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How to tell if a guy likes you body language sign. Bold trick!

What’s good YouTube? This your boy Kev Hick and today I’m going to talk about the quickest most bold way you can figure out if a guy likes you. You don’t have to gather up clues of body language or who is told he likes you what he says to you you have to try to figure out what that means what does that mean you have to do any of that bull snit. You gotta be bold about this stuff right. I’ll be honest the prerequisite to this is you know him actually liking you but it absolutely works there’s no no mind games there’s no clues it is just actual effect so if we got like she’s going to be in close proximity to you he’s gonna always find a way to be around you for some reason or another try to make it look like an accident it’s always gonna be around if you’re in the same room he finds a way to be more close to you than other people on a consistent basis but he won’t even look at you when he does it will be looking away so it looks really natural that he’s just standing next to you all the time right but that’s not include if the guys into you and your boat enough and you think you can pull this up somehow or another strike up a conversation with him in the first 30 or so seconds touches chest and I just and touches chest like I feel on this chest I mean somebody i’ll be on that would that’s not what I’m talking about touches chest and what I mean by that is lay your hand on his heart and check his heartbeat literally check his pops right because I got it really into you it’s gonna be nervous as shit talking to you you wonder why he’s been stuttering one away forgot his name wonder why he’s forgetting details for snit that you know he know because you really really likes you when you check his pulse if its heart is beating out of his chest you’re probably only thinks about right we all know how we get when we are around somebody we like and they started less by talking to us our heart starts racing out of our chest you can find a way to break the tension barrier and checkers are we check his pulse you’ll know immediately if he’s into you and that was somebody startles you about talking to you and you have a crush on them you’re about the same you’re close to hyperventilation right and you’re probably sweaty to see what me if you look at him in his forehead sweaty all of a sudden he’s hot for him and it’s hard to be you’re definitely all he thinks about so you gotta worry about that you know what he said last Tuesday would be really mad by there if he could have really made me like you because fucking nose right like girls get girls drop hints so they look for hands from guy’s problem is guys don’t really drop into the same way girls dropping everything a guy does it by accident when he’s revealing himself to a girl literally put your hand on his chest oh my god you’re so fun if it’s hard being out of his chest he’s trying to impress you he hopes working he hopes he hasn’t said anything stupid you really hope you stay and talk to him but he’s so nervous he’s forgotten everything he could talk about you don’t really even know she’s at that point but how much you really likes you how excited he is to be a part of this conversation and we all know how we respond physically to someone we left his heart’s beating fast he’s terrified he’s nervous he really likes you and he’s happy that you’re talking to him he’s really glad that you’re talking to him because he’s strategically placed himself next to you for this conversation for the last two weeks he’s been in every class you’ve been he’s been every hallway he’s been every pep rally has been in every dinner he’s been everywhere you’ve been on purpose just so he could have the opportunity one day for you to talk to him maybe a pro jump start a conversation if he’s too scared to approach you right so you finally start talking to him if he’s about to faint if he’s about to hyperventilate because he really likes you so skip the bullsnit give it to jump right over that snit just jump over it. Be bold checking my friends pulse alright. If his pulse is dead, if his pulses is so calm and so cool and so collected is because not the one he’s interested in you nothing what he thinks about another one he’s trying to impress so he has no reason to be nervous around you he doesn’t have a reason to be nervous around you because he doesn’t like you or because you haven’t become that person yet not to say that he won’t like you or can’t grow to like you but you’re not the one he likes right now all right and sometimes you just gotta accept it and what you can do is form a relationship with it and eventually he can start like you being a woman has its advantages gasps could never do this test to you because your boobs you got boobs so I mean that would be inappropriate i will be some trumpy snit but the point is it right you can do it two guys no space of time has it ever been frowned upon for women to break the touch barrier when she’s into again so just finagle this into the conversation this snit works right you don’t have to worry about the signs and the clues just go be bold check his pulse you don’t have any lose you know what’s going on with it you know if he likes you you know your shit to him you know he wants to be with you know he probably worship you know he thinks about you all the time you know you’re everything to him just do the damn penny right make the first move get his number talk to him or this could be reason for you to strike up a conversation with him every day with confidence and more confident you are the more he will like you right and the more you get to know him because you’re relaxed him do what you want from here till next time see you later like comment subscribe if you want more videos for me catholic dropping videos twice a week write me at [email protected] if you have questions I got answers whatever…

100 Replies to “How to tell if a guy likes you body language sign. Bold trick!”

  • 3:50 >.< I die!!!!! So funny.
    I like watching these types of videos because I'm flirt-challenged as a chronically shy person, but I've never heard anybody talk about checking their pulse! I like this new idea. Yes, very bold. But it is a good way to know although usually when you're that close to someone you're probably already hanging out and "dating" the person.
    You have a unique voice in all the dating videos I've seen! I hope to see more from you. πŸ™‚

  • i remember when i was in a group of 3 ppl and we had to introduce ourselves. then this guy pretended he doesnt know my name like wtf i just said my name a second ago. it was so obvious he was faking it but idk what that meant

  • I walk into a room where my interest …
    Clearly I'm there to see him, he's moving fast always pacing always doing something…
    Why are you moving around so fast I ask are you nervous??

  • Forget Steve Harvey, everyone should check out your videos. Good advice from the male perspective and you are funny as he!! 😁

  • I met this guy at work we hardly spoke but he always looked at me but looked away when Id look at day he cried in front of me at the job and then we spoke.we went to lunch and he walked so close to me.i asked if I could give him my number.wellπŸ€” it's been a few days.he hasn't called but he talks to me at work and the way he looks at me it's different from most men.we have a weird connection because we are almost alike.i feel like maybe he's not really interested in me.

  • Lol….well I guess we'll never get to know that because if he's nervous and I'm nervous. We're both pretty much out of luck! πŸ˜‚

  • That's called sexual harassment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ to weirdly touch someone's chest is if u are an odd ball … u won't get a second date from that

  • This is a good way to see if a guy likes you but it’s different when your friends. Any suggestions to get out of the friendzone

  • I thought you meant touch his chest in a sexy way!
    What does it mean when a guys leg is shaking? The right leg? It looks like nerves but I can’t tell

  • Ok.. here's the situation, this guy and I continues to flirt back and forward but not once has he asked for the #. What type of ish is this πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ also because of the way he flirts I asked him if all he wanted was a buddy he says no I can get that anywhere, then he emails me and say is that something you want( we work together ) I stated.. of course not. what is really going on.

  • Yooo, My baby dad heart beats soooo freaking fast when he's around me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I remember saying dang your heart beating so fast! Are you ok? Lol I swear I didn't know this was a sign/trick to pay attention too. Wow ! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½β€

  • How about following me around the house? Even when I'm in the bathroom!! Watching me put my makeup on… Haha (plus his heart beating out of his chest)

  • So, I have been dating this guy for 2 years and I have not met his mom I have however have met the father, and I have not met his kids. The kids are with the ex.. I am not sure if he's not ready for me to meet his ex yet because they have the kids together and she would have to approve of me being around the kids. Any thoughts on what it could mean?

  • Alright so this dude is like mean (he say he gon sock me out cuz i took his pen or hell like punch me etc) but nice he said he does ot outta love then he said he gets all the bitches they said hell stare and laugh wid his friend i asked him and he just smiled idk if he made fun or not he once caught me looking at him and called me out but in the bus he wouldn't stop staring.. before i even watched this video i already knew i should just touch his chest

    But what are ut thoughts

  • I mean these signs don't really mean nothing. Guys stare at me and try to be around me but don't really catch my attention all the time because once i get to know them they be trash!

  • I put my hand on his heart Valentine's day. He asked "am I still alive?" I said yes of courseπŸ˜‚ He said, "I thought it stopped when you touched me"
    I think he passed your test, KevπŸ€—

  • But like if someone I am talking to suddenly touches my chest like that, if talking to him didn't raise my pulse, the touching will. Lol

  • LOL I really like your uplifting real conversation straight to the point no BS I just recently started talking to someone that I knew but never really paid attention to him first of all I thought that he was a player going to find out that he says he isn't but he did admit that he has a lot of female friends just like I also admitted that I have male friends from my pass . I mean real friends guy friends…lol anyways let me see we've been hanging out and going on little dates here and there he's always make it a point to make plans and wish me good morning and wish me a good night we talk here in there I know that he's busy I'm not too big on text not too big on talking either on the phone sometimes I just like to chill 🀷 and I think that throws them off sometimes but anyhow he still pursues and wanting to make plans we go to the movies go play pool because that's something I like to do he's big on movies I'm big on pool cuz I like whooping guys behind… The problem that I have I'm very competitive grew up in a household full of Brothers being the only girl … Hard to tell he recently send me a meme and it was hard to interpret that because we've never really talked about you know are we a couple are πŸ’ but anyways the mean was like there's a skinny guy on one side when he's single and then the other side shows a chubby person with the belly when they're taken. I didn't know how to respond to that so I laughed it off with a haha .. his quick response was that he likes a chubby guy I guess that's a hint he feels that he's taken 🀷🀦 sad to say this but yeah it's true .. guess my question is how do you know you're in a relationship beginning stage

  • Yes that’s exactly what I’m doing to the next guy. I’m not playing these games anymore.

  • Yes I most definitely in bold I do it all the time for many years I've been doing it any doobie racing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’―πŸ–€

  • Just found this channel and is it me or is this dude so fine I would subscribe even if the videos didn't help me at all lol! This dude talks so smooth and creamy LMBO so handsome I can listen all-day! Good thing he actually has good advice!

  • Another is: If his knees shakes and he twiddling his fingers yeah he’s nervous as hell. I met up with an high school friend after twenty three years and also a Ex Bf. We decided to meet up and hang out. He arrived at the place first then I showed up ten mins later. When he saw me he got up so fast he almost knocked the waitress tray out of her hand. Then we sat down it wasn’t even ten mins he started shaking his knees so rapidly that I had to put both of my feet on the side of his legs to make him stop. I finally ask him was he nervous and he said yes so I just ask the waitress to bring us some drinks πŸ˜‚. After he settled down We enjoyed ourselves had a good time.

  • LOL I am not going to start feeling a guys heart beat 30 seconds into talking to him. I can tell if he's into me without that and that would be weirdd πŸ˜‚ But if you really wanted to do that the best way would be asking for a hug.

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