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How to say HASSLE (not ASS HOLE) – American English Pronunciation Lesson

welcome to the minute of speech todays word comes from an Italian speaker hassle when said incorrectly it sounds like a
vulgar term which can be a very embarrassing mistake I have heard speakers say asshole let’s fix that pay attention to
the first sound H and the last sound L to say the word correctly do two things number one start the word with an H sound and number two end the word with an L but make sure you
place your tongue tip behind your top front teeth if you don’t then they sound will sound like
an 0 Let’s try it. Hassle Hassle hassle practice is a hassle that pays off in the end try it people
will notice the difference

10 Replies to “How to say HASSLE (not ASS HOLE) – American English Pronunciation Lesson”

  • Thank you so much! Your videos help me learn English very well.
    Could you talk about how to pronounce "s" sounds? (I am French and keep saying th)

  • @trevadetrev To say "S" keep your tongue BEHIND your top teeth. To say "TH" your tongue is between your teeth. If you are interested, there are some products available on my website for TH and S.
    Good luck and thanks for watching.

  • @LuanaLyrics the vowel in Ma'am is pronounced with an open mouth. Ma'am rhymes with Pam, Sam, ham, lamb. The vowel in Mum is pronounced with a more closed mouth. Mum rhymes with dumb, gum, hum, come.

  • @TarleSpeech You should make a video about it! I am always mixing ma'am, man and men. That is why I don't like talking to old ladies, just to avoid calling them man :S

  • @Dokas80s Oh no! Those older ladies love to talk:) I added the recommendation to my list for upcoming videos. Thanks! It is a great suggestion.

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