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How to Pronounce “Thank you.” [ ForB English Lesson ]

Hello. Welcome to ForB’s English lesson video. My name is Kevin and today we are going to
look at the pronunciation of “Thank you.” So how do we say “Thank you”? Well, the first part is a “th” sound. And you have to bite down on your tongue,
like this. So I’ll do that for you. “th”, “th”, “th”. Now you try. “th”, “th”, “th”. Next, we have kind of an “a”, “apple” sound. And you’ve got to make your mouth, kind of
big or very wide. Like this, “a”, “a”, “a”. Now you try. “a”, “a”, “a”. The last part is not so difficult. It’s kind of a “q” sound, like in the word “cute”. So maybe not so difficult for you. So let’s say the whole thing together. Please repeat after me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now let’s do it faster and repeat after me
after I do it three times. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. Please click subscribe, if you liked it. Thank you.

7 Replies to “How to Pronounce “Thank you.” [ ForB English Lesson ]”

  • Hi everyone! Tell us if it is difficult for you to pronounce "Thank you" correctly.👍
    1. Easy 😁 2. Not so difficult 😄 3. Difficult 😝 4. Can't pronounce yet 😭

  • Hello, Kevin,
    nice to see and hear you again. I think I know the reason for your absence. As to me, the pronunciation is not so difficult.

  • I personally noticed that the "a" in the word "thank" doesn't actually sound like the "a" in the word "cat" or "fast"; it sounds more like an "ei" sound, just like in the word "danger", so it would be "th-ei-nk"
    If you try to pronounce "thank you" very slowly, just like I did, you can notice that

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