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How Vegans Can Create Healthy Relationships and Communicate Effectively – Melanie Joy [IARC2017]

49 Replies to “How Vegans Can Create Healthy Relationships and Communicate Effectively – Melanie Joy [IARC2017]”

  • Dr. Joy is Vegan, smart, amazing, and compassionate. Thanks Dr. Joy for sharing your wonderful message and for being an inspiration and a healer. Namaste

  • Apart from this speech being super valuable and informational, I love how entertaining Melanie is :)) 
    Couldn´t help but laugh at some of the funny animated pictures and examples she gave. Thanks Melanie love you !

  • Dr. Joy, if you ever read these comments, I've made it a goal to exemplify your grace as a vegan advocate, speaker and individual. Thank you so much! Hopefully I get the opportunity to meet you one day!

  • You are a wonderful teacher and speaker and I really feel the compassion in what you preach. I have seen a lot of your talks before but this one really hit home and will have changed my life for the better. There really cannot be enough love in this world and this info has no doubt helped me xx

  • I'm very grateful for having Melanie Joe in the vegan movement! She's an inspiring human and wise teacher! She's been doing an amazing job to connect psychology and non-violent communication to vegan advocacy!

  • On the one hand I agree with everything here and yet on the other, its not fundamentally sitting well with me as it doesn't strike as true.

  • Omg. I'm only 14 minutes into this video and I am realising this is exactly what I need right now. I'm relating so hard to everything Dr. Melanie is saying!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Thank you for covering this topic…. Just purchased your book, otw to becoming a more empathetic , non judgmental but more effective vegan 🙂

  • I have stopped following anyone who is not at least vegetarian on social media. My news feed is amazingly more positive, or at least more social/animal justice oriented.

  • Excellent, thank you. really clarified not just my role in the movement but also my own state of mind – a great help 🙂

  • Lucid. Well done, Dr Joy. You have the power to express what is in the hearts and minds of all types of people. You are, I think, a rare example of a doctorate who can actually say that she hasnt lost any of the lustre of being a young, curious and reflective individual. A fine achievement.

  • I wish i would have an #vegan Partner 🌱💚!!!! Somewhere out there…maybe… 🤗💛…a man over 38 years…?! ✌😁

  • Such an important message. I love the vegan movement, but there's a lot of activism driven by trauma which could be a lot more effective if it became more authentic

  • Don't dislike the sinner, dislike the sin. If we are going to condemn someone then who among us does not deserve the chair? We all have skeletons in our closet, sinful. Whatever sinful act we've committed they probably haven't. It is not about being holier than thou but being the light to their path. Need I remind you that we were all in that same situation once. We all wake up, reach a higher awareness/consciousness In our own respective time. It is like the Christ and the Buddha who do not hate, fear Lucifer/Mara but show it love. It does not mean tolerance nor be influenced by it but show it the light to the Creator where you will find perfect love, bliss and nirvana/peace. Blessings

  • Vegans need to be more empathetic towards carnivores. We need not to be the left or the right or neutral but the middle way i.e the seeing things from a higher perspective, higher understanding from both sides and justify, find reasons to both sides and advocate. The octopus effect by(Teal Swan) which is stepping in the vessel/physical form of any being/entity and seeing this reality through their perspective/eyes. Find the origins/root to everything about them ESP. issues. Then you will know you what it's like being them and in that position, the ultimate empath. Just like Christ the fearless empath who did not hate, fear nor judge the lepers but see them as the pure spirit that inhabits that body. He knew our true essence was energy/spirit and purity so he saw a way to elevate our vibration to be of a vibrational match with the Creator, where you'll find perfect love, bliss and peace/nirvana. Blessings

  • Thank u doctor for letting me know why I can't handle relationship with meat eaters I'm totally fine being celibate n single but it would be so cozy to be cozy with a girl but I'm intolerant of eating animals n don't know any vegan girls n I'm more different than usual as I was raised by feminist women n I'm stranded knowing what's healthy n what ain't lol hahaha

  • I just found this after a live kindly video. I can’t believe I’ve been vegan for years and have never found Dr Joy. Thank you for all you are doing. Share this video everyone, with as many people as you can.

  • TL DW; pushy lady pretends shes not pushy.

    This lady would hate speaking with me. I'm not paying for food that was obtained through neo colonialistic land grabbing or gigantic crop mono cultures that are pushing out not only the indigenous wildlife, but also the indigenous humans. 3/4ths of all insect populations have died out in the last 30 years. But weirdly enough, our beef consumption has gone DOWN in the last 30 years. HMMMM.

  • You feel disconnected because you are. Veganism disconnects people from the circle of life. We are apex predators, apex predators eat meat. Get over your egos, virtue signaling douche nozzles.

  • I'm about 30 minutes into this speech and overall it's a good speech, but I can't ignore that she didn't acknowledge that the commenter who was shaming the other "vegan", is likely in much more pain and feeling much less safe than the person who made the comment. I get the point she was trying to make, but to act like the person who was being shamed was being most harmed and when she's actually shaming the vegan for being open about their frustration, doesn't make much sense to me. That comment came out of empathy for the animals and if we bottle up every emotion we have even around others who supposedly care, I don't think that's healthy either. As she mentioned, we're surrounded every day by carnism and we bottle up our emotions towards it all the time. How can that possibly be healthy to never once be open about our emotions?

  • Amazing in depth information for vegan. I recognise alot of mistake in my language and attitude about it. way too much emotional. but "ill save more animals" being in better control with my emotion about it

  • I’m so happy that we are all trying and are aware of the cruelty to animals I could care less about my health I care about Kind living Joaquin Phoenix is my inspiration

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