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Hello comrades, NFKRZ here and welcome to a new Russian 101 and a new Russian language lesson. Today we’re gonna learn some new stuff, and it’s gonna be good. Now the last episode did pretty well, we got just over a million comments saying “you copy filthy frank” so that’s pretty good. But on a serious note I just want to educate you people and, you know, show you that the Russian language is truly the language that you must know. and there we go. Let’s start the show. *Dramatic music* So that last time I did a Russian 101 a lot of people asked me: “NFKRZ why did you try to teach us swear words in Russian? Because we want to know stuff like how to say hello, how to say goodbye, How to greet people, how to meet new people in Russia. Right?” The thing is, if you walk up to an average person in Russia and say to them: You will probably be greeted with a huge “Fuck you” in the face. So, essentially, you need to know the swear words in order to actually communicate further in normal language. So that’s what I’m doing here. first off I need to teach you guys the swear words. And today we’re gonna go over some new ones. So last time i taught you guys how to say “Fuck you” in Russian but this time I want to teach you some other swear words that are very very common and that are absolutely necessary to know in this language. So first thing of-course you all know is “idi nahui”. it’s “Fuck you” and “khui” is dick. or cock. or penis. you know what I mean. But of-course if there is a penis there would be a vagina as well, so let’s find out what vagina in Russian is and in Russian vagina is “vah-gee-na” it’s pretty much the same thing, except you don’t say “jooh” you say “gooh”. “VAH GEE NA” But that’s actually pretty a scientifical biological word that nobody ever uses on a daily basis so the word you are actually looking for here is “pizda” “PIZDA”. pizda is kind of like peace, and dah. dah in Russian means yes, and peace is the world peace that Russia brings to everybody. so pizda is cunt, pussy, all that shit. All the good stuff. and out of that we can get a new phrase. “idi v pizdu” “idi v pizdu” means fuck you as well, essentially the same thing as “idi nahui” but “idi nahui” means go to dick, or go on a dick And “idi v pizdo”, it literally means go to a vagina, go to a pussy. the reason why is that essentially Russia is a very feminist country. It has equal right for woman and man, obviously. so if you want to say fuck you you have two ways of saying it. you can either say “idi v pizdu” or “idi nahui”. and essentially you have a very broad choice of opportunities here. for example if you want to say “fuck you” to a feminist, you are better say “idi v pizdo”. maybe that will get them a little bit less triggered. now the next thing that is very very essential if you are learning Russian is adjectives. adjectives that come from “pizda” and “khui”. there’s a ton of them, and the meaning of those are actually pretty interesting. So the first thing you want to know is “pizdato” “pizdato” it’s like “peace” + “data”. Data, Data (-_-) you know what I mean. “Pizdato”. it’s kind of sounds like Japanese, to be honest. “Pizdato” means “amazing, great, sick”. Fucking A. that’s basiclly the meaning of what we are looking at here. But on the other hand, “khuyovo” which is derived from “khui”, which is dick “khuyovo”. “khoyovo” means “very very bad”. Very very sad. something that is very very unfortunate and very very terrible. so pizdato has the word pizda, alright, and it means something that is great. But there is another word that is very interesting. the word is called “pizdec”. “pizdec means “a fucking disaster”. something that is absolutely horrible. just a complete fuck-up. So “pizdato” means “amazing, fucking great” but “pizdec” means fucking terrible. a horrible disaster. How does that even make sense? the same thing happens with adjectives derived from the word “khui”. For example, “khuyovo”, as I’ve told you guys, means terrible, absolutely horrible. but But “okhuenno’ means “fucking amazing”. fucking orgasmic. incredible. This is a part that a lot of people get really confused about, because “khuyovo” means terrible, “okhuenno” means great. “pizdato” means great, and “pizdec” means horrible. Once again, this is what russia is like. Motherfucker better deal with it, or you better get out. That’s essentially how politics in this country work, because trying to change anything in the politics, in how this country works, umm, you’re better off just leaving the country. I mean It’s a complete fuck-up. i have given up a very very long time ago But anyways lads, I hope you did enjoy today’s Russian lesson from me, NFKRZ. Make sure to leave a like if this was helpful for your linguistical needs. And yeah, I’ll see you guys in the next one. make sure to stay communist and make sure to stay tuned for new memes from me. and I will see you in the next one, where I will teach you something that is a little bit more useful. probably.

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