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How to SIGN COLOURS in Auslan (Australian Sign Language)

Hi, it’s Tien Le here from Melbourne, Australia. I want to teach you today how to sign COLOURS in Auslan which is Australian Sign Language. For those who have not seen my previous videos go back and watch them because I teach you how to sign the alphabet, how to count – and stuff like that. Subscribe to my channel so I can keep teaching you how to sign. So today I’m going to focus on colours. Colours! RED BLACK BROWN WHITE SILVER PURPLE BLUE PINK ORANGE GREEN YELLOW GREY GOLD DARK LIGHT And with anything, the more you practice, obviously, the better you’re gonna get it. If you want to know how I can teach you sign language and get paid working from the comfort of my own home, Click the link below this video. Subscribe to my channel so I can keep bringing you more Auslan lessons. Have a great day – thank you!

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