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How To Learn Sign Language

How to sign the ASL Alphabet

what’s up whats good everyone in this video I’ll be covering the ASL alphabet if you’re new to this series then definitely go check out the video up there where I kind of explain what I’m doing here cuz this video is just going over the ASL alphabet now maybe you already know the alphabet maybe you learned it a long time ago
and you’re trying to refresh it maybe don’t know it at all. I don’t know. so real quick I’ll do some explaining on what even is the ASL alphabet it’s a way to show letters on your hand if you want to spell something out in sign language really quick as an example of that: you know this means A and then this means B and then this means C I will get to all the other letters in a minute but just to show you what I’m talking about when putting all the letters together to make a word is called fingerspelling this is absolutely fantastic because it is like the base. you use it to spell your name, use it to spell the name of companies, you use it to spell words that you don’t know the main purpose of the ASL alphabet is to spell words that you don’t know obviously you got to learn signs especially if someone is signing to you they’re not gonna be fingerspelling all the time kind of like if you only knew how to spell in English If I was walking up to someone and I was like H-I M-Y N-A-M-E I-S H-O-P-E and Pat That takes a really long time all of that aside let’s get into the actual alphabet. so we got A as the first one. now I like to try and associate something with the letter and the sign of some kind so that I will remember it this one I think kind of looks like an apple or sideways A or something I don’t know. it’s also the first one so usually it’s easier to remember cuz that’s like the first thing you learn then this one’s B which is kind of like you’re drawing a B in here C is I mean it looks like a C and D. it looks like a D. but surprisingly enough this one gets confused a lot even I did this a lot at first a lot of people get D and F confused. This is F and this is D everybody has their own way of differentiating the different letters so come up with your own way so that you don’t get that confused because in spelling you know mixing up D and F when you spell words out can get kind of confusing E looks like that we just did F G is one finger. you’re pointing. the same on like you know if you’re at left-handed right-handed H is two fingers. This always reminded me of when like birds would come and like perch on your fingers specifically Mary Poppins because I loved that movie when I was a little and I think when she was singing spoonful of sugar or some kind of song like that she went like this and the bird got on her hand and also because H is the first letter of my name I really wanted to make sure that I remembered it H, I make sure that your thumb is here cuz if it’s over here it might kind of look like a Y and yeah it’s just good- a good habit to build keeping your thumb there J is kind of a fun one all the letters so far haven’t moved but this is the first one that does J. so you’re drawing a J with with your pinky K it’s like two fingers but your thumb has to be in between otherwise it’s V. got V K K V L is another really easy one I think C and L are the easiest ones out of all of them M. you put your thumb in between your pinky and your ring finger so you’re creating like the the humps of the M and then N is, you just move your thumb over so it’s in between your middle finger and your ring finger so it’s two instead of three O and P is really tricky really hard to remember this was the one- and Q also. those two were ones that took forever for me to remember P is like this it’s like an upside-down K and then Q is like this it’s like an upside-down G R so you’re like twisting- twisting your fingers together S you might notice it looks really similar to A The difference is thumb placement so A the thumb is here, S it’s in front T is kind of like M and N is just your the is in between your first finger and your middle finger with that it’s M N T U. I like to think you know drawing a U here I already talked about V W is really easy X is really weird I don’t really know why this is X but it is a really common finger shape in a lot of different signs it is really important to note even though X is not a frequently used letter Y and Z so with Z you’re drawing it out with your pointer finger and not your pinky that’s not Z it’s not Z this is Z all together a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y and z if you forgot any letters feel free to re-watch this or look up other videos. that’s cool. fingerspelling is used all the time so if you’re getting ready to talk to a deaf person or you want to be a part of this community, i would highly recommend practicing fingerspelling a lot if you’re just starting out I would just keep signing the alphabet over and over and practice getting really really fast at it and this is a really nice thing to do anywhere cuz you always have your hands with you oftentimes if I’m in line for something or waiting for anything really I’ll just finger spell the alphabet and practice getting faster at it so that my hands get used to moving quickly and just to keep up the practice after you get really good at that then I recommend signing other words like you know watermelon or you know bigger words you can practice signing faster and then of course your name you got a finger spell that and that is pretty much it for this video I hope that you guys enjoyed it maybe you learned a couple of things I’ll be back with more sign later maybe a couple more signing covers in between and I’ll see you guys the next time bye

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