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How To Translate Your YouTube Video in to ANY Language!

So you want to translate your tags, titles, and descriptions to better serve your international audience… let’s do this! Hello folks, welcome back to vidIQ, my name is Rob. If this is your first time here, we are the YouTube tool and channel that aims to help you get more views in less time, but before we jump into today’s vidIQ tool, I want to ask you a pop trivia analytical question: where does the majority of your non-english speaking audience come from? If you don’t know the answer to that let me show you now by jumping into some YouTube analytics. Here we are then on the analytical page of YouTube. We’ve got the views up for vidIQ over the last 28 days. If I scroll towards the bottom we get a list of the most popular videos over that time frame but what you can do here is click on the geography button and that switches it from those popular videos to most popular country source. So we can see here that the United States brings in the bulk of views from one country but India is a significant second at 10 percent here, so there may be an opportunity here to optimize our content for the Indian market. You can also look at this in a different method if you click on the more button and go to video info language you’ll get a different breakdown. Unfortunately it gives a lot of information here as unspecified language but Russia here is third on the list – maybe we want to optimize our videos for that country as well. If I click on unspecified language it will show me, by country, where all of our sources are so again India is coming in at a healthy second. So do we need to translate some of our video tags titles and descriptions for that market? Possibly. Can we do that? Let’s find out. Any self-respecting youtuber is going to be very familiar with this page, we’ve got a video ready to go live on our channel. It’s all about how to get 100 subscribers on your YouTube channel in 2018 and hopefully we’ve done a good job of optimizing it for our english-speaking audience with a title, description and tags. The vidIQ SEO score seems to think so. This is a free tool from vidIQ but we’re not focusing on that today. What we’re gonna look at is whether or not we can translate these three points of metadata into a new language and looking at our analytics as we’ve seen a significant portion of our audience comes from India. What language is spoken in India? Well we’ve done a very quick search on Google to try and get some information on that. Hindi seems to be the most popular language and of course there may be variations but for test purposes we’re going to use Hindi here and for whatever country you see as a significant amount of your audience you will have to check the official languages or whatever languages are used. Now then on to the translation tab. To go through the process of translating your text from English to a another language you would click on select language, then add new language, select language again and type in your language to translate to, in this case we’re going to do Hindi, and then add language. At this point if you were on your own you’d maybe have to go to Google Translate and do a lot of copying and pasting to get the text that you want. But with the vidIQ chrome extension installed, as you can see, right here we’ve got a translate button. Click on that and within the blink of an eye it auto translates from English to Hindi. Now of course with any translation it’s not going to be perfect it does use the Google Translation API but you are getting something that’s around about 95 percent better than what you had before which was an impenetrable language to native speakers of another language to something that you may call the pidgin English version of the translation. Now we have titles and descriptions here what about tags? If we go back to the basic info on our video we can see all the tags that we have here for our video in English if we tap on the translate button here it’s going to also translate all of those tags into Hindi as well. I can choose to add individual tags here or add all of them. For the purposes of this testing we’re going to add the top one here and another tag and close this box and you should now see those two new Hindi tags added to our total complete tags for our video. We’ve gone over the limit here so we may have to tweak our tags a little bit for optimisation but that’s your crash course in how to translate your tags, titles and descriptions into any other language to better serve your international audience. During this tutorial you may have seen the word a vidIQ Pro mentioned a couple of times and that is part of our $10 a month of paid service. If you can’t afford vidIQ PRO, that’s absolutely fine. There’s plenty of tools you can still use with vidIQ basic which is completely free. The main purpose of this video is to raise your awareness of your global audience. People watching your videos may not be a native speakers of your language so any way to help them enjoy your content more is always going to be valuable not only to them but also to your views and watch time enjoy the rest of your video making day and we’ll see you all again soon bye for now.

100 Replies to “How To Translate Your YouTube Video in to ANY Language!”

  • Great idea. I believe strongly in making videos watchable for people in multiple languages. I believe it's a very bad idea to upload the same video in different languages to a primarily English-speaking channel. – Dane

  • thanks for the content! however i just upgraded my account to pro to enable me use this feature and it isn't giving me the option to do so.

  • but would people see this video with a hindi title and description? if so how do I visualize it? or is it only for search purposes??

  • How are the translated sections used by YouTube? Are those translated sections showing up by default to the users for that specific country/language?

  • I watch a lot of russian instructional videos and can not understand a word. Is there a way to translate the dialog from Russian to English

  • Also this is very annoying. I am german, i see a german video, i click on it, tada its chinese.
    Thts the the most stupid thing and annoys many people. Please never do this.

  • I don’t like titles being translated. I’m dutch and I speak english. I don’t like switching between languages all the time

  • As a viewer I find this feature very annoying. The titles are often very poorly translated and I don't see how it gives any more value to the video. I also use YouTube as a language learning tool in a way so this isn't helpful at all. I think many agree with me.

  • So I have a website that has about 1000 videos embeds on it from youtube – right now the user can select language and google translates the site but the video captions are still in english – the user can click on settings inside the embed to select from the auto translate language selections – and the captions then show in their preferred language – these are not uploaded translations but automatically suplied translations from youtube – but the user has to do this on every page and for each video 1 by 1 – is there any way to set the autotranslated language on website – so that if I have a website that is http://french.websitenamdotcom the embeds would default to say autotranslate ( french ) ? HELP!

  • Thanks for the info! I was wondering whether that might lead to people finding the video – watching the first few seconds – realize that it is not in the language they were hoping for – and leave again, reducing your average percentage viewed.
    What I would really love youtube to offer is various audio tracks for different languages, just like on the good old DVD.

  • Is there any way for a user like me to deactivate these type of translation, without making a new youtube account?

  • Hello, do you know how to change the audio language. I’m trying to watch Hindi drama on YouTube, but can’t find the videos in English subtitles. I’m looking for the audio change in language. Please help🙏🏼

  • Does anyone know how to translate the way a word sounds like in another language to English? For example, I watch some videos in Thai and one word that is used a lot sounds like Na-Ha which I found out it’s actually Na-kha. It is said A LOT but I have no idea what it means! The Thai language does not use any “English” letters, so it looks like a bunch of gibberish… If anyone knows where I can get what words sound like in English translated to other languages (hopefully Thai included…), please let me know. Thank you so much!😁❤️

  • Do you get the traanslate button on the free version? i cannot find info about this on the vidIQ webpage.

  • Antagonize and patronize your Indian audience by machine translating English text into Hindi. English is spoken by all educated people in India, and is a lingua franca throughout the country. Maybe do some basic research on this before explaining it to others, wrongly.

    Perhaps vidIQ would have been better used to correct the grammatical mistake in your video title, rather than encouraging others to mess up theirs. Yes, it's 'into', not 'in to'.

  • Thank you. But in the gear icon for the automated language I still can't add another language. I want my user to be able to choose which language they want to read.

  • Does anyone know how to ask YouTube for recommendations ONLY IN MY LANGUAGE? It's set on English but I get Greek Adverts, Turkish Recommendations, Thai …. I don't mind Turkish as my friend watches sometimes, but the others are a pain ….

  • If you have english speaking music playing on your video, do you also translate music or just description, title, & tags?

  • How can I translate english video into hindi I have maked youtube channel to translate english video into hindi plzzzzzzzzz sir.

  • Very useful, subscribed. I have 2 questions: 1) the translation of the metadata in Hindi, is it shown by default in Hindi if I enter Youtube in India?

    2) If I make subtitles in Hindi for a video, can I make those subtitles in Hindi show by default if I enter Youtube in India?

  • Hello Sir,
    I wanna see a thai drama. So, I wanna translate what they are speaking into English. Please help. Is it possible?

  • can vidIQ translate the automated transcription into another language? I shot videos of people speaking in japanese, I need to have english subtitles for these videos

  • DON'T translate your video titles if you can't provide subtitles. Is disrespectful AND clickbaity… Your title shows in spanish for me, yet I have no way to understand what you're saying unless I already know english. You're not helping me understand your video and neither does the broken spanish in the description, you're just fishing for cheap clicks.
    "Hey! Wanna get people to click on your videos? Just trick them into thinking the video is in their language! They'll LOVE that!"

  • OH!!! This is a pro option 😿 wah…
    Also, do you have a similar option for closed captions? Be kinda bad if everything was translated but the closed captions. My foreign audience will know what the video is about but not be able to actually watch it.
    Unless of course, I'm doing nontalking videos, but I am.

  • A well-meant advide for all youtubers who watch this: Please don't do this! As someone who watches videos in different languages, I beg you not to do this! Autotranslation is an annoying thing that's not helpful for you or your users. It makes it harder to find your stuff, and to tell original content from stolen one. Users, who watch your videos, already speak your language, so they don't need translated titels. And there's no way to turn it off, which is, frankly, annoying.

  • Nice! everytime I'm looking for a video there is an Indi video with an english title. Thanks for making it harder to search for content here…

  • A lot of creators seem to be watching this video, and therefore it is also the place to ask creators to stop using this feature. Here is why:

    1. There are many English speakers around the world. Many of them, believe it or not, live outside of an official English speaking country. Do not assume a person does not speak English just because they live in such a country. It's quite offensive, to be honest. If you have viewers from such country it is because they understand English just fine. Forcing translation upon those people might really annoy them, because there is no way to get rid of it, without changing the entire language of the account, or the device. For me, this forced translation makes me unsubscribe channels that I generally like.

    2. For those local viewers who are not English speakers, this might be a nice gesture except for the fact it might be misleading. You think a content is in your language, when in fact it is in English

  • Sir i m seeing some…my class lectures petroleum engineering classes…in youtube so…they are teaching in..arabic are some thing that faculty frm saudi…so i need to learn tht class in english language ….please help me ….give replyy

  • is it possible to change the voice too? So I have the srt file – better the text and translate it – and than I would like to have a minuteexact voice on it. For instant I want translate an english video into a german video. So can I take the minuteexact german translation (srt file) into spoken words and conect exactly with the video?

  • Hey dumbass, you say "any self respecting YouTuber knows what page this is". BUT YOU FORGET THIS VIDEO IS FOR NEWBIES, F U DOUSCH!

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