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How To Sign: bad guy by Billie Eilish (Sign Language, PSE, ASL, CC)

– Hello, everyone, what is up? I’m back here today to teach
you how to sign ‘Bad Guy’ by the one, the only, Billie Eilish! Because Billie Eilish is just- – [Becca] She’s killin’ it right now. – She’s killin’ it and we are speechless. Let us get started,
let’s jump in the video, this song is quick, it’s easy to learn, I think you can pick it up fast. (claps) “White shirt now red, my bloody nose.” You just do white shirt, now red, my nose, bleeding, dripping. The sign for blood is red and
then dripping, but because I already established that
my white shirt was now red I don’t have add the red, so I just do point to nose, drip. “Sleepin’, you’re on your tippy-toes.” I say sleeping with the music. “Sleepin’, you’re “on your tippy-toes.” So these are like, your
little feetsies, and they’re tippin’ around the house. “Creepin’ around like”-
no, wait, creepin’- wait, how does it go? – [Together] ♪Creepin’♪ – around like no-one knows. So this basically means
sneaking, you’re sneaking out, you’re sneaking out of a
tunnel, you’re sneaking out, I don’t know, you’re just creeping around. So you could do creeping around. “Creepin’ “around, “like, nobody “knows.” “Think you’re so cri-mi-nal.”
Think you’re so criminal, mischievous, you know,
devilish, like, you think you’re smart, think you’re criminal, boy? Mm, and remember to use
those facial expressions like, think you’re so criminal? You think you’re criminal? Boy! I invented it, criminal! Invented it! “Bruises on both my knees for you.” I do black and blue, on – both – my….. and then I point to my knees, for you. “Don’t say thank you or please, I do.” This was like, really important
for me, to match the beat as much as possible,
because the lyrics are not- I- I don’t think, personally,
the focus of this song, the music plays like a really big role. So I wanted to match that. So, instead of do, I
sign, I fingerspell ‘do’. “Don’t say thank you or please, I do. “What I want, when I’m wanting to.” ‘What’, you can use
‘what’ or ‘what’, I want when I’m wanting to, so, wanting to. “My soul so cyn-ic-al,”
which basically means like, protective, like you are
protective of your own soul. This word, ‘soul’, Billie
loves to use it a lot. It’s the second time she’s
used ‘soul’ in a song. Ooh, the fun part! You wanna sing it for me? – [Becca] ♪ So you’re a tough guy ♪ ♪ Like it really rough guy ♪ ♪ Just can’t get enough guy ♪ ♪ Chest always so puffed guy ♪ – “So you’re a tough guy,
like it really rough guy, “just can’t get enough guy.” For these parts, I cut off ‘guy’ because I would sign it in the first lyric. “So you’re a tough,” this
means tough, you know, difficult, rough, tough, man “like it really rough,” guy, I don’t sign it, “Just can’t get enough,” guy,
and then you motion your chest chest, and you can add, always, I
didn’t, “chest always so puffed” guy, and then you stick
out your chest, because, you know how like, some
men are always like… – [Becca] (laughs) – “I’m that bad type.” Type
is, you can go like this, I’ve seen people do it
short, like up here, type. “Make your mama,” as in, cause, cause your mom, “sad type, “make your girlfriend mad tight.” You’re basically causing
your girlfriend to be like, really nervous, dude,
Billie just does that, okay. “Might seduce your dad type.” This basically means
pull ’em in, seduce him, seduce whoever, you know. “I’m the bad guy, “duh.” She says, “I’m the bad guy” a
lot, so you can interpret it many different ways,
depending on how you want to. I use “I’m the bad guy” a lot, you can also do “I’m the bad guy,” ’cause I’m bad. “I like it “when you take control.” This means adopt, take over,
save, like, save something, like you’re saving a seat. “When you take control,”
which is control, management, I like it when you take over. E-ven, I fingerspell it, “even
if you know that you don’t” and you can use not or refuse, “own me” – own has been
through a lot of changes, I would say, I would fingerspell
own and it would turn into, into own, or something like
that, and now it just- yeah. Languages, they grow and
develop and change and evolve and stuff like that. “Own me, I will let you play the role, “I’ll be your a-ni-mal.” I just did I’ll allow, let,
“I’ll let you play the role,” and role is, role, if you’re
talking about roles in a movie, role, role. “I’ll be,” which is I
will be, “your animal.” “My mom-my likes to sing along with me, “but she won’t sing the song.” “My mom-my won’t”, refuse,
refuses, she’ll use that word a lot: won’t,
don’t, refuse, Billie does not like to submit. Good for you, Billie. “My mom-my likes to sing
along,” which is music, sing, “with me, but she won’t sing this song. “If she reads all the lyrics “she’ll,” she’ll, that means like, she will, so I just do, she will, “pity the men I know,” so pity, men, know. Chorus again! – [Becca] ♪ So you’re a tough guy ♪ ♪ Like it really rough guy ♪ ♪ Just can’t get enough guy ♪ ♪ Chest always so puffed guy ♪ ♪ I’m that bad type ♪ ♪ Make your mama sad type ♪ ♪ Make your girlfriend mad tight ♪ ♪ Might seduce your dad type ♪ ♪ I’m the baaaad guy. ♪ ♪ Duh. ♪ ♪ Doo, doo doo, doo doo… ♪ – For ‘duh’, she…
(laughs), background singing, for ‘duh’, uh, what does that mean? Like at first, I was like,
how am I gonna interpret that, there’s not an ASL word for ‘duh’ but then I thought about it and it’s
like, obviously, like duh, clearly, duh, obviously,
that’s the perfect word. Obviously! And then she says, “I’m
the bad guy, duh,” again. All right, the next part, “I’m only good at being,”
you can do, I think in the, the music video I did, I
just did, “I’m only good at being bad,” like I’m only good-bad. I’m only good-bad, I mean
that makes sense, right? – [Becca] Right. – (laughs) Thank you, Becca. So you can do that one, or
you could do, “I’m only good at acting bad.” Now we’re in the red part,
it is dark, and it’s power! It’s power! “I like when you get mad,” so it’s, “I like when you’re grumpy,” so “I guess I’m pretty glad,”
happy, “I guess I’m pretty glad “that you’re alone,” you’re
the only one, you’re the only one, “you said she’s
scared of me,” I mean, this is literal, but she
says, “I- I mean,” which is, which basically means
‘means’, what does that mean, definition, what does
that mean, yeah, you just rotate your fingers. For the lyric, “I mean, I
don’t see what she sees, but maybe it’s ’cause I’m
wearing your cologne.” I mean, I don’t understand her perspective “but maybe it’s ’cause I’m wearing,” English, “wearing your cologne”, and then, I just do spray, and smell,
like right as the beat hits, I do smell, yeah! And then, “I’m a bad guy, I’m a bad guy, “bad guy, “bad guy, huh!” Gasp! Because she gasps, huh! “I’m a bad, huh!” The end! The end, that is ‘Bad Guy’. I hope you learned
something, I hope you learned some new words! Make sure you, uh,
subscribe on this channel. I release new videos all
the time, and make sure you follow me on Instragram,
it’s @tismejackieg. I love you guys, thanks for watching! I’ll see you later, bye! (kiss) Okay kids! (clapping) Spelling is fun! – [Becca] No! We’re not doing that song! – (high pitched singing) Creep-in around your…. Okay, so let is- let- – [Becca] Lettuce! – Lettuce! Lettuce! – [Becca] Don’t offend the
Swifties, they’re hardcore. – I love them, I love Taylor Swift. The little hands and the big
trucks, welcome to Texas! – [Becca] ♪ Tough guy,
like it really rough guy, ♪ ♪ Just can’t get enough- ♪ – I messed up! Okay! Again! (upbeat jazzy music)

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