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How to say “You’re welcome” in ASL? (Responses to “Thank You” in American Sign Language)

hello many students ask me, when you’re
interacting with someone, and they sign “thank you”, what’s the right response?
how do you sign it? In English you say “you’re welcome”
but that’s English so set it aside for now. In ASL, tend to see a few responses
like these three: first response simply sign “thank you” back.
for example: “thank you” “oh you’re welcome” It’s the same sign. Second, you can sign
“FINE” and that’s FINE. All right, like it’s fine. For example: “thank you” “oh it’s fine”.
Third, you can express “oh it’s nothing” / “no problem”… well I guess really this third
one can be expanded to include “it’s nothing”, “no problem”,
or just kind of “nah”. right, for example “thank you”
“oh it was nothing”. Alright? So let’s review: if someone signs “thank you”, your
response can be “thank you”, ‘fine”, “nothing” or “nah” or “no problem”. THANK YOU for watching! I hope to see you again soon. Bye!

46 Replies to “How to say “You’re welcome” in ASL? (Responses to “Thank You” in American Sign Language)”

  • Can you please make a video on holiday greetings and small talk like what are your plans for christmas , please and thank you😊

  • Awesome! Thanks so much. I work in retail so this comes in handy for my heard of hearing customers. Could u do some basic asl signs like “did you find everything ok?” Or “do you have coupons today?”

  • Thanks beautiful, I've been following most of your videos for a while now and this really helps me out in my life because I work in a place with so many different people that are deaf and it's like no one knows how to communicate with them . Thanks again for your help and I love have learned so much from you.😘

  • Hi I’m 15 and work at a fast food restaurant in a mall there’s a man who always comes in to order a tea or coffee and I want to sign to him like he’s just ordering a normal drink can you do a part 2 video on fast food showing us how to do cup sizes or what would you like in your drink something like that please and thank you it will help me a lot ❤️

  • Thank you for this! I work in a fast food restaurant and I have a couple of regulars who always sign "Thank you" to me after I serve them. I don't really know any sign language but I would love to say "your welcome" back. ^.^

  • Hi, I’m a hearing person but I would like to lear to sign so I can help deaf people. Your videos are amazing, they are really helping me out. Thank you!

  • Oh good. A little boy signed and said thank you to me today for holding open the door at McDonald's for him.

    I signed thank you back out of automatic response. Came to YouTube to figure out what I should have done. Glad to see what I did was acceptable. Lol

  • Hm… I saw a different "you're welcome" sign in Orphan (2009) film. When the little deaf girl Max responses to the adopted sister "thank you" sign.

  • At my work today someone came in and he signed thank you to me (which I know some signs) but I didn't know how to say you're welcome so I just smiled

  • This is helping me practice more since I work in retail and had 2 deaf customers in 2 days and only remember a handful of signs. I'm brushing up on this so I can actually be of some help if I have another deaf customer

  • I was looking for this kind of video because I work in customer service and a lady used the thank you sign and I wanted to know if I responded correctly by signing thank you back. Turns out I did! 🙂

  • Hi Meredith. I just started to watch your videos today and they are so helpful. Please keep uploading new videos. Its a real help. Thank you so much

  • There's a customer at a grocery store I work at and I feel horrible because I didn't know how to say you're welcome when he signed 'thank you'

  • THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! I work at a busy vet and pet lodging place (and im a songwriter and ebook author on the side) and I would like to be more familiar with basic ASL to be more polite than writing stuff out or giving a thumbs up or wave or in worst case scenario having to speak a little slower and enunciate if they were to have trouble lip reading.. Anyways the reason why I am especially grateful is because I simply did a google search for "you're welcome in sign language" which came back with the sign for Welcome (back/in). Luckily as soon as i saw it I knew it didn't look right, realized it was for Welcome instead of you're welcome and had to find your video instead… So Thank you again =) if you are interested I was watching youtube/watch?v=bstbX88FRtw at about 17:29 that reminded me I wanted to learn this.. bring tissues, (especially if you can hear) ; )

  • This is so beyond helpful! I’m a cocktail server and a few of my regulars are deaf/hard of hearing and sign and I’ve always had a hard time how what to do after I serve them. THANK YOU!

  • I watched this so I could better communicate with this sweet lady who comes in at my workplace. Most people overlook her and she gets frustrated when no one will look her AT her instead of expecting words to come out. Our workplace is fast paced but when I get the privilege to serve her, I milk it for all its worth. Thank you for this video!!!

  • I have always wanted to learn ASL but never had the time, but then I started watching this show called switched at birth and made me want to learn. Plus I have some relatives who are deaf and it is so cool to watch them and I really wanted to be able to talk to them.

  • Was trying to figure that one out a couple days ago. Right on time Meredith. You’re the best!! God Bless you!!🙏🤟

  • I work in a deli. Sometimes I ring up customers who will use sign language, and I would feel TERRIBLE because I wasn't sure how to respond back. Now I know what to do! I've been meaning to learn ASL at some point. I deal with so many people, and you never know when this will come in handy. Thank you!

  • I know that these responses are situational but which would be a better response as a retail worker? I work in an ice cream shop and how would I respond to someone who simply says thank you when I give them their ice cream. Would that just be "thank you" back? Because when I think of using "It's fine" I imagine using that with friends or family who asked you to do something you really didn't want to do but did anyway because they asked. And then "no problem" sounds like something I would use when I like hold the door for someone or when I do an easy task that doesn't require much and didn't get in the way of something else I was doing. Example: "thank you for sweeping the floor" "it was no problem, I was cleaning the kitchen anyway". But what's a simple "you're welcome" when someone says a simple "thank you"?

  • Honestly this video was very helpful! I work at a portrait studio and there is this lady that comes in fairly often for pictures of her grandkids. she is deaf, very sweet and I’ve taken pics of her grandkids at least 3 times. When she has signed thank you I’ve just done the same thing cuz I didn’t know what else to say and I’m so relived that it can be used for you’re welcome so I haven’t been a total idiot the whole time. I’m really trying to get some basic signs down to be more inclusive to her, as I feel inclusivity is very important especially where I work. So thank you very much ❤️

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