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How To Sign: Euphoria “all for us” by Labrinth and Zendaya (Sign Language, PSE, ASL, CC)

– Yes. Yes. Yes. Let’s film. – [Becca] You’re not
sick, you’re not sick. (claps hands)
– I’m not sick, I’m not sick. I don’t have body aches. (snaps fingers) Hello, everyone and
welcome back to my channel. ‘Tis me, Jackie G. (snaps fingers) What’s up? (whispers) What’s up? How are you? I’m good. – [Becca] Where’s your glitter? – Glitter? – [Becca] Where’s your rhinestones? – Um, I’m not here for that. Today we are learning “All for
Us” by Zendaya and Labyrinth. This song is so good. Like, it moved me. It really did move me. You know, Becca finished
watching Euphoria before me. She was like, “There’s this song. “It’s so good. “We gotta do it.” And I was like, “Okay, well
don’t tell me what it is. “Let’s just watch it. “Let’s see if I can tell.” And then I heard it and I was
like, “Yep, that’s the song.” It’s just so good. But Euphoria, guys, like,
that show is so good. So good. I know there’s always,
like, this group of people that’s, like, hating on the show and it’s like, “Oh, it’s glamorization “and it’s not, uh, accurately
portraying high school.” And I’m like, there’s different cultures per high school like, it’s different for everybody. But anyway, I loved it. Visuals were cool. The song was great. Let’s get into it. So the first lines are done
by the choir, the choir, and they go, ♪ Oh ♪ And that basically means like, ah, like, someone is singing. So I just mimic the sound of that. ♪ Oh ♪ I’m taking it all for us. That means I’m accepting everything for us. And there’s multiple ways you can do us. You can do us, you can do us. This way, this one to me means, like, us, like a bigger group of us. Taking it all. Taking it all for us. ♪ Oh ♪ I’m doing it all for love. I’m doing it all, I’m doing all for us. I’m taking it all for us. Oh. I’m doing everything for love. Okay, so after that,
after the choir’s part, there’s, you know, that hard musical part that it just goes so freaking hard. And so I was like, “Am I just gonna stand there
while that music happens? “No.” So I just kind of like,
push my imaginary, you know, struggles away and
then, like, I did, like, oppression or stress and then
like, I pushed that away. Taking it all for us but it’s
not gonna like, destroy me. So I’m just gonna push it away. I’m taking everything for us. I’m taking it all. And instead of, I switch between everything and literally all. Like, this is the sign for all. There’s all. There’s all. There’s all. There’s a lot of different
ways to do all, but I did all. A and then L. All. So I’m taking it all for us. Doing it all for love. Yeah, aye. Yeah, aye. Too much in my system, famine, famine. For me, I was like, “To what? “What’s in your system?” And then I thought about Rue and drugs. I thought it was drugs. So I did too much in my system, like too much flowing throughout my veins. And then famine, famine. That basically means like needing out, out like famine. It literally means famine. So famine, famine. Money M.I.A. I did money running out. Money M.I.A. Pockets hella empty,
I just hit my pockets, where my pockets would be. Pockets hella empty, nothing. (slaps legs)
Nothing in my pockets. Mama making ends meet, and
then Labyrinth comes in there and goes, “Makin’ ends meet.” So I do Mama makin’ ends meet. That means Mama struggling. Makin’ ends meet, exhausted. Mama is struggling and she’s exhausted. Workin’ like a slave, that
means like literally working. And if you do it even bigger
like this, that means slavery. So I just did workin’ like a slave. Mississippi, I just do M-I-S-S. That is how you sign
Mississippi, M-I-S-S, aye, aye. I meant to do like Mississippi represent but, you know, in the
moments, stuff just happens. So you can do represent or you can do whatever you’re feelin’. Aye, aye. Daddy ain’t at home, no. I did Daddy ain’t at home no, like Daddy is gone, he left. Daddy ain’t at home, no. Father, that literally is
the sign for dad, Father. And I hit my forehead twice, Father. Father. Father. It’s ’cause she’s like, “Where’s my dad?” So, Father, Father,
looking for her father. Okay this part, gotta be a man. So have to become a man. And then he says Michael Corte-Corleone. I didn’t know who that was
because I am an uncultured swine. No, I’m just kidding. It’s a character from “The Godfather” “The Godfather,” if you don’t know, I’m pretty sure it’s about mafia, drugs and stuff like that. So I just did Michael Corleone
’cause like that’s, you know, he has to, gotta be a man,
and then like he steps up and he like becomes a man. Michael Corleone. – [Becca] Spoiler alert! – Oopsies! I’ve never even seen it! Do it for my home grown. For me, that means like do
it for my past generation. And like for this song, I’m thinking both of them,
Zendaya and Labyrinth, are black so their ancestors, home grown. So, do it for my home
grown, this literally means tradition, pass on, you can
G’s for genetics, generation. T for tradition. I just did this, pass on. For me this means, generation, passing on. So do it for my home grown. Sisters, brothers. I’ve also seen it sisters and brothers. I like this one. Sisters, brothers. Do it for the fam. I think the old family sign is family. Family. But I’ve recently been seeing family. Family. So, do it for the fam. Yeah, so tell ’em, Labby. Labby. So yeah, tell ’em, Labby, aye. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. This sign for me means, hey, did you know? Like getting attention,
like hey, you know? So I did, hey, oh, oh, oh, oh. Just for your love, yeah. – [Becca] Oh, oh, oh, oh. – Oh, oh, oh, oh. Give you the world. I did world and then I outlined the world like I was, you know, getting it, like grabbing it, so world. Give you the world. And then I just handed it right to you. Mona Lisa smile. I finger spelled Mona Lisa smile and then I posed like
the painting of Mona Lisa and then I handed it to who I’m talking to. Mona Lisa smile. And then Zendaya comes in and she’s like, “Hey! “Oh, oh, oh, oh.” Hell, I’ll do 25 to life. So I did hell, that’s H, and then you kind of like,
outline your body, like hell. Hell. Hell, I’ll do 25 to life locked up. If it makes me your king,
a star in your eyes. So locked up if I become a king, and then I come out, like
stand a little taller just like Michael Corleone. King. And then I do my fingers
like someone’s looking, like this is the sign for perspective. So if someone was looking
at me from their perspective they would see that like,
I’m shining, like a king, like someone who is superior. Hell, I’ll do 25 to life if it makes me a king, a star in your eyes. Okay, this one was hard, but here we go. The choir goes, raps, So guilty, G, guilty I role shift here. I go guilty or innocent. My love is forever, I’m givin’ it. Then I do prisoners. No need. Bitch, please. Hands up, this is a stick up ’cause I’m– They’re like, ’cause (sings) I’m, so I just go why. Then they go, (sings) hey. And I just, like, walk and the I’m, like, I’m taking it all so like Hm, got me. Hm, got me. Accept it, I’m taking it all. I’m doing it all for love. Yeah, aye, yeah, aye. (Snaps fingers) Okay, now this part, Labyrinth comes in. Guess you figured my two times
two always equates to one. Basically means like, I’m selfish. I say that it’s you and me forever, but no matter what it’s just gonna be me. So I did that in English. I did, guess you realize my two times two always equals only one. Then he says, “Dreamers are selfish.” And so I just like, make my dreams, dreamers selfish. This word, selfish, I
wouldn’t rely on it too much. But I have seen some people
sign selfish, selfish. But I just do selfish, selfish. So dreamers are selfish
when everything is revealed, when it all comes down to it. All right, then Zendaya
comes in and she’s like, I hope one of you comes back to remind me of who I was. Of who I was, and then I go like this. A long time ago, ’cause she means, she means like of who
I was a long time ago. Of who I was when I go disappear into that good night. And so I make her disappear, walk away, and then I go into darkness. She’s disappearing into darkness. And then, she’s like keeps on going, like, ♪ Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight. ♪ And, for me, that means like, when she goes and disappears
because she’s gettin’ high on whatever she can find. So into that good night
and then I point to my head and then I, you know, this is her, like, subconscious like falling into this imaginary black hole that I picture. Into that good night. And then the music starts up
again and then she’s like, ♪ I’m taking it all for us ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ Oh, all, all. So like some, some lyric
websites say it’s oh and some say it’s all. I like all. So like I’m taking it all for us, all. I’m taking it all. – [Becca] Doing it all for love. ♪ I’m doing it all for love ♪ ♪ I’m doing it all ♪ Yeah, aye, yeah, aye. And then that’s it. That’s Euphoria! “All for Us” by Labyrinth and Zendaya. (claps hands) Hope you guys learned something from this. Hope you learned some
new vocabulary for that sign language vocabulary bank. Make sure you go check out my music video that I made for it. And I love you guys, so make sure you
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