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How to Sign Hope in ASL

all right you sign hope with you open me
handshape and both hands will move into the bent b handshape the bent B
handshape so you place your hands up by your head and the open b handshape and
my dominant hand is just the hair closer to my head than my non-dominant hand
they’re just staggering a little bit and I bend into the bent b handshape hope
I’ll show it to you from the side and you do this movement once all right
that’s it okay so now it’s your turn to use the
word hope and practice it okay so this week make sure you practice it and use
it about five times alright so use it in a sentence I’ll see you later
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4 Replies to “How to Sign Hope in ASL”

  • A million years ago I learned hope a little bit different. Same two bent b hands, only they would be facing out toward the "audience" and then brought in to face each other almost like a salute, brought in quickly with an abrupt stopping movement. Have you ever heard of this one before? When I did Signs of the Times we had so many people from different areas of the country so they all had some ideas and settled on what to use if it wasn't easily understood. We had one sign that was our own invention, it went like this….. Look of shock and dismay on the face, head is shaking no, non-dominant hand signing understand, dominant hand pointing at an individual. This actually belongs to the deaf kids in the play. I only said our because if we screwed up it would be my fault. But if we did well, you could find me at the back of the auditorium just smiling. I couldn't make new signs for them. But I could in a overly theatrical way guide them. If I put a ball on the ground in their general vicinity they might pick it up, maybe.☺🌈😜

  • Hey I just subscribed because im a wrestling coach and have a deaf wrestler. I was wondering if there is any signs that would help with wrestling and if you could do a video of point me in the right direction. I can't find anything to useful and this is all new to me.

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