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How To Learn Sign Language

How to Sign Believe in ASL

So your dominant hand starts in the ‘one’ hand shape, and then it will move into the ‘C’ hand shape. The non dominant hand begins and ends in the same position with the same hand shape with same palm orientation. Place your ‘one’ hand at your forehead, the temple on the side of your head, not the middle, to the side. And bring it down to clasp your ‘C’s into the hand together. As you move your hand down, open it up into a ‘C’. Finished. Well done. Finished. All right. You learned a new sign. I hope it was fun. I hope you enjoyed it. Now I love to learn new signs, so I can imagine you do too. All right, now. Practice, practice. Use the word today in the sentence or this week so you can remember it. Okay. All right. I’ll see you later. Bye.

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