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How to pronounce MILLION, BILLION, TRILLION-American English Pronunciation

hi everyone and welcome back today’s question is one that I hear frequently how do i say the words million billion and trillion this is a very common mistake and the tip here is very simple make sure you only use two beats or two syllables in each of these words mil yin bill yin trill yin be careful not to add that extra syllable the long e in the middle you do not do not want to say mill-e-yin it’s not three syllables it’s only two ok so let’s give that a try million billion trillion if this is still difficult for you I say do a little trick write the words down on the paper and misspell it you’re going to write the word mill first M I L L dash yin Y I N and then try to say those two words mil yin bill yin trill yin give that a try you’re going to sound like a million bucks i know it if you have any other questions please let me know in the comments section below I would love to answer them for you can also message me and if you haven’t already subscribed please do so that you don’t miss any of these free lessons that were offering every week now thanks so much have a great week everybody bye

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