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How To Say “I Love You” In 55 Different Languages

hello David it’s valentine day soon okay it’s the most romantic day of the year do you have boyfriend or girlfriend to give presents it’s okay internal let’s look forward to next year okay you you by the way I prepared a special topic today how to say I love you in different languages I know a few languages but I don’t know all about that so I will introduce today’s helper the word best language genius google translator okay here we go it’s your leave a cat all live una de Oaxaca and I have a coca theorem hopf ipecac a pep it isn’t okay yes zero yes yes can you see me I’m with my powder brush Amita my parrot oh Sh oh no pronunciation myPay titled j ja PA kaka kaka kaka a bowling day dusty go test team why I me well I mean no milieu attack yeah yeah ESCA ty – yo D Cavani ow they can’t Vanya bemis feel me I’m as vain for was dancing more most awesome my master sends more most on soon maja kita maja kita maja kita raka stands in WA she know a rat Costanza no rah rah rah conceited rockin Sinton cinema stop the time the gentleman I don’t a me Shen me who are ha hee baby baby disc see see Guapo ani ohev or tough meadows it be our eternal meadows a PR card own house difficult man to me but PA Carta hood mare to me about PA Carta hood hey Sal attract yeah I’m stuffy yeah that cake I’ll put in a mood of cotton Takamatsu gotta go are damn tarik llamó la ti amo another ice take it watashi wa anata our ice table Manson is teaming Doris Doris ha yay Sarang a stable and steady me Lou Esther bill important s Debbie Miller as shown – a girl Tessa come be Tom Hardy even my god viagra – multi-lane Maya culture yes good night yes Cara die those Tata Tata stand on toasted on Terra go home chef Cole come check you to you channel hey you best yellow blue zebra yeah yeah blue Sevilla yeah aw yeah million tough Lu be a wanker chala hai Yama demo me gustas dead Casares commingle miyako panda York Athletic tan laocoon say me Savio Rome yeah October yeah cube video tab a hey whoa Jay don’t say more but hey oh you back door ooh bang okay I talked about how to say I love you in different languages it was really interesting and funny so I hope you have wonderful Valentine’s Day I will never know

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