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How to Sign Serial Numbers | ASL – American Sign Language

Hello! The numbers that we tell that has more than one digit how do we sign these fluently, clearly, and following the ASL rules? I’m going to show you with 3 examples, okay? You know, we see many numbers that have more than one digit like Telephone numbers. Email addresses, some of these have more than one digit, right? Street addresses, many houses and stores have street numbers that have more than one digit, right? Bank account numbers. Serial numbers. The list goes on. There are many serial numbers out there. How do we sign these fluently and clearly? You know, like with the numbers we previously learned with counting numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 You notice there are two groups of numbers. Numbers 1-5 have palm facing inwards like this. While numbers 6-0 has the palm facing outwards. So does that mean when we sign serial numbers do we mix up both of these group of numbers? That would cause the palm to switch back and forth. The palm has to stay facing outwards. All the way through the serial number. Like, for example, with a phone number 555-7283 Okay? Not like this… (Signing 555-7283 erratically) That is not okay. The switching of the palm orientation will cause distraction and confusion. Keep the palm facing outwards all the way through the serial number. Like, 555-7283. Okay? Another example, email address [email protected] As you can see, when I signed 3802, it was not signed this way flip-flopping the palm orientation like this. Signing 3802 like this is good. Alright? Here’s another example, a street address. 475 Richmond Ave. In that example, you can see that I did not sign 475 this way. 475 Richmond Ave. You can see I signed it more fluently, and clearly. Keep in mind when you see a number with more than one digit that means keep the palm facing outward when signing it. Okay, good!

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