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HYPNOTIC TUTORIAL #10 Non-Verbal / MAGNETIC and ELECTRIC gestures – Tutorial with SARA.

but first… What is Magnetism? Dr. Marco Paret World’s Leading Expert in Non-Verbal Hypnotism Prof. at the Balkan Academy Foundation We will delve a little more into magnetism into a fundamental concept The concept is with which person you do magmetism What is the personality of the person you have in front In magnetism we make distinction between two types of personalities We call them magnetic and electric Electric is more connected to the sympathetic system to the excitation Magnetic is more calm person. There are some signs to which you can understand if a person is more magnetic and electric. One of the signs is for exemple if a person is more lining to word right normally is electric If he’s standing on the right leg preferentially he is electric If he’s standing on the left leg preferentially is magnetic At this point you will work differently with magnetic and electric persons. In some way as the electric person are more connected to one hemisphere to the left hemisphere commanding to the right part of the body you must calm there and you will use magnetic passes This people are called neurotics sometime or we can say that many electric people are neurotics and they need magnetic passes They have a high level of cortisol They are very moving persons magnetic passes will calm them we give them touch and they need touch But magnetic passes is pass where where we don’t touch the person We pass very near without touching him So we will not have reaction And this is when are they mentioned very important obviously we have not people that is completely electric and completely magnetic and we have a mix And we will delve in the next video exactly on how to work even with this mixed people in order to give even there to better ends And now Sara will show you some practice Sara, Student of Dr. Paret How to Magnetic Passes We will work now with Magnetic Passes to overcome past traumas Students practice Dr. Paret’s techniques Look at me! Fascination The power of the gaze Catalepsy Magnetic passes See what happens now All these techniques are non-verbal With non-verbal hypnosis you can achieve everything you want Gestures are fundamental to deepen the state Learn the right spots and mastering the gestures are a powerful key Working on the solar plexus is extremely powerful to rebalance and regenerate the subject from a very deep self Get our FREE COURSE, Unique techniques She is feeling the energy Unique techniques Let’s count to 3 and she will wake up That was very intense Thanks for watching! Much more on our channel!

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