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How To Learn Sign Language


hey guys welcome to the United States of America the country of brands and there are so many brands here that are international so I want you to learn how to pronounce them in the right way so you can sound more American and more natural if you’re interested please continue watching this blog okay what is your favorite American restaurant it’s not mag Donald Magda McDonald’s sorry honey McDonald’s and that’s the this store I’m not sure how to pronounce the names but good thing we can just go in and ask it just well okay if it’s the American version oh okay it’s an Italian brand when we were originally so it just depends on the region that you’re probably okay but in America beautiful its most most skins remember moleskin this is one of the most famous networks in the United States so when you come to the States and you anomie to get a SIM card you would go to either AT&T or t-mobile so remember it’s an Americanism t-mobile because Americans don’t say a while they say mobile so the company’s name in American history knows t-mobile [Music] so it’s not t-mobile was a rapper my favorite car in the world is called Mercedes remember Murr say this is ma Mercedes is a car coat Chevrolet and surprisingly it’s an American company but it uses a French name and sometimes Americans just call it Chevy I have a chevy chevrolet pride behind me is another frame shop that already came to the United States and again if you want to be correct you want to read it in a French manner so it’s Eva sent lawhon [Music] in Solrock one of your favorite brands just behind me and the right way to pronounce it is again in French because it’s from friends so the correct way to say this word is Chanel and by the way I have earrings from Chanel and they’re like the best everywhere in them for two years and I think they’re the best airing from the world so I’m a fan Chanel I’m offense [Music] Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel I am not really sure about this one I think it’s Lacoste but just to make sure let’s go in and ask how to pronounce this brand name [Music] can you tell me what the right now oh the cost the cost so no II like loss remember Lacoste or if you want to save it like a little bit of a French accent that horse is friendly yeah okay Lacoste if you want to be more friend we are in front of one of my favorite shops and my backpack is from there so the right way to pronounce the name of the shop is Louie Vuitton again everything is French come on so everything needs to be pronounced in the French way if you want to sound proper in English sauce so Louis Vuitton by the way if you’re a fan of shots fired near Vuitton Gucci Chanel they are all from Europe and it’s not the best idea to buy things from them in the United States because you don’t get a tax-free and tax rate like nine percent off when you travel to Europe if you’re not from year of course and in the United States you get an additional tax so if you want to buy a Louis Vuitton bag I would advise you to go to France and get a tax free when you travel out of the European [Music] whose get Nike shoes the correct way to pronounce this brand name is Nike but that’s very American if you travel abroad people would say naik but the right waste night key because this it’s just the way it’s pronounced so Nike now we’re going to learn two words word number one is one of the most famous American cars it’s called Lincoln and pay attention to what I’m saying here is not Lynn calm the way it’s written there is an L before M when you actually pronounce it you say Lincoln [Music] the second thing you have this car it’s also an uber you know what Ober is right and uber is originally a German word but Americans use it in a sense of batter so so you burn it again you do not follow American pronunciation rules here you just say uber so Lincoln over [Music] uber I need an uber I am standing in front of a very expensive shop again it’s French and I would suppose you pronounce it ma but we’re gonna try and ask them I know it’s prohibited to film inside those shots but let’s see where they tell us you could tell me how to pronounce you brandy it’s Irma or mess yeseo she pronounced the last it’s a French band so you don’t see very much yeah Oh miss so the correct way to pronounce it I was wrong yahoo pronounced last ass its amazed amazed i was a little confused about this one i’ve read us a little american way with all the arse I have two degrees husband and a Burberry coat another brand name really famous and it’s the competitor of Nike and it’s called Adidas you probably called it I did us or something else but the correct way to pronounce that in American is adidas adidas twenty dollars in a pair of a diva’s a carriage is fast by and the car is called forshay and that’s the right way to pronounce it because it’s a German name the stress goes to the first part of the word and we say four she will remember never say for shame never never and don’t say latte this is like the worst thing I’ve ever heard it’s latte latte is italian the world so you drink coffee it’s flat tech not latte [Music] some people say Porsche great example of a name of a car that a lot of people uh pronouncing is BMW this is a German car and in Germany you would say BM back but if you’re in America and you want to sound American it’s BMW and no other options BMW [Music] I have a task for you police comment down below with the most famous brand that came from your country and became famous internationally and let us know how to pronounce it right so comment below which country you from what is the most famous brand and how you pronounce it I’m looking forward to reading your comments thank you so much for watching this video up to the very end if you enjoyed the content please like this video because that’s the only way for me to know that you enjoyed it and if you’re not yet subscribe to my channel there’s a red button below click subscribe you’re gonna see it in the next videos bye [Music]


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