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How to Sign Jesus Loves Me in American Sign Language

hi I’m Georgia and today I’m going to be
teaching you how to sign a song that I’m sure many of you already know you’ve
sung it in church or in Sunday school it’s over a hundred and fifty years old
it’s called Jesus loves me so let’s learn all the signs for jesus loves me so the first line is Jesus now Jesus he was nailed to the cross for the sign for
Jesus you take your middle finger to one palm and then you go the middle finger
to the other palm Jesus loves like you’re giving yourself a big hug for me
you’re gonna point to yourself this I know me and I are the same sign so I
know you could put all your fingers up here to your forehead if you just
thought it or think of a little bit you’d do one finger but it’s no you know
it so you’re gonna put all your fingers up there so jesus loves me this I know
for take your pointer finger and you kind of swoop it off your forehead for
the Bible now for a Bible we’re talking the New Testament so you’re gonna to
this sign for Jesus and book for the Bible tell you’re gonna tells me so
you’re gonna put point here mouth tells me so little ones refers to children so
you take your hands and you’re like it’s like you’re tapping the tops of their
heads little ones to him now the hymn is Jesus and he’s up in heaven so we’re
gonna point up to him for be long you’re gonna take your fingers and link them
together cuz they’re together to him belong they cuz we’re talking about the
children they are weak now for a week you’re going to take you one palm and
you’re going to put one hand here and this top hand is going to kind of
collapse so they are weak but he is strong then we’re gonna do the chorus which is
yes just like your head is nodding yes jesus loves me yes jesus loves me yes
jesus loves me the Bible tells me so and we’re gonna do a second verse and this
is Jesus loves me still today walking so walking is just like you’re walking hey
little feet walking with so you put your hands together with me on my now okay
now this is me but when you do it a flat hand to your chest this becomes
possessive a possessive pronoun so will be my and then way it’s like your little
pathway wanting it’s time for wanting as a friend now for a friend you’re gonna
do 2x hands and you’re gonna hook them here and then you’re gonna switch it and
hook them right there cuz friends they do all kinds of things together they’re
linked together wanting as a friend to give light it’s above light and love to
all now all it’s like you’re scooping everybody up to all who live now for
live you can do L hands you could do a hands you pick doesn’t matter okay then
it goes to chorus yes jesus loves me yes jesus loves me yes jesus loves me the
Bible tells me so so now you know all the signs so then you want to go on and
sing and sign this song is teach it to everybody it’s really a beautiful song
so now that you know all the signs you know you’re gonna sing this and
check out all of our other Sunday school songs that we’re going to be putting up
okay so be sure you subscribe so you’ll get notification of this and do share us
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