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How To Learn Sign Language

How to start signing with your baby – learn baby signing

Hi, welcome to Baby Signing Question & Answer Monday. Today’s question is how to get started signing with your baby. It is actually very easy to do and I don’t want you to feel intimidated if you don’t already know any signs. They are very easy to look up and learn as you go. The first sign I recommend parents to use is the sign ‘milk’. which is just opening and closing your hands like this. It almost like you are milking a cow. Every time you say the word milk you are going to wanna make the sign ‘milk’. This will help your baby quickly associate this gesture with the word milk. If you’re nursing your baby, you can take your baby in your arms start feeding him or her and make the sign ‘milk’. Yes you are having ‘milk’. If you are bottle feeding the baby, take the bottle and put it in front of you and then make the sign in front of the bottle. Say Milk! This is ‘milk’! And if you are feeding your baby you can just rest the bottle on the chest like this and do the same thing,
Milk! You are having ‘milk’. Also, don’t hesitate to take your baby’s hand and open it and close it like this so that they can feel that they can make the sign too. And be very excited,
Yes, That’s the sign MILK! So that they will quickly know if they do THIS they are going to get milk. The important thing is consistency when you are signing, every time you say the word try and remember to make the sign. It is going to feel awkward at first but eventually it’ll just be second nature to you. A couple more good signs to introduce to your baby early on are the sing EAT!
Like this! Like you are putting food in your mouth. Eat! or More! If they want more food or Finished! Flicking your hands away, if they are finished. Those are great signs to introduce to your baby early on. For more tricks and tips on how to sign with your baby pick up a copy of my book The BABY SIGNING BIBLE in stores now or online. It is an easy to use guide that helps you successfully sign with your baby. And be sure to subscribe to my channel to be notified when new videos are posted. Thanks for watching. Bye for now.

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