂 Keep it up! Some day's will be trying and that's ok. Think Tom's the engine I think I can I think I can 🙂

  • Great idea! But does it bother anyone else that she does a couple of the signs…. Im not gonna say wrong, cause i dont know the accent where she's from, but different?

  • Hello, I like your channel, can we do a sub to sub? If yes please reply

  • When you teach sign language you shouldn't talk while doing it you point to an object or demonstrate something and then sign it because then you are just simcomming and not using asl

  • It would have been interesting to see how this would have resulted, had my parents tried to teach me to sign as a baby. I was a child quicker mentally than physically, who spoke at 10 months, but walked at 14, in the reverse of the usual progression. (I have Asperger's Syndrome, and this is typical. ) I must wonder how this would have affected my ability to learn signing, or for that matter, vice versa.

  • We started incorporating sign language dvds (Baby Signing Time by Two Little Hands) pretty much as soon as we got home from the hospital. All of a sudden at around 9 months old, my daughter started actually using signs (baby, hat, more, eat, milk, sleep) and talking came very shortly after. At 12 months she was consistently using at least 10 signs and spoke around 50 words. She's now 19 months and speaks in 2-3 word sentences, says at least 160 words, and has increased her signing vocab too. We're working on potty training and Baby Signing Time has a DVD for that too. All in all, the videos really helped in addition to just talking to my child and reading really helped build her vocabulary and verbal communication. Kids are suoer smart, and even if you think they aren't learning something, all of a sudden they start doing it and you see they've been learning all along.

  • One of the best ways is to say the word verbally along while the sign, that way they get the stimulation with muscle memory and auditory learning!

  • I read somewhere that though sign language can be helpful it can also delay your child verbal communication

  • In my opinion, this makes me really mad. I understand that sign language can help babies communicate, but if you're going to teach your kids sign language, teach them the whole language, not just a couple of signs

  • My not so baby cousin naturally learned the more sign and so I taught her sign language and now her best friend is deaf and I wanna take credit

  • A little ironic how this video is making money off Sign Language yet it’s not properly closed-captioned. Please get rid of auto-generated captioning, or “craptions” as some call it. Not trying to be negative but more could’ve been done.

  • Definitely gonna be revamping my channel since I’ve been at it for over 7 years with no luck. Satirical commentary videos, HERE I COME!

  • If u keep going with it he will be good at it soon it's easy now cause he is young and he picks it up better

  • I have 5 years of experience working with kids, I’m in contact with families that use sign language, but at least on 5 different toddlers I’ve noticed a very obvious delay on the speaking language. Some educators say it has nothing to do, but my theory is it does. Does anyone could confirm is that result of the signing or not??
    * not native English speaker, so please forgive and correct any misspelling (trying to improve it).

  • My son is almost 4 and I decided to teach him sign so far he knows 50 signs I’m so proud of him and it makes me so happy that he’s excited to learn a new .

  • It's actually widely considered better to drink an available water source if you have no option to filter and/or boil it in a survival situation, rather than go without it. Use your best judgement in regards to how dirty it may be. Even if you get the shits, that boost of hydration may be enough to get you somewhere safe.

  • I feel like they're trying to teach sign language like training an animal and less as language acquisition, especially when they were feeding him and not always giving him food until he said more.

  • Funny how hearing babies are encouraged to learn sign language but Deaf babies are delayed/denied their access to language equality!

  • I taught my little brother when he was one. I'm twelve and he three now. He has learned so quickly, he know all of the colors he knows numbers and words. I try to teach him as much as I can. You can do it. It takes time.

  • We did this with my little brother when he was a toddler. He caught on quickly and it was so nice for him because he wasn’t getting frustrated when he couldn’t communicate to us. He has speech Apraxia which means that his language skills are behind his developmental skills. He’s doing much better now, and goes to speech therapy a few days a week. I think that Baby sign language is an incredible thing and should get more recognition.

  • My 10 yr old still signs ( especially when Im on the phone and he wants something. Whip Cream ( if not lactose sensitive) worked wonders to get him to sign " More, Food, Please" at 18 mo… Keep it up! Sign is a universal language and like with spoken word you always just keep adding more. Love This!

  • I taught my baby sister some simple sign language but she doesn’t use it as much now that she talks so clearly

  • according to behavior therapy, the best way to teach things like this quickly is to cut out the reinforcement completely until he does what you are asking him to do – that means not giving him food until he signs for "more," even if that means waiting awhile.

  • you do the signing and than they pick it up you don't have to have a session to teach them you just do it and than they realize what it means by the action you do with the signing

  • Sweet. Good job. Mine was ASL fluent at 3 years old. It actually a great way to communicate when you're angry too. No yelling or real fighting, just ASL. 🙂 Good for you.

  • My mom taught me baby sign language when I was little… I even made up my own sign for baby! (right hand patting on heart like a mom burping her baby)

  • We did this for our son. Only downfall was when we were trying to get him to talk (he didn't really want to start talking til he was 3 because he could sign) Basically the doctor said to ignore the sign language and get him to use words. It was a rough few weeks but it was worth having him communicate with us when he was younger. He's about to be 10 and still remembers all of it.

  • this is a great strategy long term studies show the skills are not maintained and effectiveness may be over emphasized

  • Try the tapes for your tv. I got them at target. Called bay sign. He will learn by the songs and the fast pace of cartoons. I’m sure you could find it online. It’s called. BabySigns.

  • I would do 1 sign a week and start with something my baby needed everyday, like food or milk or water. Do my baby would remember it quicker the more they wanted it.

  • I wish I was taught sign language as a baby. They say it’s never too late which is true but 13 is much different than 11 months.

  • kids are very smart and it is easier for them to learn other language. My almost 2 years old grandson does sing language too and I talk to him in Spanish and his mom only in English. I know a 2 years old girl and she knows 3 and sing language too. The sing language helps the kids a lot, when my grandson does not know how to say something an English Or Spanish he used sing language.

  • ASL is a language. The language of the Deaf Community. I am really having hard time believing that you took ONLY a week to try to teach your baby ASL. It takes your and your husband effort to learn ASL first and then teach it to your baby. How can you expect your son to sign back at you when you are not consistently signing to him? He needs to be exposed to ASL consistently if you want him to understand that what you are signing is actually language and has meaning. He is young enough to benefit from signing if you are taking the correct approach. Remember, deaf babies use ASL – it is their natural language. Don't insult the Deaf community but brushing this experience off because it takes time and effort ( that you don't have. Are you going to try to teach your baby another language? French or Spanish? Remember …it takes time and consistency.
    Good Luck!

  • I've been doing basic signs with my toddler since he was around 10 months old. He's two now and can sign a lot but is very stubborn . it does help though because he has a speech delay. He knows hot, cold, more, wait, rain, please, shoes, socks, eat, water, banana, all done, milk, juice, stop, help, go, clean, coat, drink, help more, yes, no, bye, thank you, sorry and some others. He can't always say the words that he can sign but we work on both speech and sign together.

  • If you'd started at birth, he'd have 100+ signs under his belt. WITHOUT having to TAILOR the words.

  • shes barely putting in effort. you have to teach your baby before they are able to speak in order for them to understand and actually do it. to the baby at it's age it just looks like you're fooling or playing around rather than teaching.

  • ABSOLUTE TRASH – God forbid you might want to teach a child a new language so they can communicate and help with the deaf community. Im sick of the trashy baby sign videos with moms who only want to make cute videos for youtube clicks. TRASH

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