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how to translate youtube video to other language

Hi, [right], this is booking there welcome to my channel this [is] another video in the series of YouTube tips and I want to show you how to translate your videos after uploading it, so once you have uploaded your video You know you click here? You upload you have to go to click here, so this bar in the right will open and then click on my channel Once you click on my channel this page. Which is already open up ends, and then you got to go a bit up Until you get to these options and then you click on the video manager after clicking on the video manager All your uploads would show up in here and then For example. I want to translate this video into different languages, so you click on edit and then You can see there is no tags to include some tags But that’s another story so Then you go. Oh there is text. It was a bit [slowing] [up] [loading]. I’m trying [to] [sew] something in my comes around I’m making this video. So it [slow] a bit. Sorry then you click on [translate] translations and then You would like to translate for example this Title then you have to sell it click in here to select the language type in here for example Spanish I Mean add a new language click on [enter] new language, then selected new language then type in here Spanish and just click the Spanish and then click on add language and Then you have to fill this [to] you. Can’t just leave one a fifth one and leave the other one and then click St. Changes you have to fill both. So you have to first select your text Copies and then I’ve already Brought this up All you got to do is to type in Google English to Spanish then this would open then you click on there, and then control V or just paste and it copies in here your Translation and then you got to click on this it’s [copy] the translation then you go back to your youTube tab and then you click on this box and then control V or right-click paste and then it’s up in here, and you’ve got to do the same thing with your Content or description so you copied this then you go in here you? just replace this control really paste and Then here just select all By clicking this is copied all Then you bring in here a back and paste it and then Something here and these things I don’t think you need to translate You just copy them all put them here and then save changes And one language is being added on Now you would like to add another language. Why not to do another language? It’s not just one you see it’s a bit misleading You would think that it just one but you can add on the one by clicking on here again and click on add a new language and Select the language and type in here. I would put arabic Then I click on add again, and you can follow the same procedure and Pretty quickly, so [I’m] just what arabic is from right to left. So that’s the difference Just select the translation Copy here Then do the same thing on here with the description [I] Mean I’m pretty fast in these stuffs, so do this I Think I’m fast. I’m not sure you do this So [it] can mix with the English [and] arabic so it’s okay and remember you can pull this down This I recently came to normal if you can pull this down. It’s quite useful stuff So now [it’s] translated into two languages So I hope you enjoyed watching this video first of all and second of all I hope that you learn how to translate your videos into Different languages so that you could have a bigger wider audiences Again once your video became very popular in English for example. I would suggest you at that time to translate No need to translate every each and every video. It’s time-consuming I mean, I don’t have that time myself so I don’t do it for each and every video But once you feel that your video is going good. It’s a good idea to translate it so that other People from other countries could also kind of get access to your video Again, thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it. See you next time. Bye

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