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How to set up your Wi-Fi Hub – British Sign Language Version

To use Wi-Fi for any device first you’ll
need to set up your Wi-Fi hub. Your Hub arrives neatly through your
letterbox with no special delivery to wait in for. Inside the box you should have… A set-up guide Your Wi-Fi hub A grey broadband cable plugged into a
micro filter. An extra micro filter, in case you need
it. A black Ethernet cable with yellow ends. And a two-part power supply. Please be sure to replace any cable,
power supply or micro filters you were using with your old Router. First find your master phone socket. Which is where the phone line comes into
your home. If your master socket has just one port
plug in your micro filter keeping the grey cable attached. If you were using this socket for your home phone you can now plug it back into the micro filter. If your master socket has two ports you won’t need the micro filter. So you can remove this and plug the grey cable directly into the smaller port. We include an extra micro filter for any other socket you may be using Now for the Wi-Fi hub. Put the free
end of the gray cable into the broadband port in the back of your hub. Put your Wi-Fi hub up right using the back stand so the ports are along the bottom edge. To give you the best signal it should face into the room. With no obstacles or electrical appliances nearby like a cordless phone. Your Wi-Fi hub will not give a strong
signal to your devices if it’s on its side. On the floor. Or behind furniture. Next click the 2-part power supply together. Then plug this into the wall
and it’s cable into your router. Switch on the power socket then your Wi-Fi Hub. As you’re setting it up for the first
time your Wi-Fi hub may take two to three minutes to get going. So please don’t disconnect it. If the status light on the front is blinking
amber it’s still connecting to broadband. When it turns solid white you’re
connected. If your status light won’t turn solid white follow the link below for more help. You’re now ready to connect your devices to your Wi-Fi hub. For this you’ll need the Wi-Fi network name and password card slotted into the
back of your Wi-Fi hub. To see how to connect to device follow this link.

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