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How to sign Like, Want, Have, Need for Beginners in American Sign Language (ASL)

Hi Friends! Today, we’ll review 4 signs that are used
often. The signs are: LIKE, WANT, HAVE, and NEED. Are you ready? Oh! And first, if you like learning ASL, I have
many videos. I suggest that you subscribe, so you don’t
miss new ones! Okay? Let’s continue. “Like” is signed LIKE. It includes the “8” handshape. You know the number 8? It’s like that, but the fingers come apart. Start in this position, and end in this one. LIKE. LIKE. LIKE. Again, here’s the movement. LIKE. Number 2, WANT is signed: WANT. Start like this, and end a little closer. WANT. WANT. WANT. WANT. The sign WANT, you’ll also see it like this,
and also like this: Again, WANT. It’s similar, but the orientation is a little
different. WANT. WANT or WANT. HAVE. This is the handshape, and it comes in, and
touches. HAVE. HAVE. HAVE. NEED. So the”X” handshape. NEED. So we have the sign NEED, NEED, “I need food”. “I need”. Second: “MUST”. MUST. So that’s one movement: MUST. “I must…. do something”. MUST. MUST. So we have MUST and NEED. NEED. NEED. So again, that’s: LIKE, WANT, HAVE, and NEED. LIKE, WANT, HAVE, NEED. Examples: “I like chocolate.” “I want dessert.” Now, you know LIKE, WANT, HAVE, and NEED. How do you sign the opposites? I’ll show you. LIKE becomes “DISLIKE”. So it’s that “8” handshape again, except it
starts as an 8 and then opens, so it’s the opposite movement: DISLIKE. And you shake your head “no” — DISLIKE. “Don’t like”. Example: COFFEE, I DON’T-LIKE. DISLIKE. WANT becomes DON’T-WANT. So the movement reverses — we’re turning
it over. Don’t want. Don’t want. Don’t want. Example: “I don’t want to leave.” “I don’t want to leave.” Don’t want. Don’t want. Again, you should shake your head. HAVE becomes — simply by shaking your head
no, that’s it — DON’T-HAVE. or “NOT HAVE”. Don’t have. For example, “I don’t have a dog”. Don’t have. NEED, the sign becomes “don’t need”, “I don’t
need it.” So you can either sign NEED while shaking
your head no again — “don’t need it”, or you can incorporate the sign NOT — and that’s
“NOT” — it becomes “not need”/ “don’t need”. “I don’t need…” It can also mean “shouldn’t” or “should not”. SHOULDN’T. And notice that the handshapes
combine — SHOULDN’T, or “don’t need”. Don’t need. Example: “I shouldn’t sleep right now.” Okay! Now again, all together: LIKE, DISLIKE, WANT,
DON’T-WANT, HAVE, DON’T-HAVE, NEED, DON’T-NEED, or DON’T-NEED. Okay! That’s it for today. Thank you for watching. And if you like this, don’t forget to subscribe,
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. Thanks again, and I’ll see you soon. Bye! Check out additional beginner videos here,
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53 Replies to “How to sign Like, Want, Have, Need for Beginners in American Sign Language (ASL)”

  • Hello Meredith.
    Thank you for the classes.

    I'm a ASL learner, here in Dominican Republic, and for My next class, My homework is: feelings, and emotions.
    2.soft / slow

    May you address me, to Where I can get how this signal got birth?
    Where they can from?

    Thank you / Gracias.

    Leandro Yépez.

  • High five ✋ ten star ASL Meredith so many things signs that great learn . I like to watch 👀 you. yay!! warm cheer you to my life ξ😄ξ heart feeling I knows. Take care

  • Thank you Meredith. I was confused with need and must. It is like food and eat. I see some words are same hand movement but differ in number of times you make the movement.

  • Hi Meredith i am soooo happy to find you 😀 i am a waitress and i want to learn sign to comunicate with one of my regulars he cant hear . and i have learn sooooo much in this past week thanks to you 💜💜 of all the Asl videos i find yours more helpful . thank you so much . i have a question how you asl cheese quesadilla and guacamole ???? this is what my customer always order and a diet !!! pleaseeee help me

  • Your videos have helped me so much as an owner of a retail chain. I have several customers who sign and they really appreciate the effort we try to put into that communication gap!

  • Hi Meredith! As always, awesome video!

    I had a quick question about deaf culture. In normal conversation (in English), we tend to "show words" through body movement. So like if you want to say "I dont know" you might shrug and raise your arms in a W position. Or if you're saying "yes/no" you may shake your head. But we dont always say words when doing these things.

    In ASL, are those motions still recognized? Do I have to do the "not-know" sign, or can I just do the shrug? Do I have to sign "yes" or can I just shake my head?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Meredith! I was wondering, do different regions have different “accents” or ways they sign words just like we have different spoken accents (like southern, midwestern, Bostonian, etc.) in American English?

  • these are so helpful thank you! i'm learning to potentially help kids i meet in therapy. though most kids with autism used modified ASL, it is helpful to be able to recognize certain signs if they know them.

  • Hello Meredith good morning I really always watch your signs new features explained clear to us so much glad I love offen to u our signs and feeling blessing her so you will got big goes off next week's. I am off by July 4. 5, 7 all weekend throughout Sat and sun. I ask for what signs for dinosaur movie !? new action movie. have a nice care to your trips breaks !! wink love always be there bye Orestes Delgado

  • I can’t wait to be able to communicate with some of the deaf customers at my job. I just wish they would talk to me either way 😒 beautiful language.

  • Hey Merideth! love the video! I hope to become as smooth with my signing as you soon! I did notice that you mixed "dessert" for "date" though.
    I look forward to watching more videos from you!

  • I would like to see you make test videos where we can write down the answers to signs to test ourselves, just a suggestion. I enjoy your videos but please slow down lol

  • Hi I just subscribed to ur channel thank u for making these videos I know some sign but not enough like I want too swing by my channel whenever can

  • I like the way you teach, my English is not very well but I can understand with your words and subtitles. I have a deaf child.He is ASL and you help me a lot. Thank you so much 🤘🏽

  • I love your lessons and am learning so much. I don’t understand “classifiers”. It seems all vocabulary is a classifier. Can you explain ?

  • Thank you so much for making these videos, we have been slowly teaching my son ASL as he has issues communicating sometimes, and your videos are such a great help! It also in turn helps me communicate with my deaf uncle which is wonderful.

  • I have to say, your how tos are the most helpful for me and my kids to learn by. Having subtitles and speaking with the signs is extremely helpful. Thank you so much!!

  • Do the words like, have, need, and want follow the subject-topic sentence structure? Example: I want an apple. Would it be signed apple I want or I want apple? I love your videos and I am learning so much!! Thank you!!😊😊

  • Meredith your videos are so helpful please do one where you alphabetize certain vocabulary
    Like words with A you should know in sign ❤️

  • Hello Meredith! I am currently working on my BS in Social Work and I find it extremely important to be able to communicate in ASL. So, I have decided to learn ASL as any other class during the summer. As soon as I found you I have been hook on your videos. Thank you for making them easy to follow and for good beautiful smile. Next, I'd have to find a meetup group so I can not only practice and get feedback, but also have a better understanding of the deaf community.
    Lots of blessings to you and thank you for your patience.

  • Als Meredith your the Bestest sign language teacher.😆😆🎉🎊🎊🎉🎉💖 luv your vids so helpful

  • Hello Meredith, your videos are so wonderful. I am a kindergarten teacher for 3 year-olds, and sign language is the best way of teaching my non-English speakers new words in English. Is it possible for you to make a video with English common class comands: 1) I want to go to the toilet. 2) please sit down 3) Let´s color/paint/cut/glue-verb/paste 4) sign language for crayon, scissors,brush, glue-noun, paint-noun 5) No running/yelling/fighting in the classroom Stuff like that ^_^

  • Thank you for making this! I use a lot of TPR (using physical movement to show word examples) when I teach my ESL classes and I think ASL will help with that a lot!

  • Your videos come highly recommended, can you add subtitles too all of your videos please. Even the side comments of yours are important

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