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How To Learn Sign Language

How to Start Learning American Sign Language ❤ Jessica Marie Flores ❤

I get a LOTTA of comments with people telling me, “Oh hey Jessica!” “I would love to learn
American Sign Language but…” “Uhmmm…” “I have a really busy schedule.” “I don’t have enough money for a course.” “I already made one too many
New Year’s resolutions” “I have no one to sign with!” “I have absolutely NO idea where to start” “I have to go uhh…” “Pet my cat.” “Sooooo” (carrying on the O sound) And look I get it
because I was giving myself those exact same excuses. Until one day I was like you know what? I really need to cut all this B.S. and just start learning it. (cutting paper) If you want to learn American Sign Language, Imma tell you right now… Just like when it comes to learning anything It is not going to be easy in the beginning. It’s gonna be hard, and you might not be good at it. But the good new is that it’s totally do able. And if you practice,
you are only going to get better. Soo… How the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks (HELL) do we even get started? The first thing you are going to do is learn the
American Sign Language Alphabet You can use
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, to look up pictures of the ASL alphabet and millions of photos will pop up. Can you still Ask Jeeves?? Wow, I just felt really old for a sec. If you guys are getting
stuck and you’re having trouble memorizing the alphabet, I made an entire video dedicated to you guys revealing all my visual tips and tricks that I helped me remember it. When it comes to practicing the alphabet, finger spell everything you see around you. EVERYTHING!! Everything. Everything, until the letters are burnt in your brain and you got it down. Once the ABC’s are burnt into your brain, You’re gonna go online and find some free ASL lessons. Free ASL lessons?! SWEET!! Personally, I’m a big fan of Bill Vicars on YouTube. He offers TONS of free ASL lessons online. Plus the cool part is that he films with actual ASL students. So whenever they mess up or make a common mistake, he fixes them. And you can learn from their mistakes. Most of his videos are like 30-40 mins long. So usually I suggest to people to watch at least one video a week. Now some people might be like, “30-40 MINUTES JESSICA?!” “That’s like almost and HOUR!” But hey let’s keep it real, if you can spent 3-4 hours
scrolling on your social medias… You are capable of watching one video a week for 30-40 minutes. Let’s cut the B.S. again, shall we? (Cutting paper) I feel like I’m gonna
cut off my finger at anytime now… (screams) Just kidding! (laughs) After you watch these videos you’re gonna practice
the signs that you’ve learned by actually using them. I would do this by
signing the words that I learned when I said them or
somebody else said them. I also would sign
the words when I saw it anywhere or if I read it anywhere. Once you start signing, you are gonna go
and fill your entire social media feed up with ASL content. Over the last few years, there has been a ton of awesome Deaf/HoH people working their butts off to create online content in sign language. People are creating content in
American Sign Language, British Sign Language, French Sign Language… There’s just SO many
amazing content creators out there I cannot even list them all. Or else we’d be here for a couple of hours. There’s just too many. So instead, I’m gonna leave
all their information down below. The last thing you are going to do, once you got your ABC’s down, and you know some basic signs, is you are gonna go out
and meet some other ASL signers. You can do this by looking up Deaf Meet-ups or Deaf events in your area. This is an awesome way
to learn ASL because hey, using the language
with others who actually use it is the fastest way you’re gonna learn it. So go out and meet some cool people! And be open to feedback. So if someone corrects
your signs or your grammar be open to that because after all, That is a free ASL lesson right there. Anyways, that’s it! I hope this video helped
some of you trying to learn ASL. If you are learning, make sure to reach out to me in the comments and keep me updated with how it’s going. Alright everybody! Have fun signing! Stay cool, and I’ll see you all later! You guys want to meet my cat?? (weird voice)
Yes we doo! Okay, hold on! “Hi YouTuberss” “Meow Meow Meow Meoww” “Mew Mew Mew” AHHH! I’ve been stabbed!!

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  • Here's the list of ASL Social Media Content and Lessons:

    Also check out Rogan Shannon's video! He has a list of TONS of Deaf YouTubers!

    **This is not even ALL of the awesome Deaf/HoH online content creators out there!
    If I missed anyone please let me know in the comments so I can add them to the list!**

  • I love this!!!! Taking ASL 3 at my university right now and I fingerspell EVERYTHING all the time everywhere. I love it, and it helps so much. Hoping to be an interpreter someday! thanks for encouraging people to take the steps to learn ASL, it truly is an amazing language!

  • I live in the US and gaining fluency in BSL via all these ways Jessica mentioned (fluent in ASL). Case in Point: If you got internet access, all you need now is your desire to learn.

  • And if you're capable of binge watching a Netflix show, you're more than capable of watching one Bill Vicars video per week! Also, for those who are interested, I have a section towards the bottom of my channel of Deaf YouTubers, over 50 of them!

  • Awesome video, as usual 😊😊 I’m gotten to the point that I have to get really serious. I have a question, I thought I remember you saying that you’re dyslexic, I’m dyslexic too, any tips or tricks that helped you? Thank you ! I really hope that I didn’t get you mixed up with someone else. I’m really sorry if I did.

  • So many people are amazed when they find out that I'm mostly self-taught when it comes to ASL. Everyone always wonders how I did it…I just got online and started learning! My cousin is Deaf, so I started learning for her and I completely fell in love with the language and the culture! 7 years later I'm still learning more every day!

  • How do you feel about people in the deaf community saying that ASL is a language reserved for the deaf community only and hearing people shouldn't learn it? I've been learning but in the deaf community I've had a lot of push back from deaf people. I want to learn so I can be inclusive and because in my area there are a lot of deaf and HOH people.

  • I recently started watching Rochelle Barlow's videos on how to learn ASL called Learn ASL in 31 Days 🙂 She even has a website with lessons, and more tips and tricks to remember certain signs. It's really been helpful to expand my vocabulary and even put sentences in the correct grammar structure for ASL. I'd suggest using hers, but also supplement with other sources of learning the language!!

  • I busted out laughing at the “I’m gonna end up cutting off my finger” part. When you first cut the BS I was thinking “this is the perfect set up for a cut my finger gag.” Then when you did it I busted out laughing. Made my night lol

  • Your cat looks like my cat!
    Also, I started learning ASL in college as my foreign language. I have the ABC's and numbers down, but I have forgotten a lot of signs and the grammar always eluded me. I'm going to take your suggestion of watching videos and looking for Deaf Meet-Ups or events and practice, practice practice.

  • Good job. Be sure that we remind anyone who learn ASL that requires facial expressions, mouth morphs and body movements (60 to 70%). ASL only comes from English (30%). SEE (Sign Exact English) is only Sign Language u can sign in st
    Full English 🙂

  • Loooooove this! Perfect timing. I know the alphabet, but spelling everything around me is brilliant. I've been watching various videos and practicing words. Your approach is exactly how I learned German. Don't know why I didn't think to apply it here. It's the last part that scares the crap out of me. I get super embarrassed, plus I'm pretty agoraphobic, but I'm working on it. One step at a time, right? Thanks for the tips and encouragement! I always look forward to your videos. 🤗

  • as a magazine editor for a charity organisation, i really enjoy your videos that you create and edit for your messages. I should learn AUSLAN in my country, but i work full term as well and have no 'deaf' friends to practice signing on. And i really don't like how interpreters need us to be dependant on them for a living. Something not right there. In learning, did you practice with deaf friends or teach your hearing family/friends?

  • Thanks for the links! I love your videos. I'm in my second semester of learning ASL and it's starting to get easier. One resource my teacher has us use is for extra vocabulary. I'm lucky that in Austin Texas there's a large deaf community so i get more opportunities to practice and go to events.

  • I’m currently working toward my AA in Deaf Studies. I too watch Bill Vicars. He’s awesome!

    Don’t just learn ASL, Learn also about the Deaf community.

    PS: Jessica, I have an all black cat too. So cute.

  • I finger spell everything I see when running, walking, sitting at long stop lights. Be it street signs, building signs, car make and models, I even describe things when I learned some colors.

  • Has anyone watched "The Shape of Water?" If so what form of sign language is she using? I thought maybe asl but then she would use a sign for a word that was different than what I learned and my brain was like "wait, what?" LoL.

  • Hi Jessica, I do want to learn sign language and right now my hearing is not the best. ( I went deaf, with no sound at all,for a month in 8th grade. Luckily it came back a little, though I do miss lots in the hearing world) do you have any tips for helping a whole family learn ASL together?

  • I'm lucky enough to live within about an hour's drive of Gallaudet and I started ASL 1 in January. It's an evening class so my husband comes home early from work one day a week to be with the kids so I can go to class and I drive the kids 40 minutes to my parent's house one day a week so they can keep the kids while I'm at class and my husband works late to make up for the early day and then I collect sleeping children from my parent's house after class to take them home to bed. It's a lot of hoops to jump through but it's worth it. My hearing loss is progressive, I need to learn ASL. (Class is great and I've been getting dinner on campus so I have to order in sign and gesture or's only been a few weeks and I'm definitely getting better at it!)

  • I started learning sign language when I was 6 by myself i am now in high school I am really GOOD at it and I love it .I am really glad I started learning because I am now hard of hearing so I am glad.😀😀

  • I'm hard of hearing and I've been watching Bill Vicars the past couple of months. He's so funny. I love your cat. I used to have a black cat, he was so sweet.

  • Ask Jeeves!!! I haven't heard or seen that in a LONG time! Wow. Google really had taken over! Anyway, other than that, great video!

  • Bill Vicars is my favorite teacher too! I absolutely love this video and I will be sure to share with my family & friends who have all #123 excuses 😂

  • I been lazy and making excuses. Like I am broke. I suck at comprehension. I was like hell with it I am going to take asl 2 this semester, last week. And the next two days is my monthly asl meet up weekend. I need to find 2 more. Also you need more signing in your videos. How are you ever going to get that practice in. Miss Flores.

    Also sign as much as you can, whenever you can. I sign to myself constantly. Like talking to yourself but you look crazier.

  • Hey Jessica, when you mentioned others correcting a sign or grammar mistake, it made me realize that some (OK everyone who has never been exposed to ASL) may not realize that ASL has it's own grammar. I think when people see and hear someone like you talk and sign, they just think ASL is Signed English. What do you think about doing a video on this subject??

  • I do love your videos. I’ve been trying to learn asl for a while now I can follow when someone signs. But still having a hard time doing asl myself lol my hands don’t alway work well

  • For movies in many different types of sign languages try our
    Here is the link:

  • It would be best not to shake your head so much so that we can understand the lip reading. I get dizzy trying to keep up with his mouth. jajaja

  • I have been using the app, Memrise. Memrise has numerous languages and ASL happening to be a language that there is 4 courses of varying difficulty. I think it's a total of 700 words. I try to practice and learn a few times thru out the day in short bursts and then review it again in the evening. The most difficult part for me is sentence structure. But as I practice my brain is slowly adapting to create simple sentences right now, correctly. I need to find a meet up because I have no one to converse with and get feedback from. And to also learn any parts of the language that may be specific to my region. Anyway, I love your videos! Keep putting out great content!!

  • I'm just about to start my second ASL class and I love it! We found a Deaf tutor to help us practice a couple of times a month and I've been watching the Lifeprint (Bill Vicars) videos as well.. they are so helpful!

  • I started weekly ASL lessons in November of last year, so I can talk to a deaf friend of mine. I'm really loving it and I can't wait until I carry on a long conversation with her! Thank you for these tips, I'm sure they will help.

  • I love watching your videos. I went to my first sign and dine tonight; after getting over my nerves of being new signer I really had a great time. Get out there people it is the best way to learn.

  • I just stumbled upon your videos. I love you already! I've been teaching myself asl for about 2 years now. Beautiful language, and I look forward to watching more of your content and progressing more. 🙂

  • I'm currently taking two ASL 1 Courses simultaneously to see how it's taught differently. This is after I learned the alphabet and watched Bill Vicers (Great suggestion by the way, great minds think alike) We have a deaf couple in our church and a sign language interpreter each service. I have a plan in place to hopefully, if all goes well, to become a sign language interpreter in 4-6 years. Fingers crossed. Love your videos, keep them coming!

  • Omg I love your videos, just subscribed on my third account. Love you so much, I wanna meet you so badly you’re just such an awesome person

  • I just turned 13 and I’m learning ASL because a boy at my school didn’t have many friends at the beginning of the year because he’s deaf and others looked down upon him for that and I felt bad for how they treated him so I went home that night and learned the alphabet and a few basic signs and now he is one of my best friends . 😊

  • Even though I'm not hard of hearing or deaf I am trying to lean ASL. Watching your videos are a blast, I can't get enough of them.

  • Getting started next Monday, signed the Wife and I up for ASL class. Two of our friends are taking the class also. I have been a subscriber for while. Love your videos, so helpful.

  • I have been signing for a few years, and I find myself getting very insecure about my signing. I can carry on a conversation with my teacher, but I feel like I am not fluent enough to converse with deaf or hard of hearing people. Do you have any advice for hearing people learning to sign? I feel like I am close to fluency, but I lose all my confidence when I am out of the classroom. I am not a quiet person, but I feel like I lose my voice when I try to sign out of my comfort zone. How can I get past this block?

  • I 💓💓💓💓💓 when you cut the BS! Your kitty it GORGEOUS. Thanks to your abc video I am on the spell EVERYTHING phase. When I am trying to fall asleep I spell song lyrics. 💪💪 thanks so much for helping me fulfil a life long goal (I'm 51 so long life goal) of learning ASL. I have struggled with remembering certain letters so I am super stoked!!! I'm teaching all the kids I know to spell their name in ASL. Thank you a million billion Jessica ❣❣❣❣❣❣

  • Hahahah I'd love xD I'm deaf from Venezuela – South America. Your all video is AMAZING! (I love reading subtitles in english)

  • Hi Jessica
    I would love for you to do a video about how your remember some basic signs like you did with the ABC's.

  • Wow..came from asl anissa and I'm glad she recommended you in one of her youtube videos…I really enjoy your funny content😂🙌

  • My goal this summer is to learn the asl alphabet and teach it my children as well. I'm very excited to learn it. This video was awesome to watch!!

  • I love this! I found your channel through Rikki's videos. I been what I like to say as "1/2 deaf" (I really dont like the term HOH. People in my community just take it has you are choosing not to listen to them) Im deaf in my right ear but have hearing in my left ear but it also has mild to moderate hearing loss.

    I decided a while back that I'm tired of the hearing community… not being able to understand them. I was mainstreamed. I'm 25 and I'm trying to find my deaf community now. I wish I had realized that this is what I wanted a need a long time ago.

  • I found her like 10 min ago and I LOVE HER OMGMGMGMMG. I started learning asl with my sister a week ago and now I know what else to learn ugh !! Thank you my queen !!!💖💖

  • pfft, I can do the alphabet just fine I don't need your tips. watch me A, B, C, … umm uhh.. whats the link to the video again? LOL

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