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How to Sign the Word “SIGN” in LIBRAS (Brazil Sign Language)

Hello hello! Today the sign is from Brazil B-R-A-Z-I-L Sign Language okay? SIGN S-I-G-N SIGN This moment means what? Perhaps it’s related to “translate” or “become” or “change” SIGN If you’re interested, I have added to the end of this video a clip of Jason, a tutor in Brazil, who teaches a LIBRAS sign class. You can watch his intro video and recognize how many times he uses the word SIGN. It’s a bit of a challenge, ready? 🙂 See ya tomorrow, bye! JASON: “I came to tell you that I would like to invite you to learn LIBRAS: Lingua Brasileira de Sinais. Now I’ll be teaching signs (vocabulary) and sentences so you can communicate with Deaf Brazilians all over.

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