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How to sign School Grades in American Sign Language for ASL Beginners

Hello, Friends! Today, I’m going to teach
signs related to grades in the school… going through the grades. This is the sign GRADE. It’s a “G”
handshape — the thumb and index finger out, and go against the opposite palm. You see?
GRADE. GRADE. Now what are the grades? We have preschool. P-R-E SCHOOL. KINDERGARTEN. It’s a “K” handshape: KINDERGARTEN. Now, elementary school and
middle school, has grades 1 through 8… right? So what do you do? You sign FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, and so on… plus the sign GRADE. For example… FIRST GRADE. Again: FIRST — the finger twists inward. GRADE. FIRST GRADE. SECOND GRADE.
Third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade… See how the hand twists at the wrist — 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and that tends to be what’s in elementary school,
1st through 5th grade. And then you go into middle school — SIXTH, so it’s a “6” and it
twists inward as well. SEVENTH GRADE, EIGHTH GRADE. Okay, so again: first grade,
second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade,
eighth grade. Okay? Now, high school is different. In high
school, we have words — you know: freshmen, soph… etc., that? In high school and in
college, they both have these — it’s those four years, right? All together four years.
Now, we don’t do “9th” and “10th”; we substitute it with… we use the
non-dominant — hand keep that still and take your dominant palm, and put your
palm on each of the other fingers. We don’t use the pinky; you start with the
ring finger and like this. See the ring finger is touching the opposite palm? So
that is FRESHMAN. FRESHMAN Freshman. For SOPHOMORE, we move to the
middle finger. That middle finger now is touching the bottom. SOPHOMORE. See that?
Sophomore. JUNIOR. JUNIOR. And senior that thumb is the top — senior. Again, all
together those four years are… in high school, you enter and you’re what? a
freshman. 2nd year: sophomore. Third year: junior. fourth year: senior. That’s — again that’s the same for high school and college: freshman, sophomore, junior,
and senior. Again: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Okay? So those are the
years. We go “through the years” — we can sign you “going through the years” like
this: “go through the years”. If you go through the years and finish, What do you
do? GRADUATE! The “G” handshape arcs onto the opposite
palm: GRADUATE. or GRADUATION. I have different videos with signs
related to graduation, so I suggest you watch that! And thank you for watching! If
you like this video, please subscribe and I’ll see you again soon. Bye!

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  • I saw the thing from your Instagram story saying I should say a thing in the comments of this video saying that I saw the thing in your Instagram story, so here it is!

  • Hello hello big Meredith asl
    Yes correct new features sign more than years ago alike 20 yrs signs is not good clear and I was went elementary freshman, junior, senior class top level until full graduation 🎓 after seminar four or more college!! so good signs that high five ✋ $5. have a fun I am working very business with space satellite and I am my birthday tomorrow. Then Friday I will take off like paid time off. Friday yay. I cheer you warm sincerely Meredith. Take care Orestes

  • Hello Meredith🤗 I want to thank you for teaching us that facial expression is a big part of communication when using ASL. I've watched other videos for beginners where they didn't mention that. I'm going to learn ASL and I'm sticking with you.

  • Hi Meredith. Just wanted to throw in the suggestion box, if there even is one, if you'd be willing to cover a video on learning the basic ASL pronouns. I've found a few vids, but I really prefer your method.

  • thank you Meredith for these asl lessons. I find it refreshing to learn & relearn signs I forgot. your method of teaching is outstanding. Merry Christmas & blessings.

  • Yeah I'm still learning thank you for this lesson on individual school years. First time i have seen them you are still one of my favorite few instructors. Thank you for videos that make a difference.

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