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How To Learn Sign Language

How To Sign Language | ABC’s of Auslan

We’re learning sign language! *cute xylophone tune plays* *sighs* I’m sorry, I’m so tired. Phoo! So this year… I moved! I used to live in Hobart, Tasmania and now
I live in Melbourne (Victoria). Whaaaaaaaat? PS: I saw we reached 105 subs. Whaaaaaaat? It’s been a big move, there’s been like,
a bunch of… speaks gibberish *laughs* That’s actually why I haven’t uploaded. Life has just like…gone like this…ahhhh! *laughs* With this new change, with this new move,
I’ve been thinking about…what are the new things I want to pursue, that I want to
do?? I’ve always wanted to learn languages, and
I thought, hey what about Auslan?? Not only is it like, a cool language! But
it’s also another way of being inclusive. I’m really excited about this, and I just
wanted to share it with you! ABC’s of Auslan! So, I’ll do them (the letters) one by one for you and then I’m going to try to do
the alphabet song and then do the thing….*gibberish*… words?…let’s go! I haven’t really done so much practice.
If I do anything…sign anything wrong, please, tell me. Cos I am learning and I would just love to have guidance. Remember if you want to review the letters,
you can feel free to rewind and there is actually a settings button on YouTube, which allows
you to adjust the speed however you want. Okay, let’s go! Let’s learn how to finger spell! *Sunny by Bensound plays (cheerful guitar song)* Umm!!! The alphabet song! *claps* Here we go. *sings* A, B…ooh!…A, B…ugh! *sings* A, B, C, D, E, F, G. H…ooh! I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P. Q, R, S, T, U, V. W, X! Y, Z. *Fast-forward version of lines “Now I spell
(*sing) the ABC next time won’t you sing with me”* A, B, C, D, E, F, G H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P Q, R, S, T, U, V W, X! Y, Z. *Super fast version of lines “Now I spell
(*sing) the ABC next time won’t you sing with me” in chipmunk voice* Umm, yeah…so laughs so…um if you…*laughs* Let me know what you thought of this video,
do you peoples want to see more of this kind of stuff? I will see you again when I have spoons! I hope you have a spoonful week! And a lovely… …yep bye

11 Replies to “How To Sign Language | ABC’s of Auslan”

  • I hope you have a lovely too! 😀 I found this lesson to be really easy to follow and I would be keen to learn more if others agree and you have le spoons 😀

  • just found this video searching to learn auslan, and guess i stumbled upon my new favourite channel!! love seeing a fellow spoonie

  • Oh shit hey girl! I'm from hobart! I'm really trying to learn sign as well and I'm so disheartened because I started learning American sign and now I realised I have to learn Auslan and there's like no good actually tutorials ):

  • When you’re pointing you should tuck your thumb in. Also P is actually incorrect your left hand should be a point handshape not a flate handshake. Also with Q your right hand should have a hook handshake not a point. Good luck with your signing.

  • Does it matter what hand you use for pointing? I find it more comfortable to use my left for pointing although I’m right-handed. I was told to use your dominant hand at school.

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